acanthocephalans in northern fur seals (callorhinus ursinus) and a harbor seal (phoca vitulina) on st. paul island, alaska: species, prevalence, and biodiversity in four fur seal subpopulations.monitoring studies of acanthocephalans in northern fur seals (callorhinus ursinus linnaeus, 1758) (nfss) and a harbor seal (phoca vitulina linnaeus, 1758) were performed on st. paul island, alaska, in july-august 2011. gastrointestinal tracts of 105 humanely harvested nfs subadult males (sams) (3-4 years old) were collected during the annual aleut subsistence harvest at four haul-out areas (hoas): lukanin (n = 26 nfss), polovina (n = 28), gorbatch (n = 30), and morzhovyi (n = 21). one gastrointe ...201222584377
human infection by acanthocephalan parasites belonging to the genus corynosoma found from small bowel endoscopy.a 73-year-old man with a suspected ileus in january 2013 and subsequently suffered melena in february 2014 was endoscopically examined. as a result of the examinations, unidentified species of corynosoma sp. and corynosoma villosum were recovered from the small intestine, further endoscopic diagnosis suggested relevance between abdominal pain and the present infections in the small intestine. the recovered worms were composed of gravid females with developed eggs, suggesting that these parasites ...201627396515
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