construction and characterization of a dna probe for distinguishing strains of aspergillus flavus.repetitive dna sequences have proven useful and reliable characters in evaluating genetic relatedness of strains at different levels of taxonomic classification. a dna probe was constructed to distinguish among strains of aspergillus flavus by dna fingerprinting techniques. chromosomal dna of a. flavus var. flavus nrrl 6541 was partially digested with ecori and ligated to a lambda dash bacteriophage vector. four lambda clones were identified which displayed multiple and distinct bands when hybri ...19957793909
soil fungi of some low-altitude desert cotton fields and ability of their extracts to inhibit aspergillus flavus.soil is presumed to be a major source of inoculum for aspergillus flavus which contaminates cottonseed and produces the potent carcinogen, aflatoxin. little is known about the mycoflora of the low desert soils of cotton fields where aflatoxin is a chronic problem. in this study, soils from cotton fields in southwestern arizona and south-eastern california were assayed for filamentous fungi. forty-two taxa, predominantly in the genera aspergillus, penicillium and fusarium, were isolated. to deter ...19989926421
suppression of ochratoxin biosynthesis by naturally occurring alkaloids.the effects of four alkaloids on the biosynthesis of ochratoxin a (ota), ochratoxin b (otb) and citrinin were examined on four ota-producing aspergilli: aspergillus auricomus, a. sclerotiorum and two isolates of a. alliaceus. piperine and piperlongumine, natural alkaloids of piper longum, significantly inhibited ota production at 0.001% (w/v) for all aspergilli examined. piperine and piperlongumine affected the polyketide synthesis step of ota production and inhibited production of citrinin. cur ...200717454112
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