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seven novel species of acinetobacter isolated from activated sludge.thirteen isolates of acinetobacter were obtained from activated sludge plants in victoria, australia. earlier 16s-23s rdna genomic fingerprinting and partial 16s rdna sequence data had suggested that these isolates might contain previously undescribed species. this view was confirmed here. a polyphasic taxonomic approach involving phenotypic characterization, near-complete 16s rdna sequence data and dna-dna hybridization analyses support the view that seven novel genomic species can be different ...200312892111
identification of acinetobacter species: is bruker biotyper maldi-tof mass spectrometry a good alternative to molecular techniques?acinetobacter spp. has become a leading cause of nosocomial infection in recent years. phenotypic similarities between the species in the genus have made it difficult to identify them clearly using routine diagnostic methods. consequently, more relevant species have been grouped together as acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex (a. baumannii, a. calcoaceticus, acinetobacter genospecies 3 and a. genospecies 13tu). however, there are other species that may also have clinical ...201222266021
isolation and characterization of acyl homoserine lactone-producing bacteria during an urban river biofilm formation.the presence and diversity of acyl homoserine lactone (ahl)-producers in an urban river biofilm were investigated during 60-day biofilm formation. ahl biosensors detected the presence of ahl-producers in 1-60-day river biofilms. screening for ahl-producers resulted in 17 aeromonas spp., 3 pseudomonas spp., 3 ensifer spp., and 1 acinetobacter sp. among these isolates, six of them were closely related to acinetobacter tjernbergiae, aeromonas allosaccharophila, aeromonas aquariorum, aeromonas janda ...201223090571
domestic wastewater treatment in a novel sequencing batch biofilm filter.biological treatment of domestic sewage low c/n ratio was accomplished in a pilot-scale sequencing batch biofilm filter (sbbf). the novel hybrid bioreactor consisted of bio-band in the upper and anthracite filter media in the bottom, which combined a sequencing batch biofilm reactor (sbbr) with a biological filter. the average removal efficiency values of chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonium nitrogen (nh4 (+)-n), total nitrogen (tn), and total phosphorus (tp) were 89.4, 83.3, 62.9, and 48.7%, ...201525967659
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