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characterization of two novel polyomaviruses of birds by using multiply primed rolling-circle amplification of their genomes.polyomaviruses are small nonenveloped particles with a circular double-stranded genome, approximately 5 kbp in size. the mammalian polyomaviruses mainly cause persistent subclinical infections in their natural nonimmunocompromised hosts. in contrast, the polyomaviruses of birds--avian polyomavirus (apv) and goose hemorrhagic polyomavirus (ghpv)--are the primary agents of acute and chronic disease with high mortality rates in young birds. screening of field samples of diseased birds by consensus ...200616537620
[detection of dna of the finch polyomavirus in diseases of various types of birds in the order passeriformes].between 2000 and 2004 a disease occurred in an aviary in germany affecting various bird species belonging to the order passeriformes including collared grosbeaks (mycerobas affinis), eurasian bullfinches (pyrrhula pyrrhula griseiventris), brown bullfinches (pyrrhula nipalensis), grey-headed bullfinches (pyrrhula erythaca) and yellow-bellied tits (periparus venustulus). the major clinical signs included increased mortality of fledglings and young birds, as well as feather disorders and feather lo ...200717416133
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