methylobacterium platani sp. nov., isolated from a leaf of the tree platanus orientalis.a novel bacterial strain, designated pmb02(t), was isolated from a leaf of the tree platanus orientalis. colonies grown on tyg agar plates were circular, pink-pigmented and slow-growing, being 0.2-1.5 mm in diameter after 3 days growth. the cells of strain pmb02(t) were gram-negative, aerobic, motile rods that possessed oxidase and catalase activities and grew at 20-30 degrees c, ph 6-8 and in media containing less than 1 % nacl. the major respiratory quinone was identified as q-10. a phylogenet ...200718048737
[isolation of cryptococcus neoformans from living tree trunk hollows in denizli city center, turkey].cryptococcus neoformans is a basidiomycetous yeast leading to life-threatening infections in human and animals. it has been isolated from decaying hollows and fissures from various tree species in different parts of the world. the isolation of the yeast from the environment is less in the eastern part of mediterranean area. only one c. neoformans strain from debris of eucalyptus camaldulensis in the blossoming period, has been reported by consecutive studies done in suspected areas since the las ...201020455402
vegetation geography of western part of elmacik mountain, turkey.the study examines the western part of elmacik mountain from the perspective of vegetation geography. research area is within the phytogeographical region of euro-siberian that is among the flora and phytogeographical region of turkey. according to turkey's grid square system, the research area is located in the a3 square. the main elements of forest formation consist of fagus orientalis, abies nordmanniana subspp. bommuelleriana, pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana, pinus sylvestris, quercus spp., pl ...201223424832
determinants of stomatal sluggishness in ozone-exposed deciduous tree species.our knowledge of ozone effects on dynamic stomatal response is still limited, especially in asian tree species. we thus examined ozone effects on steady-state leaf gas exchange and stomatal dynamics in three common tree species of china (ailanthus altissima, fraxinus chinensis and platanus orientalis). seedlings were grown and were exposed to three levels of ozone in open-top chambers (42, 69, 100 nmol mol(-1) daylight average, from 09:00 to 18:00). at steady-state, ozone exposure induced an unc ...201424631608
useful known and unknown views of the father of modern medicine, hippocrates and his teacher democritus.hippocrates is considered to be the father of modern medicine because in his books, which are more than 70. he described in a scientific manner, many diseases and their treatment after detailed observation. he lived about 2400 years ago. he was born in the island of kos and died at the outskirts of larissa at the age of 104. hippocrates taught and wrote under the shade of a big plane tree, its descendant now is believed to be 500 years old, the oldest tree in europe--platanus orientalis hippocra ...200818392218
biotransformation of betulinic and betulonic acids by fungi.betulinic acid (1), a triterpenoid found in many plant species, has attracted attention due to its important pharmacological properties, such as anti-cancer and anti-hiv activities. the closely related, betulonic acid (2) also has similar properties. in order to obtain derivatives potentially useful for detailed pharmacological studies, both compounds were submitted to incubations with selected microorganisms. in this work, both were individually metabolized by the fungi arthrobotrys, chaetophom ...200717258248
cytotoxic activity of kaempferol glycosides against human leukaemic cell lines in vitro.two kaempferol coumaroyl glycosides (i.e. platanoside and tiliroside) isolated from the methanolic extract of platanus orientalis l. buds, were examined for their in vitro cytotoxic activity against a panel of human leukaemic cell lines. platanoside (1) exhibited cytotoxic activity against most of the cell lines tested, while tiliroside (2) was active against two of the nine tested cell lines. compound 1, was examined for its effect on the uptake of [(3)h]thymidine as a marker of dna synthesis. ...200010712831
bioactive compounds from the buds of platanus orientalis and isolation of a new kaempferol glycoside.a new compound kaempferol 3-o-alpha-l-(2"-e-p-coumaroyl)-rhamnopyranoside, as well as the known flavonoids, kaempferol 3-o-beta-d-(6"-e-p-coumaroyl)-glucopyranoside, kaempferol 3-o-alpha-l-(2",3"-di-e-p-coumaroyl)-rhamnopyranoside, and caffeic acid were obtained from the methanolic extract of platanus orientalis l. buds. all the compounds were isolated by column chromatography and identified using 1h-nmr, 2d-1h-nmr (cosy), 1h-13c-nmr, and cidms techniques. cytotoxic and antimicrobial studies wer ...19938302950
indicating atmospheric sulfur by means of s-isotope in leaves of the plane, osmanthus and camphor trees.foliar δ(34)s values of three soil-growing plant species (platanus orientalis l., osmanthus fragrans l. and cinnamomum camphora) have been analyzed to indicate atmospheric sulfur. the foliar δ(34)s values of the three plant species averaged -3.11±1.94‰, similar to those of both soil sulfur (-3.73±1.04‰) and rainwater sulfate (-3.07±2.74‰). this may indicate that little isotopic fractionation had taken place in the process of sulfur uptake by root or leaves. the δ(34)s values changed little in th ...201222243850
xylem embolism alleviated by ion-mediated increase in hydraulic conductivity of functional xylem: insights from field measurements.recent studies have shown that, in some species, xylem hydraulic conductivity (k(h)) increases with increasing cation concentration of xylem sap. evidence indicates that k(h) increases as a result of the de-swelling of pit membrane pectins caused by cation neutralization of polygalacturonanes. we tested whether this ionic effect partly compensates for the embolism-induced loss of stem hydraulic conductivity (plc) by increasing k(h) of functioning conduits. we report changes in plc, leaf water st ...200818708332
biosynthesis of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets and their in vitro cytotoxicity against cardiac cell lines of catla catla.this work reports a one-step simple synthesis method for functionalized reduced graphene oxide (rgo) nanosheets by a platanus orientalis leaf extract polyphenol-mediated deoxygenation of graphene oxide (go). microscopic and spectroscopic characterization revealed the successful deoxygenation of go and subsequent stabilization by oxidized polyphenols of plant extract. x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, raman spectroscopy, and x-ray diffraction analyses were used to examine the reduction of go. fou ...201627770659
cloning and expression of cyclophilin from platanus orientalis pollens in escherichia coli.allergy is a clinical disorder affecting the human population with wide geographical distribution. platanus orientalis (p. orientalis) trees are planted in many countries and their pollen causes allergic reactions. cyclophilin has recently been identified as one of the most important allergens of p. orientalis pollen. we aimed to clone and purify this allergen in escherichia coli for further studies and therapeutic and diagnostic purposes for allergy to p. orientalis .201226989705
efficient expression of a soluble lipid transfer protein (ltp) of platanus orientalis using short peptide tags and structural comparison with the natural form.successful recombinant allergen-based immunotherapy has drawn a great deal of attention to use recombinant allergens for new therapeutic and/or diagnostic strategies. the escherichia coli expression system is frequently used to produce recombinant allergens; however, protein expression in e. coli often results in inclusion bodies. here, we focused on the expression of two recombinant soluble forms of pla or 3 using solubility-enhancing peptide tags, human immune deficiency virus type 1 transacti ...201524750344
trees as bioindicator of heavy metal pollution in three european cities.concentrations of four heavy metals were determined in tree leaves and bark collected from polluted and non-polluted areas of three european cities (salzburg, belgrade and thessaloniki) for a comparative study. platanus orientalis l. and pinus nigra arn., widespread in urban northern and southern europe, were tested for their suitability for air quality biomonitoring. leaves and barks were collected uniformly of an initial quantity of about 30 g of each sample. analysis was accomplished by elect ...201121907471
effect of wood hardness and secondary compounds on feeding preference of odontotermes formosanus (isoptera: termitidae).odontotermes formosanus (shiraki) (isoptera: termitidae) is one of the most destructive plant pests in china, which control relies mainly on baits strategies. baits made from the wood of eight different tree species were used to study the feeding preference of this termite, and conversely wood protection strategies of the tree species. three bait types were used to identify wood protection strategies: solid wood (physical and chemical protection), crude flour (chemical protection) made from grou ...201121735905
site properties for crimean juniper (juniperus excelsa) in semi-natural forests of south western anatolia, turkey.we explored the semi-natural forests in south western anatolia along a gradient between mediterranean and continental climates to determine the site requirements of juniperus excelsa in turkey. we hypothesized that environmental variables and indicator species can be used to predict differences in occurrence and cover of j. excelsa and can therefore support decision making in reforestation management planning. plant species composition and environmental variables were assessed in 153 plots. asso ...201020648818
the impact of blue light on leaf mesophyll light has many direct and indirect effects on photosynthesis. the impact of blue light on mesophyll conductance (g(m)), one of the main diffusive limitation to photosynthesis, was investigated in leaves of nicotiana tabacum and platanus orientalis, characterized by high and low g(m), respectively. leaves were exposed to blue light fractions between 0% and 80% of incident light intensity (300 micromol photons m(-2) s(-1)), the other fraction being supplied as red light. leaves exposed to blu ...200919395388
biological method to quantify progressive stages of decay in five commercial woods by coriolus versicolor.biologic agar-block method was developed that allowed wood samples to be evaluated and monitored in terms of colonization and development of the decay by basidiomycetes fungi (coriolus versicolor) and to be directly classified based on mean mass loss. in this research, the in vitro decay of five commercial woods by coriolus versicolor was studied by the agar-block method. the selected wood samples were abies alba, populus alba, fagus orientalis, platanus orientalis and ulmus glabra. the results ...200719070053
diurnal and seasonal variations in leaf hydraulic conductance in evergreen and deciduous trees.we studied changes in the hydraulic conductance of leaves (k(leaf)) between dawn and dusk during the growth period (july) and at midday at the beginning of autumn in four tree species. the main objectives of the study were to check the extent of diurnal and seasonal changes in k(leaf) and the relationships between k(leaf), irradiance and leaf gas exchange. two evergreen (aleurites moluccana and persea americana) and two deciduous trees (platanus orientalis and quercus rubra) were studied. leaf h ...200515687099
cytotoxic activity of kaempferol glycosides against human leukaemic cell lines in vitro.two kaempferol coumaroyl glycosides (i.e. platanoside and tiliroside) isolated from the methanolic extract of platanus orientalis l. buds, were examined for their in vitro cytotoxic activity against a panel of human leukaemic cell lines. platanoside (1) exhibited cytotoxic activity against most of the cell lines tested, while tiliroside (2) was active against two of the nine tested cell lines. compound 1, was examined for its effect on the uptake of [(3)h]thymidine as a marker of dna synthesis. ...200010600274
cytotoxicity against human leukemic cell lines, and the activity on the expression of resistance genes of flavonoids from platanus orientalis.the cytotoxic activity of three flavonoids, belonging to the kaempherol series, was evaluated against 15 human leukemic cell lines. flavonoids bearing acyl substituants, 2 and 3, were found to be the most active compounds. a further compound, 1, was examined for its ability to modulate the expression of mdr-1 and gst-pi resistance genes and compounds 2 and 3 for their effect on the uptake of [3h]-thymidine as a marker of dna synthesis.199910470152
antinociceptive study of extracts of platanus orientalis leaves in mice.platanus orientalis l. (platanaceae) is a medicinal tree used in iranian folklore and traditional medicine as a pain and inflammation reliever. in this study, the polyphenolic and total extract of p. orientalis leaves were prepared and their antinociceptive effects were studied in mice using the acetic acid-induced writhing, formalin and light tail flick tests. both hydroalcoholic and polyphenolic extracts of p. orientalis at a dose of 2 g/kg significantly (p<0.05) reduced acetic acid-induced ab ...201122224096
increased thermostability of thylakoid membranes in isoprene-emitting leaves probed with three biophysical techniques.three biophysical approaches were used to get insight into increased thermostability of thylakoid membranes in isoprene-emittingplants.arabidopsis (arabidopsis thaliana) plants genetically modified to make isoprene and platanus orientalis leaves, in which isoprene emission was chemically inhibited, were used. first, in the circular dichroism spectrum the transition temperature of the main band at 694 nm was higher in the presence of isoprene, indicating that the heat stability of chiral macrodom ...201121807886
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