molecular characterization, phylogeny and expression of a hepcidin gene in the blotched snakehead channa maculata.a hepcidin-like gene (cmhep) was cloned and characterized from the liver of the blotched snakehead channa maculata. the complete cmhep cdna was 756 bp in length, containing an open reading frame of 270 bp (encoding 89 amino acids), flanked by 210 bp and 276 bp of 5' and 3' untranslated regions, respectively. the deduced peptide of 89 amino acids consisted of 24 aa, 40 aa and 25 aa for signal peptide, prodomain and mature peptide, respectively. the mature peptide had eight cysteines at the identi ...201424287270
the complete mitochondrial genome of channa argus, channa maculata and hybrid snakehead fish [channa maculata (♀) × channa argus (♂)].we sequenced and characterized the complete mitochondrial genome of channa argus, channa maculata and their hybrid [c. maculata (♀) and c. argus (♂)]. all the three mitochondrial genomes contained the typical complement of 13 protein-coding genes, 22 transfer rnas (trnas), 2 ribosomal rnas (rrnas) and 1 control region. the entire mitochondrial dna (mtdna) molecule of c. maculata was 16,559 bp long while the complete mtdna molecule of c. argus and hybrid snakehead fish was 16,558 bp long. this is ...201323316807
molecular cloning of cdnas and structural model analysis of two gonadotropin beta-subunits of snakehead fish (channa maculata).the cdnas encoding beta-subunits of follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) and luteinizing hormone (lh) have been cloned from the pituitary of snakehead fish, channa maculata, and the three-dimensional structural models of the encoded fsh and lh were investigated. the cloned cdnas, including 5'-untranslated region (utr), open-reading frame, and 3'-utr followed by a poly(a) tail, were obtained by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and rapid amplification of cdna end methods. the open-rea ...200515922345
effects of urophysial extracts on plasma electrolyte and metabolite levels in ophiocephalus maculatus. 19807409451
vasoactive properties of dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid and series one prostaglandins in a freshwater teleost, channa maculata.1. prostaglandins a1, b1, e1 and f1 alpha (2-120 micrograms/kg), arachidonic acid and dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid (0.1-2 mg/kg) were injected intravenously into channa maculata and changes in arterial blood pressure were recorded. 2. injection of pgf1 alpha had no significant effect on arterial blood pressure. injection of pga1 and pge1 was followed by dose-dependent hypotension whereas injection of pgb1 elicited significant dose-dependent increase in arterial blood pressure. 3. both dihomo-gamm ...19892566452
isolation and characterization of aeromonas schubertii from diseased snakehead, channa maculata (lacepède).pure bacterial cultures were isolated from diseased snakeheads, channa maculata (lacepède), suffering high mortality in a farm in zhongshan, southern china. three isolates, namely zs20100725, zs20100725-1 and zs20100725-2, were identified as aeromonas schubertii. all the isolates showed high 16s rrna sequence similarities with a. schubertii. the isolates exhibited strong virulence to snakeheads in experimental challenges with ld(50) ranging between 1.4 × 10(4) and 6.4 × 10(6) cfu g(-1). two of t ...201222524539
the complete mitochondrial genome of channa maculata (perciformes: channidae).this paper reports the complete mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) sequence of channa maculate (taiwan snakehead). the mitogenome of taiwan snakehead was determined to be 16,558 bp in length. it contains 13 typical vertebrate protein-coding genes, 22 trna genes, 2 rrna genes, 1 ol (putative light-strand origin of replication), and 1 putative control region (d-loop). this is the first report on the complete mitogenome sequence of channa maculata.201323379357
identification of suitable reference genes for quantitative real-time pcr normalization in blotched snakehead channa maculata.a systematic study was conducted to identify reliable reference genes for normalization of gene expression analysis in the blotched snakehead channa maculata under normal physiological conditions. firstly, the partial complementary (c)dna of nine candidate reference genes (actb, tmem104, ube2l3, ef1α, churc1, tmem256, rpl13a, sep15 and g6pd) were cloned from c. maculata. the expression levels of these genes were then assessed in embryos of different developmental stages and various tissue types ...201728386932
comparison of the northern snakehead (channa argus) and blotched snakehead (channa maculata) and their reciprocal hybrids (c. maculata ♀ × c. argus ♂ and c. argus ♀ × c. maculata ♂) based on complete mitochondrial dna sequences.the complete mitochondrial dna of channa argus, channa maculata, c. maculate ♀ × c. argus ♂ and c. argus ♀ × c. maculata ♂ were sequenced to characterize and compare their mitochondrial genomes. the lengths were 16,558, 16,559, 16,558 and 16,559 bp respectively. start codon of 13 protein-coding genes was atg, except that coi was gtg. the control region of the mitogenome were 907, 908, 907 and 908 bp in c. argus, c. maculata and their reciprocal hybrids (c. argus ♀ × c. maculata ♂ and c. maculate ...201524409853
two molecular markers based on mitochondrial genomes for varieties identification of the northern snakehead (channa argus) and blotched snakehead (channa maculata) and their reciprocal hybrids.the northern snakehead (channa argus) and blotched snakehead (channa maculata) and their reciprocal hybrids have played important roles in the chinese freshwater aquaculture industry, with an annual production in china exceeding 400 thousand tons. while these are popular aquaculture breeds in china, it is not easy to identify northern snakehead, blotched snakehead, and their hybrids. thus, a method should be developed to identify these varieties. to distinguish between the reciprocal hybrids (c. ...201524438305
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