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diversity of the strongly rheophilous tadpoles of malagasy tree frogs, genus boophis (anura, mantellidae), and identification of new candidate species via larval dna sequence and morphology.this study provides detailed morphological descriptions of previously unknown tadpoles of the treefrog genus boophis tschudi and analyses of habitat preferences of several of these tadpoles in ranomafana national park. a total of twenty-two tadpoles determined via dna barcoding are characterized morphologically herein, fourteen of them for the first time. twelve of these tadpoles belong to taxonomically undescribed candidate species which in several cases are so far only known from their larval ...201222539880
a new species of bright-eyed treefrog (mantellidae) from madagascar, with comments on call evolution and patterns of syntopy in the boophis ankaratra complex.we describe a new species of boophis treefrog from ranomafana national park in the southern central east of madagascar. this region has remarkably high anuran diversity, and along with neighbouring sites, hosts more than 35 boophis species. boophis boppa sp. nov. is part of the b. ankaratra sub-clade (herein named the b. ankaratra complex), previously identified within the monophyletic b. albipunctatus species group. it occurs sympatrically with two other species of the complex (b. ankaratra and ...201526624456
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