[spatial distribution pattern of chilo suppressalis analyzed by classical method and geostatistics].two original samples of chilo suppressalis and their grid, random and sequence samples were analyzed by classical method and geostatistics to characterize the spatial distribution pattern of c. suppressalis. the limitations of spatial distribution analysis with classical method, especially influenced by the original position of grid, were summarized rather completely. on the contrary, geostatistics characterized well the spatial distribution pattern, congregation intensity and spatial heterogene ...200415334955
stereoselective synthesis of (22r)- and (22s)-castasterone/ponasterone a hybrid compounds and evaluation of their molting hormone activity.two stereoisomers of a castasterone/ponasterone a hybrid compound, the (20r,22r) and (20r,22s)-isomers of 2alpha,3alpha,20,22-tetrahydroxy-5alpha-cholestan-6-one, were synthesized stereoselectively and their binding activity to the ecdysteroid receptor was determined. from the concentration-response curve for the inhibition of the incorporation of tritiated ponasterone a into ecdysteroid receptor containing insect cells, the concentration (ic50) required to inhibit 50% of the incorporation of ra ...200415246778
binding affinity of nonsteroidal ecdysone agonists against the ecdysone receptor complex determines the strength of their molting hormonal activity.n-tert-butyl-n,n'-dibenzoylhydrazine and its analogs are nonsteroidal ecdysone agonists that exhibit insect molting hormonal and larvicidal activities. the interaction mode of those ecdysone agonists with the heterodimer of the ecdysone receptor and ultraspiracle has not been fully elucidated. we expressed the ecdysone receptor b1 and the ultraspiracle of the lepidopteran, chilo suppressalis, using an in vitro transcription/translation system and confirmed, using gel-shift assays, that the prote ...200314519121
diapause development and acclimation regulating enzymes associated with glycerol synthesis in the shonai ecotype of the rice stem borer larva, chilo suppressalis walker.overwintering larvae of the shonai ecotype of the rice stem borer, chilo suppressalis, enter diapause in early september and terminate diapause at the end of october. cold acclimation at 0 degrees c did not influence glycerol, trehalose or glycogen content in larvae collected on 22 september. acclimation at 0 degrees c increased the glycerol content and reduced the glycogen content significantly in larvae collected on 2 october and 22 november compared with acclimation at 15 degrees c. these res ...200212770104
seasonal changes in glycerol content and enzyme activities in overwintering larvae of the shonai ecotype of the rice stem borer, chilo suppressalis walker.enzymes associated with glycogen metabolism and glycerol synthesis in larvae of the shonai ecotype of the rice stem borer, chilo suppressalis, were investigated over the winter in 2000-2001. glycerol content was scarcely detected in september and october, rapidly increased in november and december, peaked in january, and then decreased. glycogen was converted to glycerol over the winter until february, and glycerol was reconverted to glycogen in march. the trehalose content remained constant ove ...200212173290
quantitative structure-activity studies of insect growth regulators: xviii. effects of substituents on the aromatic moiety of dibenzoylhydrazines on larvicidal activity against the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata.larvicidal activity against the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata (say) was measured for a series of n-tert-butyl-dibenzoylhydrazines having various substituents on the benzoyl (a-ring) moiety nearer to the tert-butyl group, with the other benzoyl (b-ring) moiety being unsubstituted. the effects of these substituent on the larvicidal activity were analyzed using classical quantitative structure-activity relationship (qsar) procedures. the effects of substituents on the a-ring moie ...200111561414
relationships between structure and molting hormonal activity of tebufenozide, methoxyfenozide, and their analogs in cultured integument system of chilo suppressalis walker.the molting hormonal activity of methoxyfenozide (rh-2485), tebufenozide (rh-5992), five analogs with various alkyl groups, and 18 acyl analogs was measured by using cultured integument of rice stem borers, chilo suppressalis walker. the hormonal activity of methoxyfenozide was remarkably high (ec(50) = 1.1 x 10(-9) m), being equivalent to that of tebufenozide (rh-5992). the hormonal activity of several tebufenozide analogs with varying alkyl groups such as ch(3), n-c(3)h(7), i-c(3)h(7), n-c(4)h ...200010699589
molting hormonal and larvicidal activities of aliphatic acyl analogs of dibenzoylhydrazine insecticides.dibenzoylhydrazines are the nonsteroidal ecdysone agonists. using comparative molecular field analysis, we previously found that the alkyl side chain of 20-hydroxyecdysone (20e) is three-dimensionally superposable with one of their two aryl moieties. to identify the aryl moiety that is better superposable on the alkyl chain, we synthesized compounds in which one of the two aryl groups of tebufenozide (n-t-butyl-n-3,5-dimethylbenzoyl-n'-4-ethylbenzoylhydrazine) is replaced by alkyl groups such as ...19979381509
activity of ecdysone analogs in enhancing n-acetylglucosamine incorporation into the cultured integument of chilo suppressalis.ecdysone analogs with various side chains at the 17-position of the steroid structure enhanced the incorporation of n-acetylglucosamine as 20-hydroxyecdysone into the cultured integument prepared from chilo suppressalis. their activity in terms of the concentration required to give 50% of the maximum response varied with the structure. piperonyl butoxide, an inhibitor of oxidation metabolism, did not enhance the in vitro effect of the compounds. the order of potency was ponasterone a > 20-hydrox ...19957570713
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