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dactylogyrids (platyhelminthes: monogenoidea) parasitizing butterfly fishes (teleostei: chaetodontidae) from the coral reefs of palau, moorea, wallis, new caledonia, and australia: species of euryhaliotrematoides n. gen. and aliatrema n. species of euryhaliotrematoides n. gen. and 1 species of aliatrema n. gen. (monogenoidea; dactylogyridae) are described and reported from the gills of 15 species of butterfly fishes (chaetodontidae) from the coral reefs of moorea (french polynesia), wallis (wallis and futuna), heron and lizard (australia), palau (micronesia), and new caledonia: aliatrema cribbi n. sp. from chaetodon auriga, chaetodon lunula, chaetodon trifasciatus, chaetodon ulietensis, chaetodon vagabundus, forcipiger fla ...200415165056
specialist corallivores dominate butterflyfish assemblages in coral-dominated reef habitats.this study examined the dietary habits and functional composition of butterflyfishes in the chagos archipelago, central indian ocean. eighteen species of butterflyfishes were recorded in chagos, including six obligate corallivores (chaetodon bennetti, chaetodon guttatissimus, chaetodon meyeri, chaetodon trifascialis, chaetodon trifasciatus and chaetodon zanzibarensis), five facultative corallivores (chaetodon auriga, chaetodon falcula, chaetodon interruptus, chaetodon kleinii and chaetodon madag ...201323557298
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