water economy of the canyon mouse peromyscus crinitus stephensi. 19714157266
possible existence of two blood catalase alleles in a colony of peromyscus crinitus (canyon mouse). anl-7409. 19675308205
investigation of the determinants of nuclear pore assess the functional significance of nuclear pore complexes, we have investigated whether the number of pores per nucleus is determined by such factors as the nuclear volume, nuclear surface area, dna content, or aspects of nuclear activity. comparisons were made between cell types chosen to permit observation of differences in nuclear pore number as a function of differences in the other qualities measured. the number of nuclear pores was determined by freeze-etching and measurements of nuc ...19806966999
molecular detection of novel astroviruses in wild and laboratory mice.pooled fecal specimens collected from striped field mice (apodemus agrarius), yellow-necked mice (apodemus flavicollis), and bank voles (myodes glareolus) and individual stool samples collected from laboratory mice were tested for the presence of picornaviruses and astroviruses. picornavirus rna was detected only in one striped field mouse sample pool, while astrovirus rna was detected in two yellow-necked mouse sample pools and in six of the 121 laboratory mouse samples. in a 234-amino acid (aa ...201222899339
complete genome characterization of mosavirus (family picornaviridae) identified in droppings of a european roller (coracias garrulus) in hungary.mosavirus (mosavirus a1, m-7/2010/usa, jf973687), a novel picornavirus, was found in a canyon mouse (peromyscus crinitus) in the usa in 2010. it represents a novel species (mosavirus a) in a novel genus (mosavirus) in the family picornaviridae. in this study, the first complete genome sequence of another mosavirus, szal6-mov/2011/hun (kf958461), was determined from one out of 18 fecal samples from an afro-palearctic migratory bird, the european roller (coracias garrulus). the complete genome of ...201424824348
energy metabolism of peromyscus crinitus in its natural environment. 19715570759
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