landscape ecology of trypanosoma cruzi in the southern yucatan peninsula.landscape interactions of trypanosoma cruzi (tc) with triatoma dimidiata (td) depend on the presence and relative abundance of mammal hosts. this study analyzed a landscape adjacent to the calakmul biosphere reserve, composed of conserved areas, crop and farming areas, and the human community of zoh laguna with reported chagas disease cases. sylvatic mammals of the chiroptera, rodentia, and marsupialia orders were captured, and livestock and pets were sampled along with t. dimidiata in all habit ...201526219998
alopecia in bats from tabasco, mexico.we report alopecic syndrome (hair loss in areas of the body, including chest, abdomen, and back) in four frugivorous bat species (artibeus jamaicensis, artibeus lituratus, sturnira lilium, and sturnira ludovici) within urban and periurban areas of villahermosa, tabasco, méxico, during 2007 and 2008. the overall prevalence of alopecic syndrome was 5.25% (135/2,567 bats). the highest prevalence was found in a. lituratus (5.6%; 62/1,105), followed by a. jamaicensis (5%; 3/1,462). we found a higher ...201020688713
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