high-resolution dna melt-curve analysis for cost-effective mass screening of pairwise species interactions.ecological studies of pairwise interactions are constrained by the methods available for rapid species identification of the interacting organisms. the resolution of data required to characterize species interaction networks at multiple spatio-temporal scales can be intensive, and therefore laborious and costly to collect. we explore the utility of high-resolution dna melt-curve analysis (hrm) as a rapid species identification method. an approach was developed to identify organisms at the pairwi ...201323875939
sporothrix brunneoviolacea and sporothrix dimorphospora, two new members of the ophiostoma stenoceras-sporothrix schenckii complex.sporothrix inflata is a saprobic member of the ophiostoma stenoceras-sporothrix schenckii species complex, reported mainly from soil. ophiostoma bragantinum, an ascomycete described from brazil, has been proposed as its possible teleomorph. previous studies revealed that sporothrix inflata is phenotypically and genetically variable, suggesting the existence of cryptic species. during a continued survey on the biodiversity of microfungi from different countries, seven isolates morphologically sim ...201020943519
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