isolation and characterization of an iron-containing superoxide dismutase from a eucaryote, brassica campestris. 19807396513
are 'multiple cross-multiple pollen hybrids' an answer for productive populations in brassica campestris (var.) brown sarson? : part 2: evaluation of 'mucromphs'.a set of 167 'mucromphs' was evaluated in their f1 generation for seven 'plant', four 'plot' and five 'ratio' characters. methods of characterizing the parents and the hybrids on the basis of combining ability effects described in the first part were found to be efficient in identifying desirable cross combinations for pedigree breeding or generating composite populations. order effects of multiple-pollen combinations were found to be potent for a number of character components. high x low cross ...198024301210
are "multiple cross-multiple pollen hybrids' an answer for productive populations in brassica campestris var. 'brown sarson'? : i. methods for studying 'mucromphs'.a set of complex crosses with multiple crosses as female parents were made using multiple pollen in turnip rape (brassica campestris l.). these multiple cross - multiple pollen hybrids (mucromphs) were evaluated for a large number of quantitative characters including yield. new methods were proposed to study such genetic material in depth so as to formulate suitable strategies to breed for attractive seed yield.197924310403
stimulation of embryogenesis and haploid production in brassica campestris anther cultures by elevated temperature treatments.culture of brassica campestris anthers at 35°c for one or three days prior to culture at 25°c significantly stimulated the yield of microspore-derived embryos. more than 100 plants were regenerated from cultured embryos and haploids were identified amongst them. the haploid frequency was greater than 70% if all small-flowered sterile plants were considered to be haploid. the yield of microspore-derived plants in b. campestris is approaching the level where anther culture may be utilized as a pra ...197924306485
influence of antitranspirants on rapeseed (brassica campestris) plants under water-stressed and nonstressed conditions.daily transpiration rate was decreased by low soil moisture, phenylmercuric acetate (pma) in combination with kaolinite, mobileaf (a filmforming wax emulsion manufactured by the mobil oil co.), pma alone, and kaolinite alone in this order. at high soil moisture, dry matter was decreased by pma but was increased by mobileaf and by pma + kaolinite combination. at low soil moisture, dry matter was increased by mobileaf.water use efficiency was increased at low soil moisture and by antitranspirants. ...197616659605
a quantitative evaluation of inter-varietal hybrids of brassica campestris l.a quantitative evaluation of yield components was carried out in 150 inter-varietal hybrids of brassica campestris using five each of the three varieties, brown sarson (bs) , yellow sarson (ys) and toria (tr). the results showed both additive and non-additive gene action for plant height, number of primary and secondary branches and number of siliquae on the main axis in all the six cross combinations bs-ys, ys-bs, bs-tr, tr-bs, ys-tr and tr-ys. the general combining abilities of bs, ys and tr i ...197624413587
iii. histochemical characteristics of suspensor during embryo development in brassica campestris linn. var., sarson.the development of suspensor in brassica campestris is of the "onagrad type"; the suspensor growth was maximum between the globular and heart stage of embryo development. there after, the suspensor diminished and immediately after the torpedo stage, it degenerated several enzymes (e.g. acid-, alkaline-, adenosine triphosphatase, peroxidase, succinate dehydrogenase, cyotchrome oxidase) and general substances (ascorbic acid, polysaccharides, lipids) were localized in the suspensor during different ...1976827902
structural investigation of oxalate-soluble rapeseed (brassica campestris) polysaccharides. 3. an arabinan. 19744370397
study of free and bound lipids of brassica campestris, var yellow sarson. 19744366535
low molecular weight carbohydrates from rapeseed (brassica campestris) meal. 19734763682
a di-d-galactosyl-myo-inositol from rapeseed (brassica campestris) meal. 19734751275
structural investigation of water-soluble rapeseed (brassica campestris) polysaccharides. ii. an acidic arabinogalactan. 19724343240
the biosynthesis of some isothiocyanates and oxazolidinethiones in rape (brassica campestris l.).the incorporation of the radioactivity from acetate-1-(14)c, acetate-2-(14)c, dl-methionine-1-(14)c, dl-methionine-2-(14)c, dl-methionine-3,4-(14)c, dl-homomethionine-2-(14)c, dl-allyl-glycine-2-(14)c, and dl-2-amino-5-hydroxyvalerate-2-(14)c into the aglycones of progoitrin, gluconapin, and glucobrassicanapin of maturing rape plants (brassica campestris l.) was investigated. radioactivity from dl-methionine-2-(14)c, dl-methionine-3,4-(14)c, dl-homomethionine-2-(14)c, and acetate-2-(14)c were in ...196716656711
brassica campestris l.: floral induction by one long day.a strain of brassica campestris l. responds to a single photoinductive cycle 4 days after sowing. extending the photoperiod from 8 to 22 or 24 hours, with incandescent light of 538-lux intensity, induced inflorescence in 90 percent of the plants. inflorescence development was visible on dissection 5 or 6 days after photoinduction. floral induction increased with duration and intensity of the supplementary light.196617737594
some enzymic properties of a partially purified aminoacylase obtained from a polish variety of rapeseed (brassica campestris l.). 196113731830
glyceric acid kinase isolated from a polish variety of rapeseed (brassica campestris l.). 196014429593
choline kinase of rapeseed (brassica campestris l.). 195713460808
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