use of sex-linked minisatellite fragments to investigate genetic differentiation and migration of north american populations of the peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus).the m13 repeat detects different levels of genetic variation in falcons. first, this minisatellite probe reveals typically highly variant restriction fragments that show no apparent unequal distribution between the sexes. secondly, the m13 repeat detects sets of fragments that are only present in dnas from female falcons. the level of polymorphism displayed by the sex-linked fragments is greatly reduced relative to most autosomal minisatellites. in addition, the size of these fragments (in kilob ...19911651258
agriculture modifies the seasonal decline of breeding success in a tropical wild bird population.habitat conversion for agriculture is a major driver of biodiversity loss, but our understanding of the demographic processes involved remains poor. we typically investigate the impacts of agriculture in isolation even though populations are likely to experience multiple, concurrent changes in the environment (e.g. land and climate change). drivers of environmental change may interact to affect demography, but the mechanisms have yet to be explored fully in wild, we investigate ...201425558086
anthropogenic natal environmental effects on life histories in a wild bird population.recent work suggests that the environment experienced in early life can alter life histories in wild populations, but our understanding of the processes involved remains limited. since anthropogenic environmental change is currently having a major impact on wild populations, this raises the possibility that life histories may be influenced by human activities that alter environmental conditions in early life. whether this is the case and the processes involved remain unexplored in wild populatio ...201424560573
indirect population dynamic benefits of altered life-history trade-offs in response to egg harvesting.variations in demographic rates due to differential resource allocation between individuals are important considerations in the development of accurate population dynamic models. systematic harvesting can alter age structure and/or reduce population density, conferring indirect positive benefits on the source population as a result of a consequent redistribution of resources between the remaining individuals. independently of effects mediated through changes in density and competition, demograph ...200919438392
inbreeding and loss of genetic variation in a reintroduced population of mauritius kestrel.many populations have recovered from severe bottlenecks either naturally or through intensive conservation management. in the past, however, few conservation programs have monitored the genetic health of recovering populations. we conducted a conservation genetic assessment of a small, reintroduced population of mauritius kestrel (falco punctatus) to determine whether genetic deterioration has occurred since its reintroduction. we used pedigree analysis that partially accounted for individuals o ...200818294297
restricted dispersal reduces the strength of spatial density dependence in a tropical bird population.spatial processes could play an important role in density-dependent population regulation because the disproportionate use of poor quality habitats as population size increases is widespread in animal populations-the so-called buffer effect. while the buffer effect patterns and their demographic consequences have been described in a number of wild populations, much less is known about how dispersal affects distribution patterns and ultimately density dependence. here, we investigated the role of ...200818285284
bacteriological, haematological and clinical chemical studies on the mauritius kestrel (falco punctatus).buccal and cloacal swabs and blood samples were taken from mauritius kestrels (falco punctatus). a number of organisms were isolated, some of which may be of relevance to the health status of this endangered species. haematological and clinical chemical figures showed some similarities to those of other falcons but there were important discrepancies. the need to screen small populations of rare birds is emphasised.198618766537
an oviduct adenocarcinoma in a mauritius kestrel (falco punctatus).a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the oviduct is described in a captive mauritius kestrel (falco punctatus).197918770442
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