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the molecular structure of iresine viroid, a new viroid species from iresine herbstii ('beefsteak plant').a viroid was isolated from iresine herbstii plants using the bidirectional page method for analysis of small circular rna molecules. the viroid was transmitted to viroid-free iresine herbstii plants of the cultivar 'aureoreticulata' by mechanical inoculation. infected plants did not develop any symptoms. the new viroid species has been named iresine viroid (irvd). it is a member of the potato spindle tuber viroid group and consists of 370 nucleotides, 227 g+c, 143 a+u (gc content, 61.4%). the mo ...19968887500
affinity of iresine herbstii and brugmansia arborea extracts on different cerebral receptors.iresine herbstii hook. (amaranthaceae) and brugmansia arborea (l.) lagerheim (solanaceae) are used in the northern peruvian andes for magic-therapeutical purposes. the traditional healers use iresine herbstii with the ritual aim to expel bad spirits from the body. furthermore, iresine herbstii was used in association with other plants, such as trichocereus pachanoi britt. et rose, for divination, to diagnose diseases, and to take possession of another identity. also, species of brugmansia have b ...200616406412
a survey of herbal weeds for treating skin disorders from southern thailand: songkhla and krabi diseases are common health problems which affecting to all ages. in thailand, the number of patients diagnosed with skin diseases is increasing every year. nowadays, the ministry of public health is supporting and promoting herbs for treating various disorders, including disorders of the skin to reduce the problem of antibiotic resistance and adverse drug reactions. this study aimed to: (1) enumerate the herbal weeds for treating skin disorders; (2) study local knowledge of weed utilization ...201627693346
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