calcium balance in drakensberg crag lizards (pseudocordylus melanotus melanotus; cordylidae).eight nonreproductive female drakensberg crag lizards (pseudocordylus melanotus melanotus) were each fed diets of mealworms and calcium capsules with various calcium levels. excreta were collected and analyzed for calcium and uric acid content. the amount of calcium in the feces was calculated. the lizards appeared to be able to maintain calcium balance at calcium intakes equivalent to 1.4-5.6% calcium in the dry matter of feed. calcium balance was maintained by adapting intestinal calcium absor ...199910749442
a new lizard malaria parasite plasmodium intabazwe n. sp. (apicomplexa: haemospororida: plasmodiidae) in the afromontane pseudocordylus melanotus (sauria: cordylidae) with a review of african saurian malaria parasites.saurian malaria parasites are diverse apicomplexan blood parasites including the family plasmodiidae mesnil, 1903, and have been studied since the early 1900s. currently, at least 27 species of plasmodium are recorded in african lizards, and to date only two species, plasmodium zonuriae (pienaar, 1962) and plasmodium cordyli telford, 1987, have been reported from the african endemic family cordylidae. this paper presents a description of a new malaria parasite in a cordylid lizard and provides a ...201627502045
life cycle of hepatozoon affluomaloti sp. n. (apicomplexa: haemogregarinidae) in crag lizards (sauria: cordylidae) and in culicine mosquitoes from south africa.a new haemogregarine species hepatozoon affluomaloti sp. n. is described from erythrocytes in the peripheral blood of crag lizards pseudocordylus melanotus (smith) and pseudocordylus subviridis (smith) (sauria: cordylidae) from mountainous regions in the eastern free state, south africa. this species can be distinguished from all other congeners based on its large size, staining properties and life cycle development in its vector, culex (afroculex) lineata (theobald) (diptera: culicidae). mature ...201525960552
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