the effects of periodic eutrophication on parasitism and stock identification of trematomus bernacchii (pisces: nototheniidae) in mcmurdo sound, antarctica.mcmurdo sound, antarctica, is suited for the study of the effects of eutrophication on diet-related parasites of trematomus bernacchii (boulenger, 1902) (pisces). it has been relatively well studied, the environment is predictable, and there are significant differences in primary productivity over small distances. the differences in parasitism for 5 helminth species can be attributed to the enrichment processes in the sound. the prevalences of the acanthocephalan echinorhynchus sp., the nematode ...19911865261
gastrointestinal helminths of gentoo penguins (pygoscelis papua) from stranger point, 25 de mayo/king george island, antarctica.the aim of this work is to contribute to the knowledge of gastrointestinal parasites of the gentoo penguin (pygoscelis papua) from 25 de mayo/king george island (south shetlands, antarctica). gastrointestinal tracts of 37 fresh dead individuals (21 chicks, 10 juveniles, and 6 adults) were collected from december 2006 to february 2012 and examined for macroparasites. four adult parasite species were found: one cestoda species (parorchites zederi), two nematoda species (stegophorus macronectes and ...201323435921
praesomal nerves in corynosoma hamanni (acanthocephala: polymorphidae).investigated by light microscopic observations, nerve pathways and the stützzelle are described in the praesoma of a species of corynosoma. the pathways are described for 13 nerves, 6 paired and one single nerve, which originate from the cerebral ganglion and terminate in the body wall musculature and the proboscis.19948169953
morphology of the presoma of corynosoma hamanni (acanthocephala: polymorphidae). 19685654411
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