a taxonomic reconsideration of some plasmodium species from iguanid lizards.saurian plasmodium populations previously identified as p. tropiduri from panama are described as subspecies or distinct species. the nominate subspecies, p. tropiduri tropiduri parasitizes tropidurus species from brazil, guyana and venezuela. two other subspecies occur in panama, p. tropiduri panamense from anolis biporcatus and p. tropiduri aquaticum from the semi-aquatic lizards anolis lionotus and a. poecilopus. parasites found in anolis frenatus are described as a distinct species, p. margi ...1979539715
salmonella enteritidis serotype 50-1,2,3: z4, z24:-.characteristics of a new salmonella serotype, subgenus iv, are reported. culture 5534-68 was recovered from the intestinal tract of anolis biporcatus, an arboreal lizard found in deep forest tracts in panama province, republic of panama. the antigenic composition of this new serotype was found to be 50(1, 2, 3):z(4), z(24):-.19705463184
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