a new compound from forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl with antiviral effect on rsv.a new compound, 2-(1,4-dihydroxy cyclohexanyl )-acetic acid isolated from the seeds of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl, has been assessed for potent antiviral effect on rsv for the first time in vitro by cell morphology methods. its structure was elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic evidence (ir, ms, 1h-nmr, 13c-nmr). we have trivially named it rengynic acid.200215277088
[studies on callus growth and phillyrin accumulation of forsythia suspensa].to investigate the effects of physical and chemical factors on callus growth and phillyrin contents of f. suspensa.200315139138
[fingerprint analyses of fructus forsythiae].to provide application basis of the forsythia suspensa by studying the difference of hplc-fp of f. suspensa fructification (medicinal materials).200212774326
[study on quality evaluation of forsythia suspensa with grey pattern recognition].in this paper, based on the grey relative relation grade, a new pattern recognition model for quality evaluation of traditional chinese medicine was presented. as an example, the model was used to evaluate the quality of forsythia suspensa, the results are satisfactory.200012575279
[studies on chemical constituents of forsythia suspensa (thunb) vahl].to study the chemical constituents of forsythia suspensa.199912205888
two new caffeyol glycosides from forsythia suspensa.two new caffeoyl glycosides of phenethyl alcohol, suspensaside a (1) and suspensaside b (2), were isolated from the fruits of forsythia suspensa. also obtained in this investigation were two known compounds forsythiaside (3) and suspensaside (4). the structures of compounds 1 and 2 were established by id and 2d nmr techniques and chemical methods.199911523554
dammarane derivatives from the dried fruits of forsythia suspensa.anti-inflammatory activity guided fractionation of the n-hexane soluble fraction of a 70% aqueous methanolic extract of the dried fruits of forsythia suspensa afforded two new triterpenes. the structures of these compounds were elucidated as 3beta-acetyl-20,25-epoxydammarane-24alpha-ol (1) and 3beta-acetyl-20,25-epoxydammarane-24beta-ol (2) on the basis of spectral data interpretation as well as by comparison with those of structurally similar compounds.200111324910
a new furofuran mono-lactone from forsythia suspensa.a new furofuran mono-lactone, named forsythenin, was isolated from the fruits of forsythia suspensa, together with the known compounds, ocotillone, ocotillol monoacetate, (6'-o-palmitoyl)-sitosterol-3-o-beta-d-glucoside and palmitic acid. the structure of the new compound was elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic means and x-ray crystallography.199911254035
inhibition of low density lipoprotein oxidation by tetrahydrofurofuran lignans from forsythia suspensa and magnolia coco.based on the inhibition of cu(2+)-induced ldl oxidation as marker, the major antioxidants in the fruits of forsythia suspensa and the stems of magnolia coco were identified. of these bioactive tetrahydrofurofuran lignans, pinoresinol, phillygenin, and syringaresinol were more potent than probucol. sesamin and fargesin, which do not contain phenol groups, were found much less active.199910630110
new quinoid glycosides from forsythia suspensathree novel compounds, suspenolic acid (1), forsythenside a (2), and forsythenside b (3), have been isolated from the fruits of forsythia suspensa. their structures were elucidated by spectral methods and chemical reactions.19989548879
anti-emetic principles of inula linariaefolia flowers and forsythia suspensa fruits.the anti-emetic effects of 40 extracts made from 12 traditional chinese herbal drugs were examined. ten extracts inhibited emesis induced by copper sulfate pentahydrate; all were administered orally, and one extract inhibited emesis induced by apomorphine hydrochloride given to leopard and ranid frogs. taraxasteryl palmitate and acetate, bigelovin and dihydrobigelovin were isolated from the chcl(3) extract of inula linariaefolia flowers, and identified as the active antiemetic agents when emesis ...199623194861
ole e i: epitope mapping, cross-reactivity with other oleaceae pollens and ultrastructural localization.ole e i is the major allergen derived from olive tree pollen (olea europaea) and it is composed of two polypeptides with molecular weights (mws) of 18 and 20 kd. a panel of six monoclonal antibodies (mabs) has been prepared and used to map antigenic determinants on this molecule. four epitope determinants have been identified on ole e i. using the purified mabs produced against ole e i, we have analyzed the common epitope determinants in olive (o. europaea) and different oleaceae pollens: ash (f ...19947515294
on the stereoselective synthesis of (+)-pinoresinol in forsythia suspensa from its achiral precursor, coniferyl alcohol.the residue from forsythia suspensa stems, upon removal of soluble enzymes, has provided the first evidence for a stereoselective coupling enzyme in lignan biosynthesis. this preparation catalyses the preferred formation (ca 65%) of (+)-[8,8'-14c]pinoresinol from [8-14c]coniferyl alcohol in the absence of exogenously provided cofactors; addition of h2o2 had little effect on enantiomeric composition. however, when nad and malate were supplied, the stereoselectivity of the coupling reaction was si ...199211536515
[hplc analysis of the active ingredients of forsythia suspensa].forsythia suspensa is a widely used traditional chinese herb. because of the need to evaluate its quality, a hplc method was developed to analyze the active ingredients in its fruits and leaves. one g of powdered plant material was cold macerated over-night with 10 ml of methanol added then supersonic extracted for 20 min. four ml of the extract were mixed with 1 ml of water, centrifuged (400 x g, 15 min), and then analyzed by hplc with a nucleosil c--18 column. the mobile phase for gradient elu ...19921481677
[antibacterial constituents of the unripe fruit of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl]. 19883197218
[studies on chemical constituents of the seeds of forsythia suspensa i--isolation and identification of liposoluble components]. 19836222811
studies on the chinese crude drug "forsythiae fructus." vi. the structure and antibacterial activity of suspensaside isolated from forsythia suspensa. 19827168874
[a study of the bacteriostatic principle isolated from forsythia suspensa vahl. (lien-chiao)]. 196013787554
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