variations in the parasite fauna of the patagonian toothfish (dissostichus eleginoides smitt, 1898), with length, season, and depth of habitat around the falkland islands.the parasite fauna of dissostichus eleginoides was examined from locations around the falkland islands. in total, of 11,362 individual parasites of 27 taxa were recovered from 105 fish. two species, ceratomyxa dissostichi and sphaerospora dissostichi, represent new host records. the nematode ascarophis nototheniae and the larval acanothocephalan corynosoma bullosum were found to be new locality records and add to the knowledge of the biogeography and host specificity of parasites on the patagoni ...200616729684
parasites in stranded cetaceans of patagonia.there is an increasing interest in parasites of marine mammals of argentina. here, we examined several poorly known cetaceans, i.e., 2 spectacled porpoises and 1 burmeister's porpoise (phocoenidae), and 1 gray's beaked whale and 1 cuvier's beaked whale (ziphidae); we also updated the parasite information for 1 sperm whale (physeteridae). these hosts strand only occasionally. we found anisakis simplex s.l. in 2 spectacled porpoises and the burmeister's porpoise, and recorded its distribution amon ...200818576713
gastrointestinal helminths of gentoo penguins (pygoscelis papua) from stranger point, 25 de mayo/king george island, antarctica.the aim of this work is to contribute to the knowledge of gastrointestinal parasites of the gentoo penguin (pygoscelis papua) from 25 de mayo/king george island (south shetlands, antarctica). gastrointestinal tracts of 37 fresh dead individuals (21 chicks, 10 juveniles, and 6 adults) were collected from december 2006 to february 2012 and examined for macroparasites. four adult parasite species were found: one cestoda species (parorchites zederi), two nematoda species (stegophorus macronectes and ...201323435921
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