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setlow rb: ergosterol and substitutes for the ultraviolet radiation requirement for conidia formation in stemphylium solani. 19685689477
ergosterol and the ultraviolet requirement for production of conidia in stemphylium solani. 19676068731
eric and rep-pcr banding patterns and sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer of rdna of stemphylium solani isolates from cotton.the genetic diversity of the stemphylium solani isolates from cotton was assessed by enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus (eric) and repetitive extragenic palindromes (rep)-pcr fingerprinting. twenty eight monosporic isolates of s. solani from cotton were used along with five isolates from tomato and one isolate of alternaria macrospora from cotton for comparison. the dendrogram obtained revealed clear differences between the cotton and tomato isolates as well as between the tomato is ...200211927982
eric- and rep-pcr amplify non-repetitive fragments from the genome of drechslera avenae and stemphylium the present study, the homology relationships among fragments amplified by eric (enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus) and rep (repetitive extragenic palindromic) primers in drechslera avenae and stemphylium solani causing leaf blotch and black spot of oats and leaf blight of cotton, respectively, were investigated by southern hybridization followed by dna sequencing. eric- and rep-pcr were performed for 24 isolates of d. avenae and 33 isolates of s. solani. the banding patterns ob ...200212052550
antimicrobial activity and the major components of the essential oil of plectranthus cylindraceus.the traditional uses of the aerial parts of fresh plectranthus cylindraceus by the dhofaris in oman were investigated on the basis of antimicrobial properties and composition of its herb oil.200717897226
fungal sensitivity to and enzymatic degradation of the phytoanticipin alpha-tomatine.abstract alpha-tomatine, synthesized by lycopersicon and some solanum species, is toxic to a broad range of fungi, presumably because it binds to 3beta-hydroxy sterols in fungal membranes. several fungal pathogens of tomato have previously been shown to be tolerant of this glycoalkaloid and to possess enzymes thought to be involved in its detoxification. in the current study, 23 fungal strains were examined for their ability to degrade alpha-tomatine and for their sensitivity to this compound an ...199818944982
molecular cloning, functional analysis and localization of a novel gene encoding polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein in chorispora bungeana.polygalacturonase-inhibiting proteins (pgips) are plant defense proteins. to date, no spatial distribution of pgips and interaction between pgips and nitric oxide (no) in plant were described. here, we first reported the full-length cdna sequence of pgip of chorispora bungeana (cbpgip1). notably, immunofluorescence localization showed that the cbpgip was evenly distributed in leaves but it was mainly localized in epidermis and vascular bundle in stems and roots. further studies indicated that cb ...200919885675
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