[gregoria maranon: a humanistic physician]. 196013763671
[gregorio maranon: physician, endocrinologist]. 196013748701
[el greco and e1 conde-duque, patients of maranon]. 196013720746
[gregori maranon]. 196013763111
[some reflections on maranon]. 196013763672
[gregorio maranon (1887-1960)]. 201413763112
gregorio maranon. 196014421793
[gregorio maranon, 1887-1960. a dazzling medical career]. 196013703727
[several memorable dates in the life of doctor maranon]. 196013682819
[gregorio maranon, physician and professor]. 196013682799
gregorio maranon. 196013856857
[gregorio maranon]. 196014423949
[doctor maranon]. 196014042297
[don gregorio maranon]. 196013823578
[in memoriam: greorio maranon y posadillo]. 196014447888
[dr. marañón: a spaniard of stature in the scientific world]. 195613361875
[acth and cortisone in rheumatic diseases; in reference to a recent article by professor maraƄón, appearing in el däa médico no. 29 on may 10]. 195513241282
[hypoglycemic action of the anacardium occidentale l. (cashew) on normal subjects]. 201114935012
an unrecorded insect pest of the cashew tree (anacardium occidentale, l.) in south india. 194918128444
a new globulin from the cashew nut (anacardium occidentale). 193616746059
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