morphology of the elygium and developing umbraculum in the eye of amietia vertebralis tadpoles.the elygium is a darkly pigmented projection over the pupil of the tadpoles of certain species that live mostly at high altitudes. it has been suggested that this structure shades the retina, protecting it from high uv levels. in post-metamorphic individuals, the elygium is replaced by a structure known as an umbraculum. confusion arose in the past from the inconsistent use of terminology when referring to these two structures. while they may serve the same function, these structures differ fund ...201323293087
the maluti mystery revisited: taxonomy of african river frogs (pyxicephalidae, amietia) on the drakensberg mountains in southern africa.the taxonomy of two similar frogs from the top of the drakensberg escarpment, the maluti river frog and the phofung river frog is not settled. i examine the relevant types and type descriptions, and discover a number of errors in the literature. some of the recent taxonomic changes were found to be unsupported. the maluti river frog is assigned to amietia vertebralis (hewitt, 1927), and the phofung river frog to amietia hymenopus (boulenger, 1920).201525781744
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