amblyomma dissimile koch (acari: ixodidae) attacking primolius maracana vieillot (psittaciformes: psittacidae) in the amazon region, state of pará, brazil.the tick amblyomma dissimile koch feeds preferentially on reptiles (squamata), although amphibians (anura) also seem to be important hosts. we report an a. dissimile nymph infesting a blue-winged macaw, primolius maracana, held in captivity in the mangal das garças park, state of pará, brazil. environmental observations suggest that free-living iguanas (iguana iguana), which used to walk on the bird enclosure in the park, were the source of the a. dissimile tick that infested the blue-winged mac ...201121952971
fatal proventricular dilatation disease in captive native psittacines in outbreak of proventricular dilatation disease (pdd), a fatal inflammatory disease of psittacines (aves: psittaciformes), is described in native brazilian psittacines. twenty captive psittacines that died of suspected pdd were necropsied and 10 were submitted to histopathology, reverse transcriptase pcr (rt-pcr), and immunohistochemistry (ihc) for avian bornavirus (abv). examined species were one pileated parrot (pionopsitta pileata), three vinaceous-breasted parrots (amazona vinacea), two blu ...201424758135
cytotaxonomic considerations on neotropical psittacidae birds and description of three new karyotypes.chromosomes obtained from feather tissues of 14 species of brazilian psittacidae were analyzed by giemsa conventional staining and the karyotypes of ara chloroptera, propyrrhura maracana and nandayus nenday are presented for the first time. the remaining species showed no chromosome differences when compared with previous literature data. two basic karyotype patterns were observed. a karyotype pattern is mostly characterized by biarmed macrochromosomes, while in the other one most macrochromosom ...200111833285
detection and phylogenetic analysis of parrot bornavirus 4 identified from a swedish blue-winged macaw (primolius maracana) with unusual nonsuppurative myositis.background: the genus orthobornavirus comprises rna viruses infecting humans, mammals, birds and reptiles, where parrot bornavirus 1 to 8 causes fatal neurological and/or gastrointestinal syndromes in psittacines. there is, to the best of our knowledge, no publication describing avian bornaviruses in pet parrots in sweden. we aimed to identify and to produce epidemiologic knowledge about the etiologic agent associated with a history of severe weight loss and death of a primolius maracana.methods ...201930598738
yeasts and filamentous fungi in psittacidae and birds of prey droppings in midwest region of brazil: a potential hazard to human health.birds of prey and from psittacidae family are host to fungal microbiota and play an important role in the epidemiology of zoonoses. few studies in the literature have characterized mycelial and yeast fungi in the droppings of these birds and correlated the isolates with the zoonotic potential of the microorganisms. droppings from 149 birds were evaluated and divided into two groups: captive: rhea americana araneipes, primolius maracana, ara ararauna, ara chloropterus, anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, ...201930304251
complete mitochondrial genome of blue-winged macaw (primolius maracana).abtract the presence of bare facial area distinguishes macaws from other members of the arini tribe. genera and species of the macaw group differ in pattern of this bare skin as well as in body size. individuals of the genera: diopsittaca, orthopsittaca, and primolius are significantly smaller than the members of the genera: anodorhynchus, cyanopsitta, and the most species of the genus ara. the genus primolius contains three species: p. auricollis, p. couloni, and p. maracana, which are classifi ...201726713710
granulomatous nephritis in psittacines associated with parasitism by the trematode paratanaisia spp.trematodes belonging to the family eucotylidae are parasites of the kidney and ureter, and affect several bird species. however, psittacines have not been identified as hosts of these parasites. three birds, an adult female blue and gold macaw (ara ararauna), an adult female blue-winged macaw (propyrrhura maracana) and an adult male white-eared parakeet (pyrrhura leucotis) were admitted at the veterinary hospital of the fundação zoo-botânica de belo horizonte, brazil (fzb/bh). all three birds ha ...200717418949
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