first report on trichomonads from true bugs.although the hindgut of some insects represents a rich source of intestinal trichomonads, their diversity is only poorly understood. the aim of the present study was to investigate the presence and abundance of intestinal trichomonads in true bugs (heteroptera). we microscopically examined intestinal contents of more than 780 specimens belonging to 28 families of true bugs from localities in china, ghana and papua new guinea for the presence of intestinal endosymbionts. more than 120 samples wer ...201425065123
design and validation of an oligonucleotide probe for the detection of protozoa from the order trichomonadida using chromogenic in situ hybridization.infections with protozoal parasites of the order trichomonadida are often observed in veterinary medicine. based on the trichomonad species involved these infections are either asymptomatic or can lead to sometimes serious disease. to further study protozoal agents of the order trichomonadida the establishment of a method to detect trichomonads directly in the tissue, allowing parasite-lesion correlation, is necessary. here we describe the design and evaluation of an oligonucleotide probe for ch ...201020395049
morphological and molecular diversity of the monocercomonadid genera monocercomonas, hexamastix, and honigbergiella gen. nov.the family monocercomonadidae (parabasala, trichomonadida) is characterized by the absence of a costa and in most species also of an undulating membrane; both of which are typical structures of trichomonadids. we have examined 25 isolates of monocercomonadidae species by sequencing of the ssu rdna and the its region and by light and transmission electron microscopy. the isolates formed three distinct phylogenetically unrelated clades: (1) monocercomonas colubrorum, (2) monocercomonas ruminantium ...200717499022
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