the life cycle of haplorchis pumilio (trematoda: heterophyidae) from the indian region.the life cycle of the heterophyid fluke, haplorchis pumilio is elucidated for the first time from the indian region. various stages in the life cycle were established based on observations made on natural infections found in snails and fish in a freshwater stream at visakhapatnam, india and experimental infections carried out in the laboratory. the thiarid snail, thiara tuberculata served as the first intermediate host and a wide range of freshwater fish as second intermediate hosts. natural inf ...200617125540
development and characterization of a continuous cell line pscf from puntius sophore.a continuous puntius sophore caudal-fin (pscf) cell line of the pool barb puntius sophore, an important freshwater food and ornamental fish of asia and south east asia, was developed from the caudal fin for the first time. the cell line was optimally maintained at 28° c in leibovitz-15 (l-15) medium supplemented with 10% foetal bovine serum (fbs). the cytogenetic analysis revealed a diploid count of 50 chromosomes at 25th and 50th passage and 52 chromosomes at passage 70, 85 and 100. the viabili ...201121463303
bacterial dynamics during yearlong spontaneous fermentation for production of ngari, a dry fermented fish product of northeast india.ngari is the most popular traditionally processed non-salted fish product, prepared from sun-dried small cyprinid fish puntius sophore (ham.) in manipur state of northeast india. the microbial involvement in ngari production remained uncertain due to its low moisture content and yearlong incubation in anaerobically sealed earthen pots without any significant change in total microbial count. the culture-independent pcr-dgge analysis used during this study confirmed a drastic bacterial community s ...201525637876
carbohydrase activity in the digestive system of some teleost fishes.the activity of carbohydrases in puntius sophore (ham.), channa gachua (ham.) and cirrhinus mrigala (ham.) has been studied. the carbohydrases have been found in the stomach, intestinal bulb, intestine, pyloric caeca and the hepato-pancreas. the hepatopancreas is the main site of production of these enzymes and it is in this organ and the intestine that their activity is highest. their ph optimum lies between 5.4 and 6.4. the enzyme equipment in the teleost is adapted to their respective food an ...197520312
toxicity of crude oil to the metabolism of freshwater minor carp, puntius sophore. 19873663971
a new species of rhabdochona railliet, 1916 (nematoda: rhabdochonidae) from cyprinid fishes in the western ghats region, india.a new nematode species, rhabdochona (globochona) puntii n. sp. (rhabdochonidae), is described based on specimens collected from the intestine of the pool barb puntius sophore (hamilton) and neolissochilus hexastichus (mcclelland) (both cyprinidae) from the gadhena river, the western ghats, maharashtra state, india. the nematode was also found in wallago attu (bloch & schneider) which probably acts as postcyclic host. rhabdochona (globochona) puntii n. sp. differs markedly from its congeners in t ...201424563143
seasonal studies on the adrenal homologue of female puntius sophore (ham.).in female p. sophore the adrenal homologue is located inside its head kidneys and comprises interrenal cells and chromaffin cells. the clumps of interrenal cells surround the postcardinal vein and its major branches; they also lie in the haemopoietic tissue. the chromaffin cells mostly lie in the endothelium of the post-cardinal vein, while a few of them also lie interspersed among the interrenal cells. the seasonal study of the adrenal homologue shows that the interrenal cells undergo changes i ...19751211088
cytochemical and histoenzymological studies on the adrenal of the teleost, puntius sophore (ham.).in puntius sophore the adrenal tissue is situated in the pronephric head kidney. the medullary cells are arranged closely around the wall of the cardinal veins and their branches. the cortical cells are located around the medullary cells in several layers forming a large mass of tissue. with the aid of chromaffin reaction techniques the medullary cells were differentiated. noradrenaline cells were identified with iodate reaction technique. cortical cells gave positive reaction to cholesterol, li ...1978751341
heavy metals in eight edible fish species from two polluted tributaries (aik and palkhu) of the river chenab, pakistan.concentration of heavy metals (lead (pb), cadmium (cd), chromium (cr), and copper (cu)) was determined in the liver, gills, kidneys, and muscles of eight edible fish species (channa punctata, cirrhinus reba, labeo rohita, heteropneustes fossilis, mystus cavasius, oreochromis niloticus, puntius sophore, and wallago attu) from upstream and downstream zones of the nullah aik and palkhu tributaries of the river chenab located in the sialkot district known for its tanning industries worldwide. the pa ...201121424780
the life cycle of mesostephanus indicum mehra, 1947 (digenea: cyathocotylidae).the life cycle of the cyathocotylid fluke, mesostephanus indicum mehra, 1947 infecting the pariah kite, milvus migrans govinda (accipitridae), is elucidated. the species, reported by mehra (proc nat acad sci india 17:1-52, 1947) from buteo rufinus rufinus (accipitridae), was transferred to the genus prohemistomum by dubois (rev suiss de zool 58:639-691, 1951). however, it is retained in the genus mesostephanus because of the presence of vaginal sphincter and caudal appendage, which are the chara ...200717514481
phylogenetic analysis of the dactylogyroides longicirrus (monogenea: dactylogyridae) based on the 18s and its 1 ribosomal genes.the present study describes the molecular phylogenetic analysis of dactylogyroides longicirrus (monogenea: dactylogyridae) infecting the gill filaments of fish puntius sophore from the site guwahati, assam, india. the parasite dactylogyroides longicirrus (tripathi, 1959) gusev, 1976 from northeast indian region is presented based on sequence data of a 738 base-pair fragment of ribosomal 18s small subunit and first internal transcribed spacer (its 1). phylogenetic relationships were inferred usin ...201323515574
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