[a new additional host of opisthorchis felineus (riv. 1884) in water bodies of central kazakhstan]. 1975129670
[unusual location of metacercaria of opisthorchis felineus, riv]. 1977144852
[reaction of the peripheral lymph nodes in primary opisthorchis felineus infestation in golden hamsters]. 1978703693
preliminary evaluation of four anthelmintics against the cat liver fluke, platynosomum concinnum. 1978743063
evaluation of fecal technics for the diagnosis of cat liver fluke infection.the comparative efficiency of 5 standard technics for the detection of feline liver fluke ova in feces was evaluated. the formalin-ether technic proved superior to direct smear, sugar flotation, zinc sulfate flotation, or detergent sedimentation technics. the formalin-ether technic correctly diagnosed all platynosomum concinnum-infected cats studied, as confirmed by necropsy findings.1976940311
[dynamics of the infestation rate of bithynia inflata molluscs with larval forms of opisthorchis felineus in waters of the tomsk region]. 19751219357
[differences in the dynamics of the eosinophilia, blood immunoglobulin e and the level of circulating immune complexes in patients with chronic opisthorchiasis treated with different doses of praziquantel].sixty patients with a chronic opisthorchis felineus infection were administered one-day therapy with praziquantel in doses 25, 40, or 60-75 mg/kg b. m. the former two doses of the drug did not much improve the levels of the examined immunologic parameters. in patients treated with the highest dose of praziquantel a significant decrease of the total and specific ige and cic levels, reaching that in the reference groups, was observed in 6-8 months after the treatment, this indicating a 92% efficac ...19921299753
[opisthorchis felineus--the cat liver fluke. differential diagnosis of right-side upper abdominal pain].for several weeks a 58-year-old woman had suffered from intermittent right upper abdominal and flank pain, loss of appetite, weight loss (2 kg in 8 weeks), as well as constipation. she had a mild eosinophilia of 0.48/nl, while the blood picture and differential count were normal. there was no evidence of cholestasis, liver disease or an inflammatory process. upper abdominal ultrasound examination demonstrated a gall-bladder polyp with cholelithiasis and sludge. although the intrahepatic biliary ...19921544352
[the interferon status in helminthiases. 3. opisthorchiasis].in 23 patients with opisthorchis felineus infection, 4 in subacute and 19 in chronic stages of the disease (7 subclinical, 8 with cholepathy and 4 with gastroduodenitis) the blood levels of alpha-interferon (if-alpha) and if-gamma were measured using vesical stomatitis virus culture. in patients with subacute opisthorchiasis the blood contents of if-alpha and if-gamma were the same as in control-30 practically healthy people (640-1280, log2 9.73 +/- 0.19, and 128-256, log2 7.75 +/- 0.25 against ...19911758354
[the comparative characteristics of the clinico-immunological indices in different contingents of opisthorchiasis patients in a hyperendemic focus. 4. the transplacental transmission of opisthorchis felineus antigens].25 women in labour with chronic opisthorchiasis have been examined. they were representatives of native (7), local (8) and migrated population of the focus. control group comprised 10 women from the local population free of invasion. their immune status was assessed by the level of iga, igg, igm, circulating immune complexes (cic) and specific antibodies in the serum obtained from peripheral and funic veins, as determined by enzyme immunoassay (elisa). to detect opisthorchis antigens in the seru ...19911770884
current status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in west germany.the present status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in west germany is characterized by a relatively high frequency of toxoplasmosis, sarcocystosis and taenia saginata infections. from empirical data it can be estimated that 4% of the german population become infected per year by toxoplasma gondii as well as by sarcocystis species (s. hominis, s. suihominis). the number of t. saginata infected persons is reckoned at 900,000, which is equal to an average prevalence of 1.5%. due to meat inspection ...19911822942
[the role of small hydraulic engineering installations in altering the habitat conditions for mollusks--the prime intermediate hosts of opisthorchis].the small hydrotechnique objects, such as irrigation and drainage systems, fish cultivating ponds, isolate and cascade artificial water reservoirs, channels considerably change the ecological conditions of mollusks of the genus codiella, the first intermediate host of opisthorchis felineus. some of these engineering objects engross the mollusks's population. the others are unfavourable for its existence.19911836829
[clinical assessment of immunoglobulin e in the blood and the level of circulating immune complexes in parasitic diseases. 3. opisthorchiasis].45 patients with opisthorchis felineus infection, 8 in the acute and 37 in the chronic stage of the disease of moderate severity or mild course were treated with praziquantel dosed 25-60 mg per kilo for one-day course. only in 4 out of 45 patients egg output was more than 1000 per gram of feces (kato-katz method). blood hypereosinophilia, elevated serum ige and cic content (215 +/- 56 against 76 +/- 19 in control) in the acute and the tendency to elevation of ige content with the chronic opistho ...19892615703
[the role of the owsianka leucaspius delineatus in maintaining opisthorchiasis foci in novosibirsk province].materials reflecting opisthorchiasis infection in fish in the novosibirsk region were analyzed. on the basis of fish population estimation and studies on its invasion with opisthorchis felineus (rivolta, 1884) it was shown that a considerable part in maintaining opisthorchiasis foci is played by leucaspius delineatus. it is numerous, can easily acclimatize itself in natural water bodies, inaccessible for predatory animals, easily infected with opisthorchis larvae, and therefore can play an impor ...19892628714
[chemotherapy, patient immune status and the outlook for immunocorrection in parasitic diseases (exemplified by natural-focus invasions)].chemotherapy of parasitic infections and zoonotic helminthiasis in particular can be effective if the peculiarities of the parasite species specificities and the character of immunological condition of a host or groups of population of endemic foci are taken into account. the state of immunodepression and immune disregulation was found in migrants to a territory endemic for opisthorchis felineus infection, suffering from acute and chronic stage of the disease. in aborigenes the signs of immunolo ...19892697794
[the role of various intermediate and definitive host species in the dissemination of opisthorchis felineus from the ob-irtysh focus of opisthorchiasis].opisthorchiasis irradiation from the ob-irtysh focus is possible at the social level only: migration of invaded humans, fish export. invasion irradiation from the endemic area through intermediate hosts is practically impossible, while through the definite hosts, wild fish-eating mammals, it is limited.19892779489
[heterogeneity of populations of the mollusc bithynia inflata according to the degree of trematode infestation in opisthorchiasis foci].results of studies of differences in the infection rate of natural populations of bithynia inflata with trematodes (including opisthorchis felineus) in the nidi of opisthorchiasis in the sumsk and chernigov districts of the ukrainian ssr and tomsk district of the rsfsr are given. it has been shown that in the ukrain over 1/3 of all populations of the specific intermediate host of opisthorchis does not take part in the circulation of the agent due to fundamentally different reasons: resistence to ...19862947034
[the distribution and ecology of bithynia inflata mollusks, the intermediate hosts of opisthorchis felineus, in reservoirs of the biryusa river basin]. 19883173250
[freshwater gastropods as eliminators of opisthorchis felineus riv, 1884 eggs]. 19883231169
[an analysis of 4 strategies for the praziquantel treatment of persons infested with opisthorchis felineus under conditions excluding reinfestation]. 19883252134
[susceptibility of bithynia inflata mollusks from different populations to opisthorchis felineus infestation].the paper reports the results of experimental infection of a specific intermediate host, molluscs bithynia inflata from differently susceptible populations, with opisthorchis felineus in one opisthorchis nidus. non-susceptibility of molluscs from resistant and hyperinfected populations to o. felineus infection is shown.19873614986
[dynamics of changes in peripheral leukocytes and the proteinogram of golden hamsters infested with opisthorchis felineus before and after treatment with praziquantel]. 19873626984
intestinal helminths of cats in the kainji lake area, nigeria.six parasitic helminths detected were ancylostoma sp., opisthorchis felineus, toxocara mystrax, hepaticola hepatica, taenia sp. and hydatigera taeniaeformis. the prevalence of h. hepatica, t. mystrax and h. taeniaeformis is associated with rodents hunted by cats, and that of o. felineus with fish fed to cats. the role of cats as primary host and reservoir for these helminths, which could be of zoonotic importance, is briefly mentioned.19863716201
zoonotic helminths of dogs and cats at new bussa, kainji lake area, nigeria.a survey of the dog and cat population at new bussa revealed a significant high frequency of potential helminths of public health importance. this include hookworm ancylostoma spp.; echinococcus granulosa, dipylidium caninum in dog; and opisthorchis felineus, toxocara cati and capillaria hepatica in cat. the rural conditions of the area is an important factor in understanding the role cat and dog may play in spread of uncommon human parasites.19853833831
[initial experience with using praziquantel for treating persons infected with opisthorchis felineus in the acute and chronic stages of the disease]. 19854088135
[the incidence of opisthorchiasis and diseases of the duodeno-choledocho-pancreatic organs and their correlation with the quantitative parameters of the expulsion of opisthorchis felineus eggs. 1. the opisthorchiasis morbidity of a local khanty-mansisk population]. 19854088148
[effect of low temperatures on the viability of opisthorchis felineus (riv., 1884) metacercariae]. 19854088151
[infection of fish with opisthorchis felineus larva in the water reservoirs of voronezh district]. 19734281865
[modeling of the contacts of cyprinid fish with molluscs infested with opisthorchis felineus cercaria]. 19744419636
cat liver fluke, platynosomum concinnum, in hawaii. 19744429247
[susceptibility of inbred mice to helminths. ii. development of opisthorchis felineus in mice of strains a/he, cba/lac, cc57w/mj, c57bl/lj, dba/2j and swr/j]. 19744459690
[differential diagnosis of the eggs and metacercaria of opisthorchis felineus and pseudamphistomum truncatum]. 19734770427
[search for molluscacides suitable for control of bithynia leachi, an intermediate host of opisthorchis felineus. ii. phenasol as a molluscacide]. 19695371778
[search for molluscacides useful for control of bithynia leachi shepp, intermediate host of opisthorchis felineus. 3. selective effect of low doses of some molluscacides on b. leachi shepp infested by cercaria of op. felineus]. 19695373442
[search for molluscacides suitable for control of bithynia leachi--the intermediate hosts of opisthorchis felineus. i. laboratory tests of different drugs]. 19695396568
[efficacy of bis-dithiocarbamic acid esters against opisthorchis felineus and clonorchis sinensis]. 19705449380
[infestation of the mollusk bithynia leachi with cercaria of opisthorchis felineus and other trematodes in the tributaries of the dnieper]. 19705516301
[infestation of industrial fish of the turgay and irghiz rivers with metacercaria opisthorchis felineus]. 19685753744
[tetrahydro-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione with effect against opisthorchis felineus]. 19665989984
[opisthorchis felineus development in experimental opisthorchiasis in golden hamsters]. 19836672572
[method of analysing the quantitative parameters of an opisthorchis felineus infestation. 2. the quantitative diagnosis of opisthorchiasis by determining the confidence limits for the basic parameters]. 19846717386
[evaluation of the detectability of opisthorchis felineus eggs depending on the frequency of examination by the kato method for a population in opisthorchiasis foci]. 19836855702
[lipid dynamics and distribution in the liver of golden hamsters infested with o. opisthorchis felineus]. 19827087901
infection with liver flukes (opisthorchis viverrini, opisthorchis felineus and clonorchis sinensis). 19947715069
[pulmonary echinococcosis, hepatic opisthorchiasis and generalized trichinelliasis combined with pregnancy].a case is reported of a spontaneous abortion (25 weeks of gestation) in a nenets woman resulting in thrombohemorrhagic syndrome and profuse uterine bleeding. the abortion is attributed to drastic allergization by three parasites: echinococcus granulosus, opisthorchis felineus, trichinella spiralis.19937980070
[parasitological fecal studies of equids, dogs, cats and hedgehogs during the years 1984-1991].the results of the coproscopical examinations in horses, dogs, cats and hedgehogs between 1984 and 1991 are presented. in 9192 samples from horses 55.5% stages of strongylids, 4.0% of parascaris equorum, 2.2% of anoplocephalids, 1.6% strongyloides westeri, 0.7% of oxyuris equi, 0.6% of eimeria leuckarti, 0.2% of fasciola hepatica and 0.04% of dictyocaulus arnfieldi were found. in 48.0% of the 46 samples from donkeys eggs from strongylids were detected, in 17.4% larvae from dictyocaulus arnfieldi ...19938261912
[the surface of cysts and excysted metacercariae of opisthorchis felineus studied by scanning electron microscopy].the structure of cysts of metacercariae of o. felineus has been analyzed. the cyst structure appears to have folds, pores and spherical formations providing for larval homeostasis. on the tegument of metacercariae thorns are arranged in staggered order. they represent 3 to 6 finger-shaped structures. the thorns and tegument excreta are secreted. on the surface of the parasite there are single and group sensory cupola-shaped and conoid papillae which make a chain around the mouth sucker. polymorp ...19938474763
[susceptibility of bithynia inflata mollusks from discrete populations for opisthorchis felineus infestation from different foci of opisthorchiasis].experiments were conducted on crossed infection of the specific intermediate host of opisthorchis, molluscs of bithynia inflata from different and remote populations, with eggs of o. felineus from different nidi of the disease. the strains of the agent were found to be heterogeneous that is expressed in different degree of compatibility with the intermediate host.19873658481
a focus of opisthorchiidosis in germany.epidemiological investigations were carried out in a focus of opisthorchiidosis in brandenburg state of germany. 9 out of 23 cats harboured adult flukes in their livers. beside opisthorchis felineus, metorchis bilis was found in 4 cats. muscle samples of 227 cyprinid fish belonging to 6 species (rutilus rutilus, scardinius erythrophthalmus, alburnus alburnus, abramis brama, a. ballerus, blicca bjoerkna) were examined for trematode metacercariae. 12 different types of cysts were found. o. felineu ...19969060173
[investigations on the endoparasitic fauna of domestic cats in eastern brandenburg].the internal organs of 155 cats originating from 3 different territories in the eastern part of brandenburg state were examined for parasites between 1993 and 1995. parasites were found in 85% of cats. parasites with the highest prevalence were toxocara mystax (45%), hydatigera taeniaeformis (22%), ancylostoma tubaeforme (17%) and opisthorchis felineus (16%). metorchis bilis, mesocestoides spp., taenia pisiformis, capillaria plica, capillaria sp., ollulanus tricuspis, aelurostrongylus abstrusus, ...19979139627
[a comparative study of the somatic, excretory-secretory and egg antigens of opisthorchis felineus].electrophoretic analysis showed that the somatic, excretory and secretory, and egg antigens of o. felineus have a complex protein composition. they were found to have 20, 11, and 25 proteins, respectively. on titration of the antigens, by using a constant dose of immune sera, the excretory and secretory antigen was detected in concentrations 50-100 less than the somatic and egg antigens. rabbit immune sera effectively interacted with the proteins 116, 105, 80, 70, 60, 50, 44, 40 kd as part of th ...19979182185
[the use of immunoblotting for studying opisthorchis felineus (rivolta, 1884) antigens].opisthorchis somatic, metabolic, and tegumental antigens were studied by using immunoblotting. it was shown that among several antigenic components, only the somatic protein with a molecular weight of about 100 kd failed to react with noninvased human sera.19979182186
[intermediate host of opisthorchis felineus in bodies of water in the poltava region of the ukrainian ssr (mollusk distribution and ecology and the extent of their invasion by larval forms of trematodes)]. 19873600508
[the parasite fauna of east germany. 9. the helminth fauna of lutra lutra].alimentary tract, liver, kidneys and lungs of 25 otters, died of several causes during 1982-1987 in gdr were included in helminthological investigations. parasites were detected in 8 animals. one cestode: taenia martis and 3 trematodes: isthmiophora melis, opisthorchis felineus and pseudamphistomum truncatum are regarded to be certain parasites of this host. other findings like ligula intestinalis, azygia luccii and piscicola geometra and the fragment of a pseudophyllidean enter the alimentary t ...19883177936
estimation of the mutagenic potential of the trematode opisthorchis felineus in experimentally infected guinea pigs.we studied the mutagenic potential of the trematode opisthorchis felineus in experimentally infected guinea pigs by chromosome analysis. the investigation was conducted on 30 treated (experimentally infected) and 20 normal (uninfected) guinea pigs (cavia porcellus). a sample of living metacercariae of o. felineus was obtained from the muscle of naturally infected crucian carp captured in the tom river, and 1 ml suspension containing approximately 50 metacercariae in 0.9% nacl solution was indivi ...19989694374
[dynamics of the numbers and infectiousness of mollusks with opisthorchis felineus larvae in the irgiz-turgai focus of opisthorchiasis during its anthropogenic transformation]. 19862950307
[biogenic amines and the nervous system of opisthorchis felineus].dopamine (0.08-0.25 micrograms/g of the tissue raw weight) and serotonin (0.13-0.31 micrograms/g of the tissue) were determined by spectrofluorimetry in the opisthorchis tissue homogenate. histochemical analysis (with glyoxylic acid) demonstrated distribution of biogenous amines in trematode's nervous system. fluorescence characteristic of catecholamines was found in 3 pairs of symmetrically situated cells in the anterior part of the worm and in a small number of relatively small assymmetric neu ...19892755405
[prasiquantel treatment of patients under ambulatory conditions in an opisthorchiasis focus in the komi-permyak autonomous area].90 opisthorchis felineus invaded patients were subjected to prasiquantel treatment. single doze of the drug (40 mg/kg) was administered under ambulatory conditions. treatment efficacity 6 months after administration attained 85.9%. side-effects were observed in 89.7% of patients, the neurotropic effects' rate being 85.4%. lower side-effects' rate was established in case of prasiquantel administration with milk. positive clinical effect of prasiquantel treatment was observed in 69.3% patients.19892755395
[the outer membranes of the eggs of opisthorchis felineus and clonorchis sinensis].the outer coats of opisthorchis felineus and clonorchis sinensis eggs have been examined by scanning electron microscopy. the outer coat turned to be extremely sculptured, presenting as interlaced crests of various height. the authors suggested the possibility of using this indicator in the taxonomy of opisthorchiidae and studying their distribution in biocenoses as well as their ability of accumulating on the leaves of aquatic plants, thus facilitating the contact with their intermediate hosts ...19892693924
[the differentiation of opisthorchis eggs by the ultrastructure of their outer membranes].using a tesla-bs-300 scanning electron microscope, the ultrastructure of the outer membranes of oocysts of 8 opisthorchis species (opisthorchis felineus, o. viverrini, o. geminus, clonorchis sinesis, amphimerus anatis, metorchis albidus, pseudamphistomum truncatum, erchoviorchis lintoni) belonging to 4 subfamilies, as well as that of o. felineus oocysts of various geographical isolates (from the ukraine, the volga region, west siberia, kazakhstan) have been investigated. the nature of the ultras ...19902266905
[the decreased susceptibility of syrian hamsters to opisthorchis felineus invasion after its repeated administration].the investigations conducted on syrian hamsters have revealed that multiple enteral infusions of cold inactivated (t = -10 degrees c) o. felineus metacercariae resulted in the formation of immunocompetent cell and fibroblast infiltrations around the branches of the portal vein. the infestation of animals by viable pathogens led to reduced accommodation of helminths and suppressed cell infiltration in the liver. it is assumed that the native population of the foci become tolerant to the disease w ...19902233536
[distribution of opisthorchiid liver flukes in red foxes (vulpes vulpes) in western brandenburg].226 (= 43.9%) out of 515 red foxes originating from the western districts of the federal state brandenburg were positive for opisthorchiid flukes. metorchis bilis, opisthorchis felineus and pseudamphistomum truncatum occurred in prevalences of 36.9, 8.9 and 0.2% respectively. although low fluke burden were predominant the maximum number of each fluke species isolated was 419, 46, and 78 respectively. no clear relations were found between the liver fluke prevalence and the proportion of surface w ...200011153218
[organ pathology in chronic tissue-dwelling helminthic infections: role of blood and tissue eosinophilia, immunoglobulinemia e, g4, and immune response-inducing factors].the results of earlier clinical, pathomorphological, and immunological studies of organic visceral and tissue lesions in helminthic infections [2, 3, 8, 10, 11, 14, 46] and present clinical and immunological ones [4-6, 44, 45] were analyzed and discussed in the light of a fundamental literature data review. the chronic visceral pathology in tissue-dwelling helminthic infections is associated with super- and reinfections [1, 2, 16, 36], with an inadequate immune response of humans to the invasion ...200011210422
[enzyme immunoassay in diagnosis of opisthorchiasis. communication 2. enzyme immunoassay test system for diagnosis of acute opisthorchiasis].a standard, highly specific and sensitive enzyme immunoassay test system has been developed for the diagnosis of acute opisthorchiasis, which is based on indirect solid-phase enzyme immunoassay for determination igm antibodies to the antigen derived from opisthorchis felineus marita extracts. the sensitivity of the test system is 87%, its specificity is 96.8%.199911221004
[cross-reacting antigens of opisthorchis felineus and salmonella typhi and their possible effect on the clinical course of typhoid fever].the experiments on rabbits immunized with a complex o. felineus antigen and spirit abdominal typhoid vaccine enriched with vi-antigen, as well as studies on patients with chronic opisthorchiasis and bacterial carriers of s. typhi have established the presence of cross-reacting antigens in abdominal typhoid and opisthorchiasis pathogens. it is suggested that these antigens play an essential role in the development and outcome of abdominal typhoid secondary to chronic opisthorchiasis invasion.19902233535
[the functional characteristics of the ultrastructure of the outer membranes of opisthorchid eggs. 2. the mechanisms of egg retention on substrates].the studies of the functional features of the ultrastructure of the outer membranes of opisthorchis felineus and clonorchis sinensis eggs have been continued. the variants of egg behavior on different substrates (artificial, natural, organic and inorganic) have been experimentally studied. it has been established that o. felineus and c. sinensis eggs retain on a number of substrates due to covering with microflora (e.g. fungus mycelium clinging to the rubbed surface of the egg outer membranes); ...19911818245
[quantitative assessment of the intensity of the invasion of opisthorchis felineus in man].basing on calculated data, the authors have revealed a relationship between the efficacy of coproovoscopic methods of opisthorchiasis diagnosis and the intensity of invasion and amount of feces in the sample analyzed. the ranges of application of simple coproovoscopic methods were defined; among other things, the use of a simple cato's method was validated for epidemiologic studies in a focus with the invasion intensity of more than 35-50 eggs in 1 g of feces.19901702856
[pathomorphological changes in the liver in experimental superinvasive opisthorchiasis].experimental model of opisthorchis felineus superinvasion was reproduced in 30 piglets aged 3 months. the pigs were infected by feeding them 100 g of sausage fish with the mean invasion intensity of 0.8-1 metacercaria per g of muscle tissue. a repeated infestation with a similar dose was carried out in a month. the invasion developed in 14 of the 30 animals. histologic examinations of the liver, carried out in 2.5 months after the first infestation, have revealed diffuse persistent hepatitis in ...19921299768
parasitic infections and hepatic neoplasia.parasitic infections are highly prevalent in the general population. detecting a relationship between a parasitic infection and cancer is not an easy task; it requires epidemiological, microbiological and molecular biology techniques. in this article the important mechanisms by which parasitic infections may induce carcinogenesis are reviewed. the association between schistosoma japonicum, schistosoma mansoni and hepatocellular carcinoma is covered. the cause-and-effect relationship between the ...200111935088
the opisthorchis felineus paramyosin: cdna sequence and characterization of its recombinant fragment.the cdna sequence of opisthorchis felineus paramyosin (pm) was determined and shown to have 66-70% homology with two schistosomes and two cestodes. phylogenetic analysis revealed an almost equal distance between o. felineus and these distinct clades. because of its relatively low conservation, the pm gene may be a convenient genetic marker for studying phylogenetic relationships among platyhelminthes.a 25-kda recombinant polypeptide corresponding to the central part of the full-length pm was pro ...200212122429
liver fluke-associated cholangiocarcinoma.infection with liver flukes has been reported to be associated with bile duct malignancy.200212153620
[human infestation with liver flukes].casuistic reports supplement parasitological and epidemiological references to the affection of man with fasciola hepatica, clonorchis sinensis and opisthorchis felineus. due to the increase of the tourist traffic must be reckoned with a more frequent appearance of these parasitoses little known in middle europe.19751224747
[participation of codiella troscheli (mollusca: prosobranchia) in the metorchis albidus (trematoda; opisthorchidae) life cycle].investigating mollusca prosobranchia of the bithyniidae family in the water reservoirs of the novosibirsk region in 1994-1998 first revealed that codiella troscheli had the trematode metorchis albidus (braun, 1893). the species affiliation of the trematode was experimentally verified. this paper presents the results of studies of the seasonal and daily emission of m. albidus cercariae and data on their longevity in the environment, on the ability of the cercariae to live in fish and that of meta ...200212298160
indirect elisa for the detection of antibodies against opisthorchis felineus (rivolta, 1884) and metorchis bilis (braun, 1790) in foxes.serological investigations focused on the detection of specific opisthorchiid liver fluke antibodies in silver foxes (vulpes vulpes fulva). animals were experimentally infected with opisthorchis felineus (nos. 1 and 2) and metorchis bilis (nos. 3-8) by feeding fish with a counted number of metacercariae. four foxes remained as non-infected negative controls (nos. 9-12). for the indirect elisa, an excretory-secretory antigen was produced by in vitro cultivation of o. felineus and m. bilis adults ...200312482649
[biological aspects of the problem of opisthorchiasis].the paper reports the latest data concerning genesis and structure of opisthorchiasis area; biology, ecology, position in the system and distribution of the first intermediate hosts of opisthorchis felineus; peculiarities of infections with opisthorchis of the first and second intermediate hosts. the methods of chemical control of mollusks, the first intermediate host of opisthorchis, are discussed.1977896272
[parasitic fauna of the muskrat from the upper ob' pine forest].the gamasid mites laelaps multispinosus and hirstionyssus isabellinus, flea ceratophyllus (megabotris) rectangulatus, trematodes plagiorchis proximus, p. eutamiatis, p. obensis, p. multiglandularis, quinqueserialis quinqueserialis and opisthorchis felineus, cestodes aprostotandria macrocephala and alveococcus multilocularis, larvae, were found in 78 specimens of ondatra zibethica from water bodies of the upper ob pine forest. the mite l. multispinosus is reported as the most abundant ectoparasit ...1977593723
[a comparative biochemical and immunological study of the somatic and metabolic antigens of opisthorchis felineus]. 19968926928
[the glycogen status in the organs and tissues of opisthorchis felineus metacercariae].the topography and levels of glycogen were studied in excysted metacercariae of opisthorchis in dynamics when they were cultured in isotonic nacl solution with a temperature regimen of +37 degrees c and ranges of +23 to +28 degrees c. there were significant glycogen depots in the parenchymal cells in the bulk of larvae, the ventral sucker is the second organ to accumulate the polysaccharide. a complete glycogen uptake during motor activity was not noted in the experimental setting.19938127266
[the biology of opisthorchis felineus and the spread of opisthorchiasis in the rostov district; preliminary communication]. 195813551641
the snail host of opisthorchis felineus. 196013818490
[survival of opisthorchis felineus eggs (rivolta, 1884) in various environmental conditions]. 196213887931
[some data on the chemical composition of opisthorchis felineus, rivolta, 1884)]. 196414321584
[chromosome disorders and immunoreactivity in golden hamsters infected with opisthorchis felineus].opisthorchosis of golden hamster causes the disarrangement of the number and structure of chromosomes of bone marrow cells 15 days after the infection. analogous changes take place in man's leucocytes under the influence of water-salt extract from adult trematodes. the injury of the chromosomal apparatus advances with the increasing period of the infection and is coordinated with modified immunoreactivity of the organism.19817465248
taxonomy and biology of liver flukes.opisthorchis viverrini is a human liver fluke endemic in thailand, lao pdr and cambodia. three subspecies of bithynia siamensis and 18 species of cyprinoid fish are susceptible first and second intermediate hosts, respectively. the differentiation between the adult worm of o. viverrini and that of the closely related species, opisthorchis felineus and clonorchis sinensis, is mainly based on the shape and position of the testes and the arrangement of the vitellaria. eggs of these flukes are morph ...200314611872
[method of analyzing the quantitative parameters of human opisthorchis felineus infection. 1. an analysis of the law of the distribution of o. felineus eggs excreted with the feces]. 19836646050
biodosimetry results obtained by various cytogenetic methods and electron spin resonance spectrometry among inhabitants of a radionuclide contaminated area around the siberian chemical plant (tomsk-7).on april 6, 1993, near the town of tomsk (russia) there was an accident at the siberian chemical plant (scp) which resulted in extensive contamination of an area of 250 km(2) to the north of scp with long-lived radionuclides such as (239)pu, (137)cs and (90)sr. cytogenetic methods and electron spin resonance (esr) spectrometry of tooth enamel were used to estimate the radiation doses received by the population. the esr signal intensity and the chromosomal aberration frequency in lymphocytes of t ...199910473650
[on the method of determination of the infectivity of fish with metacercaria of opisthorchis felineus (rivolta, 1884)]. 196014446426
[influence of invertebrate species on the eggs of opisthorchis felineus]. 19807190219
[role of gastropods in epidemiology of human parasitic diseases].pulmonate and prosobranch snails, being necessary hosts for parthenogenetic generations of digenetic trematodes, participate in transmission of all trematodoses important from medical point of view. role of particular gastropods in epidemiology of these diseases is discussed in details. invasion of land snails and slugs is mainly passive by eggs containing developed miracidia, while enter of these larvae into snails inhabiting fresh-water environments is usually active. generations in the snail ...200116888946
pcr diagnosis of infections with different species of opisthorchiidae using a rapid clean-up procedure for stool samples and specific primers.infections with the opisthorchiid liver flukes clonorchis sinensis, opisthorchis viverrini, and opisthorchis felineus cause serious health problems in endemic areas of southeast asia and countries of the former soviet union. chronic infections--even with low worm burdens--may lead to the development of fatal cholangiocarcinoma and related symptoms. a more sensitive diagnosis is needed since the tiny eggs of the worms are often not seen in microscopic examinations of stool samples, especially in ...200717061114
[the role of the association of opisthorchis felineus maritae with the epstein-barr virus in the cytogenetic sequelae of an opisthorchiasis infection].the immunofluorescence analysis of epstein-barr virus (ebv) antigens in the body of opisthorchis felineus (of) helminths was carried out. it was found that ebv antigens located in eggs of helminth. adding of of antigens and/or ebv to the lymphocyte human cultures of healthy donors can induce a cytogenetic damage in cells. a role of ebv location in opisthorchis eggs in chromosome damage and cancer development is discussed.200011089248
parasitic infestations of the biliary tract.parasitic infestations of the biliary tract are a common cause of biliary obstruction in tropical countries and can lead to such serious complications as cholangitis and cholangiocarcinoma. endoscopic therapy has helped in the management of biliary complications caused by these parasites. ascaris lumbricoides organisms, which normally reside in the jejunum, are actively motile and can invade the papilla, thus migrating into the bile duct and causing biliary obstruction. endoscopic retrograde cho ...200717418062
[the technology for manufacturing antiparasitic preparations. 6. the development of a technology for producing the anthelmintic azinox (praziquantel) and the evaluation of its toxic and anthelmintic properties].the paper outlines a procedure for manufacturing the anthelminthic azinox (biltricide) using the new interfacial transfer catalyst benzyl-di-propyl (beta-hydroxyethyl)ammonium chloride. azinox has been shown to be identical to biltricide (praziquantel) in its properties. azinox tests on models of opisthorchis felineus in golden hamsters and of hymenolepis nana in albino outbred mice have indicated that the agent is not inferior to biltricide in its antitrematodal and anticestodal activities. azi ...19969026672
parasitic diseases of the biliary tract.objective: parasites residing in the biliary tree include clonorchis sinensis, opisthorchis viverrini, opisthorchis felineus, and fasciola hepatica. they are willowy, leaf-like, flat flukes dwelling in the bile ducts and gallbladder. human ascarides, ascaris lumbricoides, dwelling in the small intestine, inadvertently migrate into the bile ducts and cause biliary obstruction. the purpose of this article is to illustrate typical imaging findings of liver fluke infection and biliary ascariasis. co ...200717515382
[an estimate of the potentials for eliminating aqueous biocenoses relative to free-living life forms of opisthorchis felineus].different methods of estimating the elimination potential of invertebrate hydrobionts, members of water biocenoses, in relation to freeliving instars such as egg (miracidium) and cercarium of o. felineus are considered. calculatons and conclusions are based on field and laboratory investigation carried out in the period 1985-1992. the elimination process in biocenoses does not practically influence on the intensivity of infection, but influences significantly on the extensivity of the infection ...19947898945
[the biorhythmology of primary and superinvasive opisthorchiasis. seasonal changes in the circadian dynamics of the peripheral blood composition in golden hamsters].540 golden hamsters were selected into 3 groups: 1--free from invasion, 2--once infected, 3--repeatedly infected with opisthorchis felineus. diurnal activity of peripheral blood composition was investigated in spring, autumn and winter at 3, 7, 11 a.m. and 3, 7, 11 p.m. the dependence of biorhythmical organisation of peripheral blood cell composition upon seasons and the opisthorchis invasion frequency was recovered. the eosinophilia is the marker reaction of opisthorchiasis acute phase and it d ...19957567070
[the disinfection of fish in the family cyprinidae of opisthorchis felineus riv. metacercariae by the combined use of acetic acid and table salt].the studies were aimed at optimizing the procedure for disinfection of carps from the larvae of a pathogen of opisthorchiasis. the effects of different concentrations of acetic acid solutions on the viability of encysted o. felineus metacercariae isolated from ide (leuciscus idus l.) tissue, as well as on that of larvae located in the fish muscles were examined by consequently using the solutions of acetic acid and salt. acetic acid solutions (3 and 6%) are minimally effective in suppressing the ...19979182203
liver flukes in dogs and treatment with praziquantel.opisthorchiid eggs were found in 6 out of 27 (22%) huskies while an elisa detected antibodies against opisthorchis felineus and metorchis bilis in 24 (89%) and 25 (93%) sera taken from these dogs, respectively. all dogs showed an increased activity of glutamate dehydrogenase while aspartate aminotransferase was normal in all samples. ten weeks after treatment with praziquantel no fluke eggs were found in the faeces from any animal and antibody titres dropped in all animals.200717981396
molecular identification and phylogenetic analysis of nuclear rdna sequences among three opisthorchid liver fluke species (opisthorchiidae: trematoda).in this study, we describe the development of a fast and accurate molecular identification system for human-associated liver fluke species (opisthorchis viverrini, opisthorchis felineus, and clonorchis sinensis) using the pcr-rflp analysis of the 18s-its1-5.8s nuclear ribosomal dna region. based on sequence variation in the target rdna region, we selected three species-specific restriction enzymes within the its1 regions, generating different restriction profiles among the species: muni for o. v ...200818276183
biliary parasites: diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.parasitic infections of the biliary tract are a common cause of biliary obstruction in endemic areas. this article focuses on primary biliary parasites: ascaris lumbricoides, clonorchis sinensis, opisthorchis viverrini, opisthorchis felineus, dicrocoelium dendriticum, fasciola hepatica, and fasciola gigantica. tropical and subtropical countries have the highest incidence and prevalence of these infections. diagnosis is made primarily through direct microscopic examination of eggs in the stool, d ...200818321435
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