identical digeneans in coral reef fishes from french polynesia and the great barrier reef (australia) demonstrated by morphology and molecules.three coral reef fish species, zanclus cornutus, chaetodon vagabundus and naso lituratus, were collected in french polynesia and on the great barrier reef, queensland. these fish species were each infected by one morphologically similar digenean species in both localities; schistorchis zancli hanson, 1953 was found in zanclus cornutus, preptetos laguncula bray and cribb, 1996 in naso lituratus and neohypocreadium dorsoporum machida and uchida, 1987 in chaetodon vagabundus. in addition, on the gr ...200111730783
dactylogyrids (platyhelminthes: monogenoidea) parasitizing butterfly fishes (teleostei: chaetodontidae) from the coral reefs of palau, moorea, wallis, new caledonia, and australia: species of euryhaliotrematoides n. gen. and aliatrema n. species of euryhaliotrematoides n. gen. and 1 species of aliatrema n. gen. (monogenoidea; dactylogyridae) are described and reported from the gills of 15 species of butterfly fishes (chaetodontidae) from the coral reefs of moorea (french polynesia), wallis (wallis and futuna), heron and lizard (australia), palau (micronesia), and new caledonia: aliatrema cribbi n. sp. from chaetodon auriga, chaetodon lunula, chaetodon trifasciatus, chaetodon ulietensis, chaetodon vagabundus, forcipiger fla ...200415165056
morphometric and molecular characterisation of four new ceratomyxa species (myxosporea: bivalvulida: ceratomyxidae) from fishes off lizard island, australia.four new species of ceratomyxa thélohan, 1892 are described from the gall bladders of fishes collected off lizard island, australia. these species are characterised using a combination of morphometric and molecular data. ceratomyxa bartholomewae sp. n. is described from hyporhamphus dussumieri (valenciennes) (family hemirhamphidae); c. koieae sp. n. is described from sphyraena forsteri cuvier (family sphyraenidae); c. pantherini sp. n. is described from bothus pantherinus (rüppell) (family bothi ...201020449994
permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 may 2009-31 july 2009.this article documents the addition of 512 microsatellite marker loci and nine pairs of single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) sequencing primers to the molecular ecology resources database. loci were developed for the following species: alcippe morrisonia morrisonia, bashania fangiana, bashania fargesii, chaetodon vagabundus, colletes floralis, coluber constrictor flaviventris, coptotermes gestroi, crotophaga major, cyprinella lutrensis, danaus plexippus, fagus grandifolia, falco tinnunculus, fle ...200921564933
persistence of self-recruitment and patterns of larval connectivity in a marine protected area network.the use of marine protected area (mpa) networks to sustain fisheries and conserve biodiversity is predicated on two critical yet rarely tested assumptions. individual mpas must produce sufficient larvae that settle within that reserve's boundaries to maintain local populations while simultaneously supplying larvae to other mpa nodes in the network that might otherwise suffer local extinction. here, we use genetic parentage analysis to demonstrate that patterns of self-recruitment of two reef fis ...201222423335
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