sesquiterpenoids in root exudates of solanum aethiopicum.five known sesquiterpenoids, solavetivone, lubimin, lubiminoic acid, aethione and lubiminol were isolated from the root exudates recovered from solanum aethiopicum by a newly proposed method using charcoal. quantitative analysis of the sesquiterpenoids in the root exudates of s. aethiopicum and s. melongena suggested that relatively large amounts of the sesquiterpenoids were exuded from the roots. antifungal activity of the sesquiterpenoids against fusarium oxysporum and verticillium dahliae was ...200111724373
segregation distortion and linkage analysis in eggplant (solanum melongena l.).an anther-derived doubled haploid (dh) population and an f2 mapping population were developed from an intraspecific hybrid between the eggplant breeding lines 305e40 and 67/3. the former incorporates an introgressed segment from solanum aethiopicum gilo group carrying the gene rfo-sa1, which confers resistance to fusarium oxysporum; the latter is a selection from an intraspecific cross involving two conventional eggplant varieties and lacks rfo-sa1. initially, 28 aflp primer combinations (pcs) w ...201020962887
transformation of solanum integrifolium poir via agrobacterium tumefaciens: plant regeneration and progeny analysis.the wild species solanum integrifolium represents a source of pest and disease resistance genes for breeding strategies of the cultivated species solanum melongena. somatic hybridization via protoplast fusion between the two species may provide a valuable tool for transferring polygenic traits into the cultivated species. the availability of s.integrifolium cells carrying dominant selectable markers would facilitate the heterokaryon rescue. an appropriate methodology for in vitro culture and pla ...199224213029
agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of solanum gilo raddi as influenced by explant efficient system for agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of solanum gilo was established. the marker genes for kanamycin resistance and ß-glucuronidase expression were introduced. a comparison between cotyledon and hypocotyl explants showed that while regeneration was better from hypocotyl explants, cotyledon explants gave better transformation efficiency (46% vs. 32%). four levels of kanamycin selection (100, 150, 200 and 250 mg/l) were tested for effect on transformation effic ...199624178522
the anti-inflammatory activity of garden egg (solanum aethiopicum) on egg albumin-induced oedema and granuloma tissue formation in evaluate the possible anti-inflammatory effect of garden egg [solanum aethiopicum (s. aethiopicum)] using experimentally induced inflammatory models in rats.201222182646
alpha-solasonine and alpha-solamargine contents of gboma (solanum macrocarpon l.) and scarlet (solanum aethiopicum l.) eggplants.the gboma (solanum macrocarpon l.) and scarlet eggplants (solanum aethiopicum l.), which form part of the traditional sub-saharan african culture, are two of the many neglected crops with potential for increased cultivation or as a genetic resource for improving agronomic traits of the common eggplant. this work is focused on the analysis of glycoalkaloid levels in s. macrocarpon and s. aethiopicum to assess their safety. liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry was used to quantify glycoalkaloid ...201020397650
intake, growth and carcass yield of indigenous goats fed market wastes of sweet potato (ipomoea batatas) vines and scarlet eggplant (solanum aethiopicum).intake, growth and carcass yield of indigenous goats fed basal diets of market wastes of sweet potato (ipomoea batatas) vines (spv) and scarlet eggplant (solanum aethiopicum) (sep) were examined in two experiments. in experiment i, the effect of presentation method (chopping, hanging or adding molasses) on the intake of sep and spv was evaluated. presentation method did not influence the intake of spv while hanging resulted in the highest (p < 0.05) intake of sep. in experiment ii, 24 male growi ...200919396623
performance of growing indigenous goats fed diets based on urban market crop wastes.the effect of feeding diets including market crop wastes (sweet potato vines (ipomoea batatas) and scarlet eggplant (solanum aethiopicum)) on growth and digestibility was studied using 32 indigenous intact growing male goats. adding elephant grass (pennisetum purpureum), maize bran and leucaena leucocephala leaves, four isocaloric and isonitrogenous diets (sweet potato vines, solanum, mixed and control) were formulated. after the growth trial, 12 goats were randomly selected for a digestibility ...200918551378
detailed mapping of a resistance locus against fusarium wilt in cultivated eggplant (solanum melongena).this is the first report on genetic mapping of a resistance locus against fusarium wilt caused by the plant pathogen fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melongenae in cultivated eggplant.201626582508
estrogenic properties of spices of the traditional cameroonian dish "nkui" in ovariectomized wistar rats.besides the basic role to flavor and color foods, several health benefits have been attributed to spices. the traditional cameroonian food "nkui" is prepared using several spices (afrostyrax lepidophyllus mildbr., capsicum frutescens linn., fagara leprieurii guill. et perr., fagara tessmannii engl., mondia whitei hook. f. skell., pentadiplandra brazzeana baill., solanum gilo raddi., tetrapleura tetraptera taub. and xylopia parviflora a. rich. benthane) that are believed to have a positive impact ...201626978864
source of resistance against ralstonia solanacearum in fertile somatic hybrids of eggplant (solanum melongena l.) with solanum aethiopicum l.solanum aethiopicum is reported to carry resistance to bacterial wilt disease caused by ralstonia solanacearum, which is one of the most important diseases of eggplant (solanum melongena). these two species can sexually be crossed but the fertility of their progeny is very low. in order to transfer the resistance and improve the fertility, somatic hybrids between s. melongena cv. dourga and two groups of s. aethiopicum were produced by electrical fusion of mesophyll protoplasts. thirty hybrid pl ...200111164602
new 5-o-caffeoylquinic acid derivatives in fruit of the wild eggplant relative solanum viarum.fruit of the cultivated eggplant species solanum melongena, solanum aethiopicum, and solanum macrocarpon, and wild relatives including solanum anguivi and solanum incanum, have a high content of hydroxycinnamic acid conjugates with potential human health benefits. typically, caffeoylquinic acid esters predominate, and in particular 5-o-(e)-caffeoylquinic acid. by contrast, fruit from accession pi 319855 in the usda eggplant core collection, unambiguously identified as solanum viarum by morpholog ...201020886887
specific sequence modifications of a cry3b endotoxin gene result in high levels of expression and insect resistance.solanum melongena (eggplant) cv. picentia and the wild species solanum integrifolium were transformed with both a wild type (wt) and four mutagenized versions of bacillus thuringiensis (bt) gene bt43 belonging to the cry3 class. the bt gene was partly modified in its nucleotide sequence by replacing four target regions (w: +1 to +170; x: +592 to +1057; y: +1203 to +1376; z: +1376 to +1984) with synthetic fragments obtained by polymerase chain reaction amplification of crude oligonucleotides. the ...19979225859
characterisation, surface properties and biological activity of a biosurfactant produced from industrial waste by candida sphaerica ucp0995 for application in the petroleum industry.the development of less toxic, biodegradable, surfactants, such as biosurfactants, is a key strategy for acquiring environmentally friendly compounds. the aim of the present study was to employ an optimised medium containing 9% ground nut oil refinery residue and 9% corn steep liquor for the production of a biosurfactant by candida sphaerica. fermentation was carried out at 28 °c and 200 rpm for 144 h. biosurfactant yield was 9 g/l. the biosurfactant reduced the surface tension of the medium to ...201323006562
conventional and phenomics characterization provides insight into the diversity and relationships of hypervariable scarlet (solanum aethiopicum l.) and gboma (s. macrocarpon l.) eggplant complexes.scarlet (solanum aethiopicum) and gboma (s. macrocarpon) eggplants are major vegetable crops in sub-saharan africa. together with their respective wild ancestors (s. anguivi and s. dasyphyllum) and intermediate cultivated-wild forms they constitute the so-called scarlet and gboma eggplant complexes. we used conventional descriptors and the high-throughput phenomics tool tomato analyzer for characterizing 63 accessions of the scarlet eggplant complex, including the four s. aethiopicum cultivar gr ...201425071801
hplc-dad analysis and in-vitro property of polyphenols extracts from (solanum aethiopium) fruits on α -amylase, α -glucosidase and angiotensin - 1- converting enzyme egg (solanum aethiopium) is an edible fruits vegetable with  different species.this study investigated characterisation and the effect of the phenolics extracts from s. aethiopium species with enzymes linked with type -2-diabetes (α-amylase and α-glucosidase) and hypertension [angiotensin-1-converting enzyme (ace)].201425598760
acetylated furostene glycosides from solanum gilo continuation of our work on a traditional mixture of spices called "nkui", used in cameroon for its influence on women's reproductive health, we investigated the chemical composition of solanum gilo, one component of "nkui". a methanolic extract was studied in detail. after dereplication of several known compounds, two furo-5-stene-derived saponin glycosides with acetylated sugar moieties were isolated. by extensive 1- and 2d nmr experiments and hr-ms and gc-ms methods, the structures were el ...201728719925
multivariate analysis as a key tool in chemotaxonomy of brinjal eggplant, african eggplants and wild related species.the brinjal eggplant (solanum melongena l.) is an important vegetable species worldwide, while african eggplants (s. aethiopicum l., s. macrocarpon l.) are indigenous vegetable species of local significance. taxonomy of eggplants and their wild relatives is complicated and still unclear. hence, the objective of the study was to clarify taxonomic position of cultivars and landraces of brinjal, its wild relatives and african eggplant species and their wild ancestors using chemotaxonomic markers an ...201728910606
world vegetable center eggplant collection: origin, composition, seed dissemination and utilization in breeding.eggplant is the fifth most economically important solanaceous crop after potato, tomato, pepper, and tobacco. apart from the well-known brinjal eggplant (solanum melongena l.), two other under-utilized eggplant species, the scarlet eggplant (s. aethiopicum l.) and the gboma eggplant (s. macrocarpon l.) are also cultivated. the taxonomy and identification of eggplant wild relatives is challenging for breeders due to the large number of related species, but recent phenotypic and genetic data and c ...201728970840
functional characterization of chitin-binding lectin from solanum integrifolium containing anti-fungal and insecticidal activities.along with the rapid development of glycomic tools, the study of lectin-carbohydrate interactions has expanded, opening the way for applications in the fields of analytic, diagnostic, and drug delivery. chitin-binding lectins (cbls) play roles in immune defense against chitin-containing pathogens. cbls from species of the solanaceae family, such as tomato, potato and jimsonweed, display different binding specificities to sugar chains containing poly-n-acetyllactosamine.201829298668
membrane stabilization as a mechanism of the anti-inflammatory activity of methanol extract of garden egg (solanum aethiopicum). 201223351977
issr and isozyme characterization of androgenetic dihaploids reveals tetrasomic inheritance in tetraploid somatic hybrids between solanum melongena and solanum aethiopicum group gilo.gene exchanges between solanum melongena and its allied relative solanum aethiopicum are a crucial prerequisite for introgression of useful traits from the allied species into the cultivated eggplant. in order to evaluate the extent of genetic recombination between the 2 species, biochemical and molecular markers were employed. a dihaploid population obtained through anther culture of the corresponding tetraploid somatic hybrids was genetically analyzed. the extent of disomic/tetrasomic inherita ...200818245797
development of a biosensor based on gilo peroxidase immobilized on chitosan chemically crosslinked with epichlorohydrin for determination of rutin.a new reagentless biosensor for the square-wave voltammetric determination of rutin in pharmaceutical formulations was developed by immobilization of gilo (solanum gilo) crude extract in chitosan matrix. the gilo tissue acts as a source of peroxidase. the highest biosensor performance was obtained after immobilization of the peroxidase in chemically crosslinked chitosan with epichlorohydrin and glutaraldehyde that was incorporated in a carbon paste electrode. in the presence of hydrogen peroxide ...200616458474
proximate and mineral compositions of cooked and uncooked solanum melongena.the proximate and mineral compositions of four different varieties of cooked and uncooked solanum melongena were determined. except for the percentage moisture, the levels of crude protein, crude fat, total ash and carbohydrate content were generally higher in uncooked samples than in cooked samples. solanum macrocarpum (uncooked) has the highest moisture content with an average value of 73.9% and 84.5% for coat and flesh respectively, while the coat of solanum sessiliflorum and flesh of solanum ...200211939104
variations in the structure and transcription of the mitochondrial atp and cox genes in wild solanum species that induce male sterility in eggplant (s. melongena).in order to determine the molecular basis of cytoplasmic male sterility (cms) in alloplasmic lines of eggplant, the genomic structures and transcription patterns of mitochondrial atp synthase subunit (atp) and cytochrome oxidase subunit (cox) genes were studied for wild and cultivated eggplants. alloplasmic eggplant lines with cytoplasms of wild solanum species showing either anther indehiscent type of cms or non-pollen production type of cms were studied with the cultivated eggplant solanum mel ...201323604528
structural confirmation of 15-norlubiminol and 15-norepilubiminol, isolated from solanum aethiopicum, by chemical conversion from lubimin and epilubimin, and their antifungal activity.15-norlubiminol and 15-norepilubiminol were obtained from solanum aethiopicum as an inseparable 1:1 mixture in a relatively poor yield to that of the major phytoalexins, lubimin and epilubimin. their structures were confirmed by chemical conversion starting from lubimin and epilubimin. baeyer-villiger oxidation of the protected lubimins with m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid provided the desired formates. deoxygenation with triphenylphosphine selenide and subsequent methanolysis provided 15-norlubimino ...200111577721
sesquiterpenoids from the roots of solanum aethiopicum.three new sesquiterpenoids, lubiminoic acid, epilubiminoic acid and aethione, and six known sesquiterpenoids, solavetivone, 3beta-hydroxysolavetivone, 13-hydroxysolavetivone, anhydro-beta-rotunol, epilubimin and lubimin, were isolated from roots of s. aethiopicum l. their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic data.200911371006
responses of some nigerian vegetables of plant growth regulator treatments.the effects of single and combined growth regulator treatments of indole-3-acetic acid (iaa), gibberellic acid (ga3) and coconut milk on plant height, yield, chlorophyll and vitamin contents of abelmoschus esculetus l and solanum gilo l were investigated. the single growth regulator treatments consisted of 50mg/l, 100 mg/l of iaa and ga3 and 10%, 15% of coconut milk. in case of combined growth regulator treatments, the treatments were 100mg/l iaa + 100mg/l ga3, 100mg/l iaa + 15% coconut milk and ...19979404511
production and characterization of fertile somatic hybrids of eggplant (solanum melongena l.) with solanum aethiopicum order to produce fertile somatic hybrids, mesophyll protoplasts from eggplant were electrofused with those from one of its close related species, solanum aethiopicum l. aculeatum group. on the basis of differences in the cultural behavior of the parental and hybrid protoplasts, 35 somatic hybrid plants were recovered from 85 selected calli. when taken to maturity either in the greenhouse or in the field, the hybrid plants were vigorous, all rapidly overtopping parental individuals. the putati ...199324196058
anti-inflammatory effect and mechanism of the green fruit extract of solanum integrifolium poir.the green fruit of solanum integrifolium poir. has been used traditionally as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic remedy in taiwanese aboriginal medicine. the goal of this study is to evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity and mechanism of the green fruit extract of s. integrifolium. a bioactivity-guided fractionation procedure was developed to identify the active partition fraction. the methanol fraction (me), with the highest phenolic content, exhibited the strongest inhibitory effect against ...201425133186
reducing capacity, chlorogenic acid content and biological activity in a collection of scarlet (solanum aethiopicum) and gboma (s. macrocarpon) eggplants.scarlet (solanum aethiopicum) and gboma (s. macrocarpon) eggplants are important vegetables in sub-saharan africa. few studies have been made on these crops regarding the diversity of phenolic content and their biological activity. we have studied the reducing activity, the chlorogenic acid and other phenolic acid contents in a collection of 56 accessions of scarlet eggplant, including the four cultivated groups (aculeatum, gilo, kumba, shum) and the weedy intermediate s. aethiopicum-s. anguivi ...201425264739
host use of bactrocera latifrons, a new invasive tephritid species in tanzania.bactrocera latifrons (hendel) is a pest of asian origin, first detected in africa in 2006. we assessed the host utilization of this quarantine pest in morogoro region, eastern central tanzania, by collecting a wide range of cultivated and wild host plants of species belonging to solanaceae and cucurbitaceae from april 2007 to april 2008. fruit were collected from 29 plant species and varieties (16 solanaceae and 13 cucurbitaceae) in all agroecological zones of morogoro region. twelve solanaceous ...201020214370
does the african garden egg offer protection against experimentally induced ulcers?to evaluate the possible antiulcer effect of the african garden egg, solanum aethiopicum (s. aethiopicum) (a domestic vegetable) experimentally in rats.201121771445
description of the life-cycle of the pearl millet rust fungus--puccinia substriata var. penicillariae with a proposal of reducing var. indica to a synonym.pearl millet (pennisetum glaucum) is a major staple food crop in the drier parts of the old world, like africa and india. recently, its cultivation became more widespread in no-tillage crop farming systems in central brazil, but it is also being used for cultivation during the dry season in other areas in brazil. an emerging problem for the wider adoption of this crop in brazil is the damage caused by the rust puccinia substriata. this fungal disease is among the worst limitations for this crop ...200616649083
carotenoid profiling of the leaves of selected african eggplant accessions subjected to drought stress.african eggplants (solanum aethiopicum and s. macrocarpon) are among the most economically important and valuable vegetable and fruit crops. they are a major source of biologically active nutritional substances and metabolites which are essential for plant growth, development, stress adaptation and defense. among these metabolites are the carotenoids which act as accessory pigments for photosynthesis and precursor to plant hormones. though african eggplants are known to be resistant to various a ...201728070322
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