reproductive ecology of the endangered beal's-eyed turtle, sacalia bealei.the beal's-eyed turtle (sacalia bealei) is endemic to southeastern china and endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. knowledge of s. bealei ecology is lacking and this study provides baseline information of its reproduction in a natural environment. we studied the reproductive ecology of s. bealei using x-ray, spool-and-line tracking, and direct observation. six nesting females were successfully tracked and their nesting behaviors are documented in detail. females produced a mean clutch siz ...201829963334
the distal forelimb musculature in aquatic and terrestrial turtles: phylogeny or environmental constraints?we compared the muscular anatomy of the distal front limb in terrestrial and aquatic chelonians to test whether observed differences between the two groups are associated with their divergent lifestyles and locomotor modes. given the different use of the forelimb in the two environments (body support and propulsion on land vs. mainly propulsion in water) we expected that: (1) aquatic and terrestrial turtles would show differences in their muscular anatomy, with aquatic species having more indivi ...200819172731
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