replication and pathogenic potential of influenza a virus subtypes h3, h7, and h15 from free-range ducks in bangladesh in mammals.surveillance of wild aquatic birds and free-range domestic ducks in the tanguar haor wetlands in bangladesh has identified influenza virus subtypes h3n6, h7n1, h7n5, h7n9, and h15n9. molecular characterization of these viruses indicates their contribution to the genesis of new genotypes of h5n1 influenza viruses from clade that are dominant in poultry markets in bangladesh as well as to the genesis of the highly pathogenic h5n8 virus currently causing disease outbreaks in domestic poult ...201829691394
molecular characterization and three-dimensional structures of avian h8, h11, h14, h15 and swine h4 influenza virus hemagglutinins.of the eighteen hemagglutinin (ha) subtypes (h1-h18) that have been identified in bats and aquatic birds, many ha subtypes have been structurally characterized. however, several subtypes (h8, h11 and h12) still require characterization. to better understand all of these ha subtypes at the molecular level, ha structures from an a(h4n6) (a/swine/missouri/a01727926/2015), an a(h8n4) (a/turkey/ontario/6118/1968), an a(h11n9) (a/duck/memphis/546/1974), an a(h14n5) a/mallard/gurjev/263/1982, and an a( ...202032529072
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