extraction of cashew (anacardium occidentale) nut shell liquid using supercritical carbon dioxide.this work investigated the extraction of cashew nut shell liquid (cnsl) using supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-co(2)). effects of process parameters such as extraction pressure, temperature and flow rate of sc-co(2) were investigated. the yield of cnsl increased with increase in pressure, temperature and mass flow rate of sc-co(2). however, under different operating conditions, the composition of cnsl varied. the study of physical properties and chemical composition of the oil obtained through s ...200615939589
[sliding tracheoplasty: a good choice for the treatment of congenital tracheal stenosis].when infants with recurrent wheezing have a clinical course inconsistent with a common diagnosis, anatomic malformations should be considered in diagnostic workup, followed by medical stabilization and early therapy. a careful history and physical examination could reveal important diagnostic clues that indicate the need to perform a fiberoptic bronchoscopy, which in the reported case showed tracheal stenosis in the transition between the first and second third of the trachea. chest ct scan reve ...200615929854
[autoimmune disease in primary antibody deficiencies].immunodeficiency and autoimmune phenomena may occur concomitantly in the same individual. many immune deficiency syndromes, mainly humoral defects, are associated with autoimmune disorders. in the present study, we describe the frequency of autoimmune disorders in these patients.200615808112
paediatric trauma in spain: a report from the hugm trauma analyse the characteristics of the infant population suffering trauma in our setting. to evaluate the importance of the different aetiological mechanisms. to study the pre- and intra-hospital management of these children. to describe the relative significance of the different lesions. to establish the magnitude of paediatric trauma as a social problem in terms of morbidity and mortality.200515795825
[relationship with the media].the present article discusses the information provided by the gregorio maranon university hospital on 11 march. firstly, the organization of the hospital's communications office, as well as its functions and objectives are described. subsequently, we describe the steps taken in the management of information about the crisis provoked by the terrorist attacks in madrid on 11 march, from the first press conference called by the hospital to requests by the distinct media for information from both th ...200515771853
[maxillo-facial surgery].we describe the experience of the maxillofacial surgery service of the gregorio maranon university hospital in attending the victims of the terrorist attack of 11 march, 2004 in madrid. the most important types of cranio-maxillofacial injury treated that day, their mechanisms of production, and the organization of the department to attend a large number of patients in a short space of time are described. the outcomes of the casuistics attended in the days after the attack are described.200515771840
[general surgery].terrorist explosions with multiple victims produce disaster situations that test health systems' ability to respond. the gregorio maranon university hospital attended more than 300 victims within a few hours. most of these victims had mild or moderate lesions, although 29 patients arrived in a serious or critical condition. in the first 24 hours, 37 major surgical interventions were performed in 34 patients. of these, patients 7 underwent laparotomy, 2 of which were negative and one was non-ther ...200515771838
[surgical area: introduction].we review the most common types of lesion produced by terrorist blasts and the general principles of their treatment. we also describe the resources of the general surgery department and surgical specialties of the gregorio maranon university hospital as a general introduction to the specific resources of each surgical area. the center's surgical capacity, in terms of both staffing and operating rooms, is also described.200515771836
[medical-surgical emergency department].we describe and analyze the response of the emergency department (ed) to the events of 11 march, 2004. the ed played a major role in the care of victims who survived the initial explosions. of the 976 victims transferred to hospital that day, 325 (32%) were attended in the ed of the gregorio maranon university hospital. nine percent were critically ill and only 5 died. the first step was to evaluate and transfer the 123 patients who were already in the ed when the explosions took place, thus fre ...200515771834
ty1-copia retrotransposon-based ssap marker development in cashew (anacardium occidentale l.).the most popular retrotransposon-based molecular marker system in use at the present time is the sequence-specific amplification polymorphism (ssap) system . this system exploits the insertional polymorphism of long terminal repeat (ltr) retrotransposons around the genome. because the ltr sequence is used to design primers for this method, its successful application requires sequence information from the terminal region of the mobile elements . in this study, two ltr sequences were isolated from ...200515761718
[graft viability of patients with renal transplantation from non heart beating donors].renal transplantation (rt) is currently the treatment of choice in end-stage renal disease. the gregorio marañón hospital performed 65 rt, 97.01 pmp, this year.200615701344
[spondylodiscitis in the autonomus community of madrid (spain)].spondylodiscitis is a relatively uncommon entity in infancy and childhood, with typical, although non-specific symptoms. the aim of this study was to describe the clinical features at presentation and follow-up in patients diagnosed with spondylodiscitis in hospitals in the autonomous community of madrid.200515701311
effects of anacardium occidentale stem bark extract on in vivo inflammatory models.the methanol extract of anacardium occidentale stem bark was evaluated for activities against the lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced septic shock, as well as lps-induced microvascular permeability in mice. pre-treatment with anacardium occidentale extract (25-200 mg/kg) caused a dose-dependent and significant (p < 0.05) reduction in the elevated levels of alanine and aspartate aminotransferases in the sera of d-galactosamine-primed mice injected with lps. the highest dose of the extract studied (2 ...200415507326
modulation of antioxidant potential in liver of mice by kernel oil of cashew nut (anacardium occidentale) and its lack of tumour promoting ability in dmba induced skin papillomagenesis.cashew nut shell oil has been reported to possess tumour promoting property. therefore an attempt has been made to study the modulatory effect of cashew nut (anlacardium occidentale) kernel oil on antioxidant potential in liver of swiss albino mice and also to see whether it has tumour promoting ability like the shell oil. the animals were treated orally with two doses (50 and 100 microl/animal/day) of kernel oil of cashew nut for 10 days. the kernel oil was found to enhance the specific activit ...200415088687
the separation and synthesis of lipidic 1,2- and 1,3-diols from natural phenolic lipids for the complexation and recovery of boron.a study has been made of the semi-synthesis of 1,3-diols (anacardic alcohols) from natural phenolic lipid resources from anacardium occidentale and anacardium giganteum which have given c15 and c11 derivatives, respectively. an isomeric 1,3-diol (isoanacardic alcohol) has been obtained from cardanol separated from technical cashew nut-shell liquid. homologous 1,3-diols have been synthesised from a range of synthetic 2-alkyl-, 3-alkyl- and 4-alkylphenols and from 6-alkylsalicylic acids. the natur ...200314623453
molecular detection of cashew husk (anacardium occidentale) adulteration in market samples of dry tea (camellia sinensis).species-specific pcr primers were developed from intergenic spacer regions of 5s ribosomal rna genes and used successfully in the detection of adulteration of cashew husk (anacardium occidentale l.) in tea [camellia sinensis (l.) o. kuntze] samples. this is the first report of detecting adulteration in tea using molecular tools. application of this approach in detecting adulteration of other biological materials in tea, medicinal herbs and the composition of admixtures of ayurvedic herbs has bee ...200314598225
comparative assessment of dna fingerprinting techniques (rapd, issr and aflp) for genetic analysis of cashew (anacardium occidentale l.) accessions of india.nineteen cashew accessions were analysed with 50 random primers, 12 issr primers and 6 aflp primer pairs to compare the efficiency and utility of these techniques for detecting variation in cashew germplasm. each marker system could discriminate between all of the accessions, albeit with varied efficiency of polymorphism detection. aflp exhibited maximum discrimination efficiency with a genotype index of 1. the utility of each molecular marker technique, expressed as marker index, was estimated ...200312834051
[henry iv of castilla (1454-1474). an exceptional urologic patient. an endocrinopathy causing the uro-andrological problems of the monarch. artificial insemination attempts (iv)].to analyze, in accordance to contemporary and current chronicles and manuscripts, all known data about possible infertility or sterility suffered by henry iv and attempts of artificial insemination undertook by his wife juana of portugal with the monarch's semen due to his complete impotence. his possible infertility was unfairly used by his enemies to deny the right of succession to his daughter juana, called "la beltraneja", in a similar way than what has happened with his erectile dysfunction ...200312768985
[henry iv of castilla (1454-1474). an exceptional urologic patient. an endocrinopathy causing the uro-andrological problems of the monarch. impotence and penile malformation (iii)].to review, in accordance to contemporary and current chronicles and manuscripts, all data known about impotence and presumptive penile malformation suffered by henry iv of castile. although currently the monarch's homosexuality is almost totally rejected, because according to many authors slandering, mainly of the sexual kind, was used as a political arm to discredit him by his enemies, it is yet to be demonstrated if his erectile dysfunction and presumptive genital anomaly were also slanderly d ...200312768984
[henry iv of castilla (1454-1474). an exceptional urologic patient. an endocrinopathy causing the uro-andrological problems of the monarch. chronic renal lithiasis (ii)].to review all known data about the endocrinopathy and renal disease suffered by henry iv of castile according to contemporary chronicles and manuscripts, comparing the clinical diagnosis made by gregorio marañon 70 years ago in his work "biological essay about henry iv and his time" (madrid 1930) with present concepts, because we consider, as other medical authors, that his endocrinopathy is not well determined. regarding his chronic renal lithiasis, it could have played an important role as neg ...200312768983
[henry iv de castilla( 1454-1474). an exceptional urologic patient. morphological and personality portrait of henry iv " the impotent" in contemporary chronicles and manuscripts (i)].to make an update on gregorio marañon's work "biological essay about henry iv and his time" (madrid 1930), reviewing the clinical diagnosis made by the famous spanish doctor-historian more than 70 years ago on the last monarch of the castilian trastamara, because we consider that diseases suffered by henry iv were urologic mainly.200312768982
proline accumulation and glutamine synthetase activity are increased by salt-induced proteolysis in cashew this study cashew (anacardium occidentale) plants were exposed to a short- and long-term exposure to nacl in order to establish the importance of the salt-induced proteolysis and the glutamine synthetase activity on the proline accumulation. the cashew leaf showed a prominent proline accumulation in response to salt stress. in contrast, the root tissue had no significant changes in proline content even after the drastic injury caused by salinity on the whole plant. the leaf proline accumulati ...200312685027
separation of cashew (anacardium occidentale l.) nut shell liquid with supercritical carbon dioxide.cashew nut shell liquid (cnsl) represents the largest readily available bioresource of alkenyl phenolic compounds. in this work, separation of cnsl from the pericarp of the cashew nut with supercritical carbon dioxide was studied. in the initial extractions with co(2) at 40-60 degrees c and at pressures from 14.7 to 29.4 mpa, low yields were obtained. however, when the extractions were performed with one or more intermediate depressurization steps, the yield of cnsl increased to as high as 94%. ...200312573557
[use of acid-suppressive medications in hospitalized patients].the acid-suppressive medications are used frequently in hospitalized patients, but some studies suggests that their are overused, especially in the treatment of stress ulcer prophylaxis in low-risk patients. this research determine the frequency of use and indications of acid-suppressive medications in hospitalized patients in a internal medical service.200212522890
characterization of the soluble allergenic proteins of cashew nut (anacardium occidentale l.).the allergens associated with cashew food allergy have not been well-characterized. we sought to identify the major allergens in cashew nut by performing ige immunoblots to dissociated and reduced or nonreduced cashew protein extracts, followed by sequencing of the peptides of interest. sera from 15 subjects with life-threatening reactions to cashews and 8 subjects who tolerate cashews but have life-threatening reactions to other tree nuts were compared. an aqueous cashew protein extract contain ...200212381147
process for isolation of cardanol from technical cashew (anacardium occidentale l.) nut shell liquid.commercially available technical cashew (anacardium occidentale l.) nut shell liquid (cnsl) contains mainly cardanol (decarboxylated anacardic acid) and cardol. cardanol, the monophenolic component of technical cnsl, is widely used as a synthon for the preparation of a number of polymers and agricultural products. this paper describes the separation of cardanol from toxic cardol. technical cnsl was dissolved in a mixture of methanol and ammonium hydroxide (8:5) and extracted with hexane to obtai ...200212137500
extracts of anacardium occidentale (cashew) pollen in patients with allergic bronchial asthma.allergic reactions to the pollen of trees is among the most prevalent allergic sensitivities. the cashew tree grows in abundance in the northeast region of the brazil, mainly in fortaleza city, in state of the ceará. it flowers once a year between august and october. this is the first study conducted to establish the possible role of the cashew pollen extract in causing skin test reactivity in patients with allergic asthma. a stock solution of pollen extract was prepared with the standard weight ...200212109528
cashew-tree (anacardium occidentale l.) exudate gum: a novel bioligand tool.the potential of bioaffinity as a tool for the study of biological-recognition mechanisms is gaining increasing value. the search continues for alternative products that can be obtained from renewable sources, such as the bark exudate gum from the cashew tree (anacardium occidentale l.), which grows wild in many tropical and subtropical countries. its potential use as a chromatographic matrix and/or for bioaffinity ligand for proteins (lectins) has been investigated. the crude gum was cross-link ...200211834129
botanical briefs: the cashew tree--anacardium occidentale l. 200111766115
functional properties of raw and heat processed cashew nut (anacardium occidentale, l.) kernel protein isolates.the functional properties viz. solubility, water and oil absorption, emulsifying and foaming capacities of the protein isolates prepared from raw and heat processed cashew nut kernels were evaluated. protein solubility vs. ph profile showed the isoelectric point at ph 5 for both isolates. the isolate prepared from raw cashew nuts showed superior solubility at and above isoelectric point ph. the water and oil absorption capacities of the proteins were slightly improved by heat treatment of cashew ...200111534465
formation of liposomes by resorcinolic lipids, single-chain phenolic amphiphiles from anacardium occidentale l.resorcinolic lipids isolated from anacardium occidentale nut oil extract (cnsl), unsaturated congeners of those isolated from bacterial and graminaceous sources, form at alkaline conditions liposomal structures alone as well as in the mixtures with cholesterol, fatty acids or phosphatidylethanolamine. those vesicular structures show relatively high entrapment of the marker and stability of their size. the retention of the captured solute depends upon the type of resorcinolic lipid and on the tem ...200111427196
novel method for isolation of major phenolic constituents from cashew (anacardium occidentale l.) nut shell liquid.commercially available cashew (anacardium occidentale l.) nut shell liquid (cnsl) mainly contains the phenolic constituents anacardic acid, cardol, and cardanol. these phenolic constituents are themselves heterogeneous, and each of them contains saturated, monoene, diene, and trienes in the fifteen-carbon side chain. this communication describes the separation of anacardic acid, cardol, and cardanol for industrial application. anacardic acid was selectively isolated as calcium anacardate. the ac ...200111368634
volatile compounds of cashew apple (anacardium occidentale l.).the volatile compounds of a largely consumed brazilian cashew apple variety (anacardium occidentale l. var. nanum, anacardiaceae) were recovered by headspace extraction or simultaneous distillation-extraction. several compounds including esters (29), terpenes (16), hydrocarbons (9), carboxylic acids (7), aldehydes (7), alcohols (3), ketones (2), lactones (2) and norisoprenoids (1) were characterized and quantified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses.200911302210
biological screening of selected medicinal panamanian plants by radioligand-binding techniques.nineteen plants from the republic of panama were selected by their traditional uses in the treatment of hypertension, cardiovascular, mental and feeding disorders and 149 extracts were screened using radioligand-receptor-binding assays. the methanol:dicloromethane extracts of the bark and leaves of anacardium occidentale l., the leaves of begonia urophylla hook., the roots of bocconia frutescens l., the stems and leaves of cecropia cf.obtusifolia bertol., the branches of clusia coclensis standl. ...200111292241
[gregorio marañón and walter b. cannon].the story of a friendly relationship between two great scientists, gregorio marañón (g.m.) and walter b. cannon (w.b.c.), is reported. both share a common interest for the biology of emotion. in the early twenties they had already made important contributions to the nature of the emotional processes. the meeting point was in the interpretation of the somato-visceral response elicited by the injection of adrenaline in humans (g.m.) and of the emergency reaction (w.b.c.). the relevant moment in th ...199910897869
[study of inpatient consultation for the neurological services].intrahospitalary interconsultation (ic) to a neurology department is an infrastudied task within daily neurologic health care.200010850119
[hospital readmission for heart failure in a general hospital].heart failure (hf) is the most common discharge diagnosis for admission and readmission in adult. prior studies have reported that elderly patients who survive hospitalization for hf, are particularly vulnerable to readmission. the present study was realized to investigate the characteristics of patients with readmissions for hf and the features of this hospitalizations.200010829460
application of high-temperature gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to the investigation of glycosidically bound components related to cashew apple (anacardium occidentale l. var. nanum) and bound volatile components of a brazilian cashew apple variety (anacardium occidentale l. var. nanum) were obtained by simultaneous distillation-extraction (sde) and xad-2 adsorption. according to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) analyses and retention indices, 62 free volatile constituents were characterized and quantified. they were esters (40%), terpenes (20%), hydrocarbons (14%), fatty acids (9%), aldehydes (8%), alcohols (3%), lactones (3%), ketones (1%), phenols (1%), a ...200010775367
[extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ecmo. experience with the first 22 cases].extracorporal membrane oxygenation (ecmo) is an alternative to cases of respiratory or cardiopulmonary insufficiency when conventional therapy has failed. we present the first 22 patients treated with ecmo at the neonatology unit of the "gregorio marañon" hospital.199910666903
higher cardol homologs (5-alkylresorcinols) in rye seedlings.the occurrence of alkylresorcinols, polyketide compounds that in the same homologous series as cardol isolated from anacardium occidentale (cashew) or bilobol from ginkgo biloba which are derivatives of 1,3-dihydroxy-5-alk(en)ylbenzene, have been demonstrated in developing rye (secale cereale l.) kernels. the 3-day-old seedlings grown in sterile conditions already contain detectable amounts of phenolic compounds that were identified as alkylresorcinols. this fraction is the mixture of saturated ...200010634940
anti - inflammatory and analgesic activity of anacardium occidentale leaf extracts.the extracts of the dried leaves of anacardium occidentale  were screened for anti-inflammatory activity using carrageenan induced rat paw edema model. the petroleum ether and chloroform extract and acetone soluble fraction of methanolic extract showed 57.14%, 47.61% and 61.90% inhibition of paw edema respectively. acetone soluble extract showed better activity than petroleum either and chloroform extracts.200022556940
molecular analysis in familial neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus: early diagnosis of an asymptomatic carrier.familial neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus (fndi) is an inherited deficiency of the hormone arginine vasopressin (avp) and is transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait. in the present study we have analyzed the avp-neurophysin ii (avp-npii) gene in a spanish kindred. studies were performed on seven members (four clinically affected) of the family. patients were diagnosed at the hospital universitario gregorio marañón (madrid, spain). the entire coding region of the avp-npii gene of all family ...199910487710
[surgery unit for epilepsy].only few medically refractory epileptic patients are evaluated for surgical treatment, in spite of the good results obtained at the centers where epilepsy surgery is performed.200910478372
the gregorio marañón hospital experience with vertical partial laryngectomies.we present a retrospective study of 551 patients treated with conservative surgery for glottic carcinoma at the gregorio marañón hospital between 1962 and 1996. in all, 12% of cases were locally advanced carcinomas. in early-stage carcinomas there were no statistical differences in 5-year survival between those treated by endoscopic laser resection, vertical hemilaryngectomy and radiotherapy. however, tumor recurrence after primary radiotherapy was higher (27%) than with conservative surgery (12 ...199910456278
on the antifeedant and anthellmintic potential of anacardium occidentale l.the antifeedant and anthelmintic activities of crude extracts of the shells of anacardium occidentale were studied by comparing it's activity with the activity of azadirachta indica a juss (kernel), a commercial standard. the test extracts of a. occidentale in petroleum ether, dichloromethane: methanol showed better activities compared to a. indica. to study the anthelmintic activity, the addition of piperine to the formulation significantly enhances the activity. the phytochemical investigation ...199822556881
a study of allergy to penicillin antibiotics in 1995 in the child allergy department of the gregorio marañón university hospital.we present 219 cases of adverse reactions to penicillin and related antibiotics during 1995 in the child allergy department of gregorio marañón university hospital. amoxicillin was the most frequent cause of the reaction. the most common clinical symptom was urticaria followed by angio-edema and other characteristic exanthemas. a diagnosis of allergy to penicillin and related drugs was only made in 20 cases in which the predominant symptomatology was urticaria and the antibiotic most commonly in ...20049645259
similarity of monosaccharide, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide structures in gum exudate of anacardium occidentale.the gum exudate from the brazilian cashew-nut tree (anacardium occidentale) contained traces of the reducing sugars, rhamnose (0.005%), arabinose (0.03%), mannose (0.007%), galactose (0.03%), glucose (0.02%), beta-d-galp-(1-->6)-alpha beta-d-gal (0.05%), alpha-l-rhap-(1-->4)-alpha beta-d-glca (0.008%) and alpha-l-rhap-(1-->4)-beta-d-glcpa-(1-->6)-beta-d-galp-(1-->6 )-alpha beta-d-gal (0.008%). rhamnose, arabinose, glucose and the three oligosaccharides are components of the side-chains of the gu ...19989542167
[usefulness of computed tomography for the staging and management of post-traumatic renal lesions].use of computerized tomography (ct) criteria for the staging of 50 cases of renal trauma diagnosed in the hospital general universitario "gregorio marañón" over the 1989-1995 period. ct is used as the choice technique to diagnose renal lesions of traumatic etiology in patients haemodynamically stable.19979412222
the "gregorio marañon" hospital experience in the treatment of laryngeal carcinoma.a retrospective analysis has been carried out of 4100 patients with pharyngolaryngeal carcinoma who were seen at the hospital gregorio marañon between 1962 and 1993. 1287 patients were excluded from this study, leaving 2813 patients available for analysis. the great majority of the 2813 pharyngolaryngeal carcinomas were primary laryngeal tumours (2519). these are the subject of our study.we present our theoretic protocol for treatment of laryngeal carcinoma, both glottic and supraglottic, with s ...199723119302
bacteremia following liver biopsy in transplant recipients with roux-en-y choledochojejunostomy.between 1990 and 1995, 666 percutaneous liver biopsies were performed in 196 patients at gregorio marañón general hospital (mean 3.4 biopsies/patient); 533 biopsies (80.03%) were carried out in patients with choledochostomy biliary anastomosis and 133 (19.97%) in patients with choledochojejunostomy. infectious complications, in the form of sepsis, occurred in two patients, who recovered favorably with antibiotic therapy. these two patients had undergone roux-en-y choledochojejunostomy (1.5%, not ...19979168662
early iort experience in a public university hospital in spain: hospital general universitario gregorio marañón (madrid). 19979263793
[conservative surgery for supraglottic carcinoma. surgical technique. oncologic and functional results].we present the results of a retrospective study of 817 patients treated with conservative surgery for carcinomas of the supraglottic larynx at ent department of the gregorio maranón hospital between 1962-1993. the disease was staged using the criteria set forth in 1988 by the ajcc, and 36,2% were stages iii and iv. from the 817 patients treated with conservative surgery 230 were extended supraglottic laryngectomies. our theoretic treatment protocol is presented. the 5 years actuarial uncorrected ...19969082831
[laryngeal vertical partial surgery. surgical techniques. oncological and functional results].we present the results of a retrospective study of 467 patients treated with conservative surgery for glottic carcinomas at the ent department of the "gregorio maranon" hospital between 1962-1993. the disease was staged using the criteria set forth in 1988 by the ajcc, and 27.7% patients were intermediate to advanced stages. our theoretic treatment protocol is presented. the 5 years uncorrected actuarial survival related to stage was 85.6%, 71.4% and 71% for stages i, ii and iii respectively. in ...19969027205
[partial vertical surgery in the treatment of glottic carcinoma. our experience in the course of 30 years].conversation surgery for glottic carcinoma has two goals: preserving normal laryngeal function and achieving a rate of local control similar to total laryngectomy. a retrospective study was made of the medical charts of 424 patients diagnosed as glottic carcinoma and treated with conservative surgical procedures at the gregorio marañón en university of hospital of madrid, spain, between 1962 and 1991. our treatment protocol for patients with early or intermediate-stage glottic carcinoma is prese ...20068924289
[conservation surgery for supraglottic carcinoma. oncological and functional results].conservative surgical treatment of carcinomas limited to the supraglottic larynx has been shown to be an oncologically and functionally effective therapeutic approach. a retrospective study was made of the medical records of 792 patients who underwent conservative surgery for supraglottic laryngeal carcinoma at the gregorio marañón university hospital of madrid, spain, in 1962-1991. our theoretical protocol for treating supraglottic tumors is presented. the oncological results (survival, local c ...20068695201
anacardium occidentale (cashew) pollen allergy in patients with allergic bronchial asthma.the cashew tree grows in abundance in the hills and plains of goa, india. because of the financial yield, more and more trees are being planted each year. the cashew tree flowers once a year between january and march, but pollination is mostly entomophilous.19957852665
[transesophageal echocardiography assessment of regurgitant jets of eccentric geometry in mitral valve prosthesis: superiority of multiplanar sections over standard sections].the purpose of this study was to determine whether multiplanar (mp) transesophageal echocardiographic views were superior to standard views (st) at 0 degree and 90 degrees in the evaluation of mitral prosthesis regurgitation (mr), particularly in presence of wall regurgitant jets.19947873222
[multiplanar transesophageal echocardiography: technique, methodology, and applications].to present the experience of transesophageal echocardiography with a multiplane probe, its methodology, the advantages, disadvantages and diagnostic improvements of this type of probe.19947818944
tyrosinase inhibitors from anacardium occidentale fruits.anacardic acids, 2-methylcardols, and cardols isolated from various parts of the cashew [anacardium occidentale] (anacardiaceae) fruit have been found to exhibit tyrosinase inhibitory activity. kinetic studies with the two principal active compounds, 6-[8(z),11(z),14-pentadecatrienyl]salicylic acid and 5-[8(z),11(z),14-pentadecatrienyl]resorcinol, have indicated that both of these phenolic compounds exhibit characteristic competitive inhibition of the oxidation of l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (l ...19948021657
[a transesophageal color-coded pulsed doppler echocardiographic study of the spatial distribution of mitral regurgitation jets].transesophageal echocardiographic analysis of color doppler characteristics of mitral valvular regurgitation jets.20168352983
[a pulsed doppler transesophageal echocardiographic study of pulmonary venous flow in mitral regurgitation jets in the parietal direction].transesophageal echocardiographic analysis of the degree of severity of mitral regurgitation eccentric wall jets by color doppler and pulsed doppler interrogation of the pulmonary venous flow.19938333990
[transesophageal echocardiography study with dynamic spontaneous contrast of the left atrial appendage, its relationship with the anatomy and thrombus formation].transesophageal two-dimensional echocardiographic study of anatomical characteristics of the left atrial appendage and its relation to spontaneous dynamic echocardiographic contrast.19938512727
[meaning of mosaic color area in mitral regurgitation. echocardiographic transesophageal study].the purpose of our study was to analyse the meaning of total and mosaic color doppler area of the mitral regurgitation jet, in terms of the degree of mitral regurgitation severity.19938512712
[occurrence of dynamic atrial spontaneous contrast in patients with mitral disease].the aim of this study was to analyze, through transesophageal echocardiography, different factors related to left atrial spontaneous echocardiographic formation.19921290641
[transesophageal echocardiography study of mitral valve prosthesis].transesophageal (tee) and transthoracic (tte) comparative echocardiographic analysis of patients with mitral valve prosthesis.19921476768
[characterization of doppler flow of the left atrial appendage and its relation to thrombi. a transesophageal echocardiographic study].the characteristics and clinical implications associated with left atrial appendage (laa) flow have not been clearly analyzed. the purpose of this transesophageal pulsed doppler study was to evaluate the importance of rhythm and echo doppler parameters on laa thrombus formation.19921567634
new disinfectants.the authors estimated the microbicidal effect of disinfectants produced by the firm henkel austria, namely spitaderm, incidin m spray, incidur, incidur spray, sekusept pulver, sekusept forte and maranon h. the aim of the study was the verification of the effectivity of preparations and the proposal of their application in czechoslovak practice. the estimation was performed in two stages: in vitro and in practice. the standard suspensive method, the suspensive micromethod and the method of carrie ...19911838887
[molluscacide activity of a mixture of 6-n-alkyl salicylic acids (anacardic acid) and 2 of its complexes with copper (ii) and lead (ii)].the molluscicide activity of hexanic extract from anacardium occidentale l. (cashew) nut shell, of copper (ii) complex, of lead (ii) complex and anacardic acid has been compared in the laboratory in an attempt to obtain better stability than anacardic acid. this was obtained from the hexanic extract of the cashew nut shell by precipitation with lead (ii) hydroxide or cupric sulfate plus sodium hydroxide or (ii) cupric hydroxide followed by treatment of lead (ii) complex with a diluted solution o ...20132133588
[papillary-cystic carcinoma of the pancreas: an infrequent tumor with favorable prognosis].two cases are presented of papillary-cystic carcinoma of the pancreas diagnosed and treated in the ii general surgery service of the gregorio marañón general hospital of madrid (spain) over the last six years. both occurred in young women who presented with pain and abdominal mass. the tumors were large and were located on the tail of the pancreas. one was treated by local resection and the other by distal pancreatectomy. both women are free of disease after a follow-up period of 6 years and 10 ...19892682834
[immediate results of coronary angioplasty in elderly patients. experience at the gregorio marañón general hospital].in order to assess the results of ptca in geriatric patients we retrospectively analysed the coronary angiographic findings and the indication, results and major complications (non-fatal myocardial infarction, emergent surgery and death) in 105 consecutive patients aged 65 or more who had ptca as a part of a whole group of 600 patients. among the older patients there were more female gender (p less than 0.001), severe angina (canadian functional class iii or iv) (p less than 0.05), unstable angi ...19892813885
enteral nutrition in patients with tumours of the head and evaluation is presented of the nutritional status of 30 patients out of the 45 submitted to head and neck surgery, involving the buccal cavity, in the maxillofacial surgery service of the general hospital "gregorio marañón" of madrid, between october 1985 and december 1986, before and after being submitted to excision of a tumour in the head or neck, by administration, in the postoperative period, of a liquid comprehensive diet via a nasogastric catheter. neither in the postoperative period n ...19892492543
contact dermatitis due to cashew nut (anacardium occidentale) shell oil, pericarp and kernel.a 21 year old worker developed itching, fissuring and exudative lesions on her hands and fingers, 3 year after working as a cutter in the cashew nut factory. the lesions would in, prove during holidays or after she left her job. patch tests were postive with the 0.1% cashew nut shell oil in polyethylene glycol and also with the red pericarp covering and the kernel of cashew nuts used as such.201728134176
lipids of high-yielding varieties of cashew (anacardium occidentale l.).cashew kernel lipids from high-yielding varieties have been characterised. neutral lipid accounted for 96% while glycolipid and phospholipid accounted for the remaining 4%. triglycerides were very rich in unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic) while glycolipids were rich in saturated fatty acids (lauric and myristic). varietal difference was noticed with respect to the composition of neutral and glycolipids. composition of phospholipid did not differ among high-yielding varieties.19873507003
[molluscacidal activity of anacardium occidentale l. (anacardiaceae)]. 19873504123
[eulogy and remembrance on the centennial of the birth of don gregorio marañón]. 19873322093
[dental prostheses and dental impressions from a hygienic viewpoint].dentures, dental impressions, removable orthodontic appliances and all dental technical devices, which are part of any dental treatment are parts as well of a potential crosscontamination chain in dental treatment. most of those items do not tolerate heat as a sure sterilization medium. for disinfection, chemical disinfectant solutions may be used as far as they work properly and as they are tolerated by the materials in question. though, one can report some progress in disinfection of dentures ...19863107267
[remembrance and praise of dr. gregorio marañón posadillo (1887-1960)]. 19853915144
[contact allergy to anacardiaceae. a review and case reports of poison ivy allergy in central europe].in europe, as opposed to north america, poison-ivy rash is hardly known. for this reason a detailed review of the allergenic members of the anacardiaceae family is given, and the misleading nomenclature of "poison ivy", "poison oak", and some other species of this family are discussed. an up-to-date representation of the chemical structure of the allergenic substance group (denoted as "urushiol") from this family is provided as well as botanical information regarding the plants themselves. preve ...19836227468
[study of antimicrobial activity of anacardium occidentale l]. 19827137810
gregorio marañón. 19827043012
chemical examination of anacardium occidentale.a new biflavonoid-c-glycoside named occidentoside, also the known (-)salipurposide and beta-sitosterol, have been isolated from the nut shells of anacardium occidentale l. (anacardiaceae). the structure of occidentoside has been established as tetrahydroninokiflavone-c-glucoside (iii) from spectral and chemical evidence. this is the first biflavonoid to occur with one flavanone and one chalcone unit and also the first c-glycoside in the biflavonoid series. identification of (-)salipurposide is a ...198217396769
anacardic acid: molluscicide in cashew nut shell liquid.the components of anacardic acid, (a mixture of 6-n-c (15) alkylsalicylic acids whose side chains vary in degrees of unsaturation) have been isolated by high pressure liquid chromatography from a crude extract of cashew nut shell, anacardium occidentale, and tested for toxicity to fresh water snails, biomphalaria glabrata. the triene component is the most toxic form (lc (50) 0.35 ppm), the diene and monoene components are less toxic (lc (50) 0.9 and 1.4 ppm), and the saturated component is relat ...198217402106
[memories on a visit to chile of gregorio marañon m.d. (author's transl)]. 19807001595
long chain phenols: part xi. composition of natural cashew nutshell liquid (anacardium occidentale) from various sources.the composition of cashew nutsanacardium occidentale from different terrestrial sources has been studied. samples from brazil, ceylon, kenya, mozambique, nigeria, and tanzania have been solvent extracted to recover the phenolic shell liquid (natural cnsl) separate from the kernel oil. the recovered materials from the different sources were present from 23.6% to 27.7%. after hydrogenation of the side chains and methylation of the acidic groups, the component phenols anacardic acid (74.1% to 77.4% ...197827520537
[interdisciplinary studies in the essarys of gregorio marañon]. 2011349649
on the diffusion of a new specialty: marañón and the "crisis" of endocrinology in spain. 197611610069
enrique iv and gregorio marañón. 197611615594
[effect of preparations sekusept and maranon (henkel) on selected species of microorganisms. a short communication (author's transl)]. 1975130984
[contribution to food microscopy of anacardium occidentale l, carica papaya l and myrciaria cauliflora (martius) berg].with a view towards food microscopy the authors present an anatomical study of the pseudofruit of anacardium occidentale l., the fruit of carica papaya l., and the fruit of myrciaria cauliflora (martius) berg. drawings illustrate the text to facilitate identification of the corresponding hystologic elements found in industrialized products.20061233593
[don gregorio marañón as seen by a mexican doctor]. 20044938075
[madrileã historico-literary notes in the works of dr. marañón]. 19714951195
[gregorio maranón: profiles of a teacher of hispano-american medical science]. 20154934859
anacardium occidentale gum. i. immunochemical and hydrolytic studies. 19704248098
[medico-madrilene notes on the bibliography of maranon]. 19704924856
[the hands in the person and in the works of marañón]. 19684888529
[guadalajara and its province in the works of maranon]. 196314019239
[amino acids from cashew nuts (anacardium occidentale l)]. 196314150279
[nutritive value of a combination of proteins of macacar beans (vigna sinensis) and cashew nuts (anacardium occidentale l.)]. 196214020443
[gregorio maranon, a humanist physician]. 201414035955
[maranon the physician]. 196013767471
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