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suppressive effects by leaves of the dypsis lutescens palm on fat accumulation in 3t3-l1 cells and fat absorption in mice.the methanol extract of dypsis lutescens leaves showed inhibitory effects on lipase activity in vitro and on triglyceride accumulation in 3t3-l1 pre-adipocytes. further experiments using the extract on mice demonstrated a suppressive effect on the postprandial elevation of blood triglyceride level and an anti-obesity effect on obese mice induced by a high-fat diet. d. lutescens will accordingly be useful for preventing obesity.201222232261
parasitoids of gangara thyrsis (fabricius) (lepidoptera: hesperiidae) with description of a new species of agiommatus crawford, 1911 (hymenoptera: pteromalidae) from india with notes on rearing of gangara thyrsis (fabricius) (lepidoptera: hesperiidae) from karnataka and goa, india, six species of parasitoids were observed. one new species of parasitic wasp is described and illustrated: agiommatus thyrsisae n. sp. (hymenoptera: pteromalidae), a solitary parasitoid reared from the egg of g. thyrsis on the natural host plant dypsis lutescens (h. wendl.) beentje & j. dransf. three additional species of parasitic wasps were also reared: anastatus ramakrishnai (mani, 1935) (hymeno ...201627307173
biology and external morphology of immatures of o psiphanes quiteria meridionalis staudinger (lepidoptera: nymphalidae).the genus opsiphanes doubleday occurs in the neotropics. adults belong to the guild of frugivorous butterflies and use as host plants some genera of arecaceae and musaceae. the present study provides information on the biology and describes the external morphology of immatures of the species opsiphanes quiteria meridionalis staudinger obtained from females collected in the atlantic forest of southern bahia, brazil. the development of immatures was monitored and photographed in the laboratory. th ...201626341197
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