photobacterium jeanii sp. nov., isolated from corals and zoanthids.four novel isolates (r-40508(t), r-40507, r-40903 and r-21419) were obtained from different cnidarian species (phyllogorgia dilatata, merulina ampliata and palythoa caribaeorum) from different places in brazil and australia. the novel isolates formed a tight phylogenetic group based on 16s rrna, reca, topa, ftsz, mreb and rpoa gene sequences. their closest phylogenetic neighbours were the type strains of photobacterium leiognathi, p. rosenbergii and p. halotolerans, sharing 97.1-97.5 % 16s rrna ...201020081016
vibrio communis sp. nov., isolated from the marine animals mussismilia hispida, phyllogorgia dilatata, palythoa caribaeorum, palythoa variabilis and litopenaeus vannamei.eight vibrio isolates originating from the marine corals mussismilia hispida and phyllogorgia dilatata and the zoanthids palythoa caribaeorum and palythoa variabilis in brazil and the pacific white shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei) in ecuador were studied by means of a polyphasic approach. the novel isolates formed a tight monophyletic group in the genus vibrio and were closely related to species of the vibrio harveyi group, to which they showed more than 99 % 16s rrna gene sequence similarity. anal ...201120305064
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