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scanning electron microscopy of antennal sensilla of the eight anopheles species of the hyrcanus group (diptera: culicidae) in thailand.antennal sensilla were first investigated in the eight medically and veterinary important anopheles mosquito species (anopheles argyropus, anopheles crawfordi, anopheles nigerrimus, anopheles nitidus, anopheles paraliae (= anopheles lesteri), anopheles peditaeniatus, anopheles pursati, and anopheles sinensis) of the hyrcanus group in thailand, using scanning electron microscopy (sem). four types of sensilla, including sensilla chaetica (large and small), sensilla trichodea (sharp- and blunt-tipp ...201727752768
effects of microclimate condition changes due to land use and land cover changes on the survivorship of malaria vectors in china-myanmar border the past decade, developing countries have been experiencing rapid land use and land cover changes, including deforestation and cultivation of previously forested land. however, little is known about the impact of deforestation and land-use changes on the life history of malaria vectors and their effects on malaria transmission. this study examined the effects of deforestation and crop cultivation on the adult survivorship of major malaria mosquitoes, anopheles sinensis and an. minimus in the ...201627171475
comparative studies on the stenogamous and eurygamous behavior of eight anopheles species of the hyrcanus group (diptera: culicidae) in thailand.establishment of laboratory colony is essential for mosquito-borne-disease research. mating behavior of stenogamous anopheles peditaeniatus and seven eurygamous species (anopheles argyropus, anopheles crawfordi, anopheles nigerrimus, anopheles nitidus, anopheles paraliae (=an. lesteri), anopheles pursati and anopheles sinensis), were investigated and compared in this study. the self-mating success of adult mosquitoes in different size cages at two density resting surface (drs) values, 3.6 and 7. ...201627023618
historical survey of the kdr mutations in the populations of anopheles sinensis in china in 1996-2014.anopheles sinensis has become an important malaria vector in china. the long-term extensive utilization of pyrethroids for itns and irs for mosquito control in the last three decades has resulted in the occurrence of resistant an. sinensis populations in many regions. knockdown resistance (kdr), caused by point mutations in the vgsc gene, is one of the mechanisms that confer resistance to ddt and pyrethroids. recently, several investigations revealed the kdr occurrence in some an. sinensis popul ...201525888824
bacterial diversity associated with wild caught anopheles mosquitoes from dak nong province, vietnam using culture and dna fingerprint.microbiota of anopheles midgut can modulate vector immunity and block plasmodium development. investigation on the bacterial biodiversity in anopheles, and specifically on the identification of bacteria that might be used in malaria transmission blocking approaches, has been mainly conducted on malaria vectors of africa. vietnam is an endemic country for both malaria and bancroftian filariasis whose parasitic agents can be transmitted by the same anopheles species. no information on the microbio ...201525747513
cytogenetic, cross-mating and molecular evidence of four cytological races of anopheles crawfordi (diptera: culicidae) in thailand and cambodia.twenty-nine isolines of anopheles crawfordi were established from wild-caught females collected from cow-baited traps in thailand and cambodia. three types of x (x1, x2, x3) and four types of y (y1, y2, y3, and y4) chromosomes were identified, according to differing amounts of extra heterochromatin. these sex chromosomes represent four metaphase karyotypes, i.e., forms a (x1, x2, x3, y1), b (x1, x2, x3, y2), c (x2, y3) and d (x2, y4). forms c and d are novel metaphase karyotypes confined to thai ...201425444706
diversity of anopheles mosquitoes in binh phuoc and dak nong provinces of vietnam and their relation to disease.human malaria is still a burden in dak nong and binh phuoc provinces in south-central vietnam that border cambodia. several anopheles species that transmit human malarial plasmodium may also transmit wuchereria bancrofti, the nematode that causes bancroftian lymphatic filariasis. the objective of this study was to investigate the role of anopheles species in the transmission of these two pathogens in the two highly malaria endemic provinces of vietnam.201425008314
monitoring of malaria, japanese encephalitis and filariasis vectors.vector monitoring in military stations would help in protecting the armed forces from vector borne diseases such as malaria, japanese encephalitis and filariasis.201324843200
scanning electron microscopy of anopheles hyrcanus group (diptera: culicidae) eggs in thailand and an ultrastructural key for species identification.the eggs of anopheles argyropus, anopheles crawfordi, anopheles nigerrimus, anopheles nitidus, anopheles paraliae, anopheles peditaeniatus, anopheles pursati, and anopheles sinensis are described with the aid of scanning electron micrographs. comparisons of the egg structure among the eight species showed that the eggs differed with respect to the following characteristics: the deck-complete (an. argyropus, an. nigerrimus, an. paraliae, an. peditaeniatus, and an. sinensis); variable (complete, s ...201424337511
dna barcoding for the identification of eight species members of the thai hyrcanus group and investigation of their stenogamous behavior.eight species members of the thai hyrcanus group were identified based on the intact morphology and molecular analysis (coi barcoding, 658 bp) of f1-progenies. five iso-female lines of each species were pooled in order to establish stock colonies. a stenogamous colony of each species was investigated by making 200 and 300 newly emerged adult females and males co-habit in a 30 cm cubic cage for one week. after ovipositon, the spermathecae of females were examined for sperms. the results revealed ...201324161242
taxonomic assessment of anopheles crawfordi and an. dangi of the hyrcanus group of subgenus anopheles in vietnam.anopheles dangi, introduced as a new species of the hyrcanus group of subgenus anopheles in an illustrated dichotomous key for the identification of the anopheles mosquitoes of vietnam published in 1987, was distinguished from anopheles crawfordi based on the presence of a humeral pale spot on the base of the costal vein of the wing. however, this character has been known to occur occasionally in an. crawfordi. to determine whether an. dangi is distinct from an. crawfordi, we analyzed nucleotide ...201324055545
malaria transmission and vector behaviour in a forested malaria focus in central vietnam and the implications for vector vietnam, malaria is becoming progressively restricted to specific foci where human and vector characteristics alter the known malaria epidemiology, urging for alternative or adapted control strategies. long-lasting insecticidal hammocks (llih) were designed and introduced in ninh thuan province, south-central vietnam, to control malaria in the specific context of forest malaria. an entomological study in this specific forested environment was conducted to assess the behavioural patterns of fo ...201021182774
vectors and malaria transmission in deforested, rural communities in north-central vietnam.malaria is still prevalent in rural communities of central vietnam even though, due to deforestation, the primary vector anopheles dirus is uncommon. in these situations little is known about the secondary vectors which are responsible for maintaining transmission. basic information on the identification of the species in these rural communities is required so that transmission parameters, such as ecology, behaviour and vectorial status can be assigned to the appropriate species.201020846447
malaria prevalence in nias district, north sumatra province, indonesia.the nias district of the north sumatra province of indonesia has long been known to be endemic for malaria. following the economic crisis at the end of 1998 and the subsequent tsunami and earthquake, in december 2004 and march 2005, respectively, the malaria control programme in the area deteriorated. the present study aims to provide baseline data for the establishment of a suitable malaria control programme in the area and to analyse the frequency distribution of drug resistance alleles associ ...200717760967
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