has living on islands been so simple? insights from the insular endemic frog discoglossus montalentii.island populations have been extensively used as model systems in ecology, biogeography, conservation and evolutionary biology, owing to the several simplifying assumptions that they allow. nevertheless, recent findings from intra-island phylogeographic studies are casting doubts on the generality of some of these underlying assumptions. we investigated the phylogeography, historical demography, and population genetic structure of the corsican endemic frog, discoglossus montalentii. in contrast ...201323393599
a multigene species tree for western mediterranean painted frogs (discoglossus).painted frogs (discoglossus) are an anuran clade that originated in the upper miocene. extant species are morphologically similar and have a circum-mediterranean distribution. we assembled a multilocus dataset from seven nuclear and four mitochondrial genes for several individuals of all but one of the extant species and reconstructed a robust phylogeny by applying a coalescent-based species-tree method and a concatenation approach, both of which gave congruent results. the earliest phylogenetic ...201222641173
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