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characterization of lettuce big-vein associated virus and mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus infecting lettuce in saudi arabia.during 2014 and 2015, 97 lettuce plants that showed big-vein-disease-like symptoms and seven weed plants were collected from the riyadh region. das-elisa revealed that 25% and 9% of the lettuce plants were singly infected with lbvav and milbvv, respectively, whereas 63% had a mixed infection with both viruses. the results were confirmed by multiplex reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction using primers specific for lbvav and milbvv. lbvav and milbvv were also detected in sonchus oleraceu ...201728299485
development of marker-free transgenic lettuce resistant to mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus.lettuce big-vein disease caused by mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (mlbvv) is found in major lettuce production areas worldwide, but highly resistant cultivars have not yet been developed. to produce mlbvv-resistant marker-free transgenic lettuce that would have a transgene with a promoter and terminator of lettuce origin, we constructed a two t-dna binary vector, in which the first t-dna contained the selectable marker gene neomycin phosphotransferase ii, and the second t-dna contained the let ...201627055463
bioinformatic and mutational analysis of ophiovirus movement proteins, belonging to the 30k superfamily.ophioviridae is a family of segmented, negative-sense, single-stranded rna plant viruses. we showed that their cell-to-cell movement protein (mp) is an isolated member of the 30k mp superfamily with a unique structural organization. all 30k mps share a core domain that contains a nearly-invariant signature aspartate. we examined its role in the mp of citrus psorosis virus (cpsv) and mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (milbvv). alanine substitution of this aspartate prevented plasmodesmata accumula ...201627596536
identification of a movement protein of mirafiori lettuce big-vein ophiovirus.mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (milbvv) is a member of the genus ophiovirus, which is a segmented negative-stranded rna virus. in microprojectile bombardment experiments to identify a movement protein (mp) gene of ophioviruses that can trans-complement intercellular movement of an mp-deficient heterologous virus, a plasmid containing an infectious clone of a tomato mosaic virus (tomv) derivative expressing the gfp was co-bombarded with plasmids containing one of three genes from milbvv rnas 1, ...201323364193
ophioviruses cpsv and milbvv movement protein is encoded in rna 2 and interacts with the coat protein.citrus psorosis virus (cpsv) and mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (milbvv), members of the ophioviridae family, have segmented negative-sense single-stranded rna genomes. to date no reports have described how ophioviruses spread within host plants and/or the proteins involved in this process. here we show that the 54k protein of cpsv is encoded by rna 2 and describe its subcellular distribution. upon transient expression in nicotiana benthamiana epidermal cells the 54k protein, and also its 54k ...201323602594
occurrence and partial characterization of lettuce big vein associated virus and mirafiori lettuce big vein virus in lettuce in iran.mirafiori lettuce big vein virus (milbvv) and lettuce big vein associated virus (lbvav) were found in association with big vein disease of lettuce in iran. analysis of part of the coat protein (cp) gene of iranian isolates of lbvav showed 97.1-100 % nucleotide sequence identity with other lbvav isolates. iranian isolates of milbvv belonged to subgroup a and showed 88.6-98.8 % nucleotide sequence identity with other isolates of this virus when amplified by pcr primer pair milv vp. the occurrence ...201224293824
citrus psorosis and mirafiori lettuce big-vein ophiovirus coat proteins localize to the cytoplasm and self interact in vivo.citrus psorosis (cpsv) and mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (milbvv) belong to the family ophioviridae, plant viruses with filamentous nucleocapsids and segmented genomes of negative polarity, causing the worldwide distributed citrus psorosis and lettuce big-vein diseases, respectively. to gain insight into the replication cycle of these viruses, the subcellular localization of the viral coat proteins (cp) was studied. immunoblot analysis of fractionated extracts derived from natural and experim ...201222921760
comparison of the coat protein genes of mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus isolates from australia with those of isolates from other continents.the complete coat protein nucleotide encoding sequences of 13 mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus isolates from australia were compared to those of 23 other isolates, including one from australia. on phylogenetic analysis, sub-clade a1 contained isolates from australia (13), europe and japan, a2 contained isolates from australia (1), europe and south america, and b1 and b2 contained only european isolates. in the amino acid sequences deduced, the n-terminus and central regions varied considerably b ...201020635189
further evidence of mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus but not of lettuce big-vein associated virus with big-vein disease in lettuce.mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (mlbvv) and lettuce big-vein associated virus (lbvav) are found in association with big-vein disease of lettuce. discrimination between the two viruses is critical for elucidating the etiology of big-vein disease. using specific antibodies to mlbvv and lbvav for western blotting and exploiting differences between mlbvv and lbvav in host reaction of cucumber and temperature dependence in lettuce, we separated the two viruses by transfering each virus from doubly i ...200818944196
the complete nucleotide sequence of a spanish isolate of citrus psorosis virus: comparative analysis with other ophioviruses.the complete genomic sequence (11278 nt) of citrus psorosis virus (cpsv), isolate p-121 from spain, was determined and compared with those from isolate cpv-4 and from other ophioviruses. the three rnas of p-121 had similar size and identical organization as those of cpv-4. the 24k and the rdrp proteins were potentially encoded in the viral complementary (vc) strand of rna 1, the 54k protein potentially encoded in vcrna 2 and the coat protein encoded in vcrna 3. these four proteins from p-121 and ...200515449144
genetic variability in the coat protein genes of lettuce big-vein associated virus and mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus.available data suggests that lettuce big-vein disease is caused by the ophiovirus mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (mlbvv) but not by the varicosavirus lettuce big-vein-associated virus (lbvav), although the latter is frequently associated with the disease. since the disease occurs worldwide, the putative coat protein (cp) open reading frames of geographically distinct isolates of mlbvv and lbvav were sequenced. comparison of both nucleotide and amino acid sequences showed a high level of sequen ...200415614432
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