natural infection of lutzomyia trinidadensis (diptera: psychodidae) with leishmania in barquisimeto, venezuela. 19902152445
trypanosoma thecadactyli sp. n. from forest greckoes in panama, and its development in the sandfly lutzomyia trinidadensis. 19724116366
female gynandromorphs of lutzomyia trinidadensis newstead from panamá. 19715159262
impact of habitat degradation on phlebotominae (diptera: psychodidae) of tropical dry forests in northern colombia.we examined changes in the phlebotomine fauna resulting from human intervention in a tropical dry forest of northern colombia where visceral and cutaneous leishmaniases are endemic. a natural forest reserve (colosó) and a highly degraded area (san andrés de sotavento [sas]) were sampled monthly for 8 mo using shannon traps, sticky traps, and resting-site collections. overall abundances were higher in colosó (15,988) than in sas (2,324). and species richness of phlebotomines was greater in the fo ...200212061439
lutzomyia sand fly diversity and rates of infection by wolbachia and an exotic leishmania species on barro colorado island, panama.sand flies (diptera, psychodidae, phlebotominae) in the genus lutzomyia are the predominant vectors of the protozoan disease leishmaniasis in the new world. within the watershed of the panama canal, the cutaneous form of leishmaniasis is a continuous health threat for residents, tourists and members of an international research community. here we report the results of screening a tropical forest assemblage of sand fly species for infection by both leishmania and a microbe that can potentially se ...201020231892
dna barcoding for the identification of sand fly species (diptera, psychodidae, phlebotominae) in colombia.sand flies include a group of insects that are of medical importance and that vary in geographic distribution, ecology, and pathogen transmission. approximately 163 species of sand flies have been reported in colombia. surveillance of the presence of sand fly species and the actualization of species distribution are important for predicting risks for and monitoring the expansion of diseases which sand flies can transmit. currently, the identification of phlebotomine sand flies is based on morpho ...201424454877
current and future niche of north and central american sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) in climate change scenarios.ecological niche models are useful tools to infer potential spatial and temporal distributions in vector species and to measure epidemiological risk for infectious diseases such as the leishmaniases. the ecological niche of 28 north and central american sand fly species, including those with epidemiological relevance, can be used to analyze the vector's ecology and its association with transmission risk, and plan integrated regional vector surveillance and control programs. in this study, we mod ...201324069478
evidence for anthropophily in five species of phlebotomine sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) from northern colombia, revealed by molecular identification of bloodmeals.identification of the bloodmeal sources of phlebotomine sand flies is fundamental to determining which species are anthropophilic and understanding the transmission of leishmania parasites in natural epidemiological settings. the objective of this study was to identify sand fly bloodmeals in the mixed leishmaniasis focus of the department of sucre, northern colombia. in all 141 engorged female sand flies were analyzed, after being captured in intradomiciliary, peridomiciliary and extradomiciliar ...201626464046
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