natural uranium and thorium distributions in podzolized soils and native blueberry.plant uptake of radionuclides is one of many vectors for introduction of contaminants into the human food chain. thus, it is critical to understand soil-plant relationships that control nuclide bioavailability. our objectives in this study were to (i) determine the extent of u and th uptake and cycling by blueberry (vaccinium pallidum aiton) in native habitat and (ii) identify the soil properties and processes that contribute most to u and th bioavailability in this system. we collected composit ...200211837419
evaluation of vaccinium spp. for illinoia pepperi (hemiptera: aphididae) performance and phenolic acceptance and population parameters of the aphid illinoia pepperi (macgillivray) (hemiptera: aphididae) were measured on highbush blueberry, vaccinium corymbosum l. 'elliott', and the wild species vaccinium boreale hall and aalders, vaccinium tenellum aiton, vaccinium pallidum aiton, vaccinium hirsutum buckley, vaccinium myrsinites lamarck, and vaccinium darrowi camp. after 24 h of exposure, significantly fewer aphids remained in contact with v. boreale and v. hirsutum compared with v. cor ...200616937706
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