is there a role for oligosaccharides in seed longevity? an assessment of intracellular glass stability.we examined whether oligosaccharides extend seed longevity by increasing the intracellular glass stability. for that purpose, we used a spin probe technique to measure the molecular mobility and glass transition temperature of the cytoplasm of impatiens (impatiens walleriana) and bell pepper (capsicum annuum) seeds that were osmo-primed to change oligosaccharide content and longevity. using saturation transfer electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, we found that the rotational correlation ...200010759518
development of efficient plant regeneration and transformation system for impatiens using agrobacterium tumefaciens and multiple bud cultures as explants.impatiens (impatiens walleriana) is a top selling floriculture crop. the potential for genetic transformation of impatiens to introduce novel flower colors or virus resistance has been limited by its general recalcitrance to tissue culture and transformation manipulations. we have established a regeneration and transformation system for impatiens that provides new alternatives to genetic improvement of this crop.201020696066
fusarium foetens, a new species pathogenic to begonia elatior hybrids (begonia x hiemalis) and the sister taxon of the fusarium oxysporum species complex.a new disease recently was discovered in begonia elatior hybrid (begonia × hiemalis) nurseries in the netherlands. diseased plants showed a combination of basal rot, vein yellowing and wilting and the base of collapsing plants was covered by unusually large masses of fusarium macroconidia. a species of fusarium was isolated consistently from the discolored veins of leaves and stems. it differed morphologically from f. begoniae, a known agent of begonia flower, leaf and stem blight. the fusarium ...200421148861
conclusions about niche expansion in introduced impatiens walleriana populations depend on method of analysis.determining the degree to which climate niches are conserved across plant species' native and introduced ranges is valuable to developing successful strategies to limit the introduction and spread of invasive plants, and also has important ecological and evolutionary implications. here, we test whether climate niches differ between native and introduced populations of impatiens walleriana, globally one of the most popular horticultural species. we use approaches based on both raw climate data as ...201021206912
nectar protein content and attractiveness to aedes aegypti and culex pipiens in plants with nectar/insect associations.we chose five easily propagated garden plants previously shown to be attractive to mosquitoes, ants or other insects and tested them for attractiveness to culex pipiens and aedes aegypti. long term imbibition was tested by survival on each plant species. both mosquito species survived best on impatiens walleriana, the common garden impatiens, followed by asclepias curassavica, campsis radicans and passiflora edulis, which sponsored survival as well as the 10% sucrose control. immediate preferenc ...201525792420
remediation and reclamation of soils heavily contaminated with toxic metals as a substrate for greening with ornamental plants and grasses.soils highly contaminated with toxic metals are currently treated as waste despite their potential inherent fertility. we applied edta washing technology featuring chelant and process water recovery for remediation of soil with 4037, 2527, and 26 mg kg(-1) of pb, zn and cd, respectively in a pilot scale. a high edta dose (120 mmol kg(-1) of soil) removed 70%, 15%, and 58% of pb, zn, and cd, respectively, and reduced human oral bioaccessibility of pb below the limit of quantification and that of ...201525577699
emergence of groundnut ringspot virus and tomato chlorotic spot virus in vegetables in florida and the southeastern united states.groundnut ringspot virus (grsv) and tomato chlorotic spot virus (tcsv) are two emerging tospoviruses in florida. in a survey of the southeastern united states, grsv and tcsv were frequently detected in solanaceous crops and weeds with tospovirus-like symptoms in south florida, and occurred sympatrically with tomato spotted wilt virus (tswv) in tomato and pepper in south florida. tswv was the only tospovirus detected in other survey locations, with the exceptions of grsv from tomato (solanum lyco ...201525317844
hydrogen sulphide, a novel gasotransmitter involved in guard cell signalling.hydrogen sulphide (h(2) s) has been proposed as the third gasotransmitter. in animal cells, h(2) s has been implicated in several physiological processes. h(2) s is endogenously synthesized in both animals and plants by enzymes with l-cys desulphydrase activity in the conversion of l-cys to h(2) s, pyruvate and ammonia. the participation of h(2) s in both stomatal movement regulation and abscisic acid (aba)-dependent induction of stomatal closure was studied in epidermal strips of three plant sp ...201020831717
bioavailability assessment and accumulation by five garden flower species grown in artificially cadmium-contaminated soils.many studies have been conducted on phytoextraction; however, non-native hyperaccumulator species are not suitable for the natural environment of taiwan in many cases. drawing upon previous results, the growth and heavy metal accumulation in artificially cadmium-contaminated soils were compared for five local garden flower species. the treatments included a control (ck), 9.73 +/- 0.05 mg kg(-1) (cd-10), and 17.6 +/- 0.8 mg kg(-1) (cd-20). all plants were harvested at 35 days after transplanting ...201021166288
evaluation of application technologies of entomopathogenic nematodes for control of the black vine vine weevil, otiorhynchus sulcatus (f.), is a severe pest of small fruit and nursery crops around the world. these studies were conducted to determine the efficacy of three species of entomopathogenic nematodes (heterorhabditis marelatus, heterorhabditis bacteriophora, and steinernema riobrave) applied in infected host cadavers or as aqueous applications for black vine weevil larval control. experiments were conducted in the greenhouse and outdoors. application of three infected host cadav ...200516539109
mercury uptake and translocation in impatiens walleriana plants grown in the contaminated soil from oak ridge.mercury (hg) contaminated soils from oak ridge, tennessee were investigated for phytoavailability of mercury as measured by degree of hg translocation in aboveground biomass of impatiens walleriana plants grown in the soils. after 90 days of incubation, results revealed a higher concentration of total hg in the leaves than in the flowers or the stems. plants that were grown in the soils with higher hg concentrations showed significantly higher hg uptake and translocation in the aboveground plant ...201121598784
[the colonization of plants by yersinia pestis ev in an experiment].the penetration of y. pestis (strain ev) into the stem of impatiens walleriana via its roots, submerged into microbial suspension, was observed under experimental conditions. this was indicative of the colonization of plants by y. pestis, thus confirming the possibility of their preservation in plants during periods between epizootics at the territories of natural foci.200010925872
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