mass spectrometry identification of alkyl-substituted pyrazines produced by pseudomonas spp. isolates obtained from wine corks.we investigated the pyrazine production of 23 pseudomonas isolates obtained from cork in order to assess their implications in off-flavour development. off-flavour development in cork stoppers is a crucial process in maintaining the high quality of some wines. pyrazine production was analyzed by headspace solid-phase-microextraction (hs-spme) and gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (gc-ms). five out of the 23 isolates, i.e. pseudomonas koreensis tca20, pseudomonas palleroniana tca1 ...201223497899
identification of mvocs from andean rhizobacteria and field evaluation of bacterial and mycorrhizal inoculants on growth of potato in its center of security (a pressing issue for all nations) faces a threat due to population growth, land availability for growing crops, a changing climate (leading to increases in both abiotic and biotic stresses), heightened consumer awareness of the risks related to the use of agrichemicals, and also the reliance on depleting fossil fuel reserves for their production. legislative changes in europe mean that fewer agrichemicals will be available in the future for the control of crop pests and pathogens. ...201525339308
pseudomonas salomonii sp. nov., pathogenic on garlic, and pseudomonas palleroniana sp. nov., isolated from rice.a total of 26 strains, including 15 strains isolated from garlic plants with the typical symptoms of 'café au lait' disease and 11 strains isolated from diseased or healthy rice seeds and sheaths infested by pseudomonas fuscovaginae, were compared with 70 type or reference strains of oxidase-positive pathogenic or non-pathogenic fluorescent pseudomonads. the strains were characterized by using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. numerical taxonomy of phenotypic characteristics showed that the garli ...200212508870
differential proteomic expression of himalayan psychrotrophic diazotroph pseudomonas palleroniana n26 under low temperature diazotrophic low temperature nitrogen-deficient ecosystems, native microorganisms must possess adaptive mechanisms to cope with environmental stress as well as nitrogen (n) starvation-like conditions. however, moderate information is available about the cold adapted diazotrophs and diazotrophy.201526017295
isolation and characterization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from western indian himalayan soils.previous studies confirmed the existence of diversified microbial flora in the rhizosphere of himalayan red kidney bean (rkb) (phaseolus vulgaris l.). therefore, fifteen different temperate and subtropical regions of western indian himalaya (wih) were explored for the isolation of rkb rhizosphere-associated phosphorus (p) solubilizing bacteria. on the basis of qpcr analysis, three soils, i.e., munsyari, kandakhal and nainital soils were selected for the isolation of p solubilizers. among 133 iso ...201728555431
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