parasites of waterfowl, from southwest texas: iii. the green-winged teal, anas crecca.seventy of 72 green-winged teal, anas crecca, from southwest texas were infected with parasites. seventeen species of endoparasites were recorded: notocotylus attenuatus, zygocotyle lunata, typhlocoelum sisowi, echinostoma revolutum, hypoderaeum conoideum, dendritobilharzia pulverulenta, cloacotaenia megalops, sobolevicanthus gracilis, sobolevicanthus krabbeella, gastrotaenia cygni, amidostomum acutum, amidostomum anseris, tetrameres crami, echinuria uncinata, corynosoma constrictum, polymorphus ...19816788963
population levels of phthiraptera on domestic ducks (anas platyrhynchos) (anseriformes: anatidae).three phthirapteran species (two ischnocera and one amblycera) were recovered from hundred ducks in district bareilly and rampur during 2011-2012. prevalence of anaticola crassicornis was comparatively higher (31 %) than that of anatoecus dentatus (16 %) and holomenpon leucoxanthum (28 %). however, the intensity of infestation of h. leucoxanthum (22.89) remained higher than the other two species. distribution pattern of all lice were skewed but negative binomial model was not found to be a good ...201526345073
the species of mallophaga in wild birds in iran.up to date 2 species of mallophaga have been reported from birds in iran. further studies in tehran area showed that the wild birds harbour more lice. the following species of mallophage are reported for the first time from birds in iran. anaticola crassicornis from anas clypeata, laemobothrion maximum from falco tinnunculus laemobothrion sp. from aquila chrysaetos alcedoecus annulatus from alcedo athis, colpocephalum pectinatum and strigiphilus sp. from streptopelia turtur, amrysidea fulvomacul ...19751243890
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