lipopolysaccharide o side chain of yersinia enterocolitica o:3 is an essential virulence factor in an orally infected murine model.the rfb gene cluster of yersinia enterocolitica o:3, responsible for the biosynthesis of the o side chain, was previously cloned, and a y. enterocolitica o:3 side chain-specific bacteriophage (phi yeo3-12) was isolated (a. al-hendy, p. toivanen, and m. skurnik, microb. pathog. 10:47-59, 1991). this paper describes the isolation and characterization of the bacteriophage phi yeo3-12-resistant mutant of y. enterocolitica o:3, yeo3-r2. lipopolysaccharide isolated from yeo3-r2 lacked the o side chain ...19921311707
bacteriophage phiyeo3-12, specific for yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3, is related to coliphages t3 and t7.bacteriophage phiyeo3-12 is a lytic phage of yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3. the phage receptor is the lipopolysaccharide o chain of this serotype that consists of the rare sugar 6-deoxy-l-altropyranose. a one-step growth curve of phiyeo3-12 revealed eclipse and latent periods of 15 and 25 min, respectively, with a burst size of about 120 pfu per infected cell. in electron microscopy phiyeo3-12 virions showed pentagonal outlines, indicating their icosahedral nature. the phage capsid was sh ...200010960095
complete genomic sequence of the lytic bacteriophage phiyeo3-12 of yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3.phiyeo3-12 is a t3-related lytic bacteriophage of yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3. the nucleotide sequence of the 39,600-bp linear double-stranded dna (dsdna) genome was determined. the phage genome has direct terminal repeats of 232 bp, a gc content of 50.6%, and 54 putative genes, which are all transcribed from the same dna strand. functions were assigned to 30 genes based on the similarity of the predicted products to known proteins. a striking feature of the phiyeo3-12 genome is its ext ...200111222590
expression of heterologous o-antigen in yersinia pestis kim does not affect virulence by the intravenous route.all strains of yersinia pestis examined have been found to lack an o-antigen. in other members of the enterobacteriaceae, the rough phenotype often results in attenuation. however, y. pestis is the aetiological agent of bubonic plague. in evolving from the ancestral enteropathogenic yersinia pseudotuberculosis, and with the development of an arthropod-vectored systemic pathogenesis, smooth lps production is not necessary for y. pestis virulence and the metabolic burden has been alleviated by ina ...200312676866
nonessential genes of phage phiyeo3-12 include genes involved in adaptation to growth on yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3.bacteriophage phiyeo3-12 is a t7/t3-related lytic phage that naturally infects yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3 strains by using the lipopolysaccharide o polysaccharide (o antigen) as its receptor. the phage genome is a 39,600-bp-long linear, double-stranded dna molecule that contains 58 genes. the roles of many of the genes are currently unknown. to identify nonessential genes, the isolated phage dna was subjected to mua transposase-catalyzed in vitro transposon insertion mutagenesis with a ...200515687205
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