the cytoplasmic inclusions of the aging neurones of the frog, rana tigrina. 195713523657
a critical estimate of the vertebrate tail with special reference to the frog rana tigrina daud. 195613378796
pregnancy test: seasonal variations in the response of the male frog rana tigrina. 195514367835
studies on chromatophorotropic hormone of the pituitary gland. iii. the influence of melanophore hormone upon the synthesis of melanin pigments in the skin of frogs (rana tigrina). 195313142676
[biological diagnosis of pregnancy; the galli-mainini test with the male rana tigrina boulenger]. 195213044407
the carotid labyrinth of rana tigrina. 195114843194
a peculiar case of venous abnormality in the common indian frog rana tigrina (daud). 194915393874
unique case of arterial abnormality in rana tigrina daud. 194818933005
the action of nicotinic acid on the heart of rana tigrina. 194620291447
on some effects of the constituents of ringer's circulating fluid on the plain muscle of rana tigrina. 190416992716
rapid diagnosis of largemouth bass ranavirus in fish samples using the loop-mediated isothermal amplification method.largemouth bass ranavirus (lmbv) has been recognized as the causative pathogen responsible for infectious skin ulcerative syndrome in cultured largemouth bass in china. a fast and simple lmbv detection method is urgently needed. here, a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) assay was established for the detection of this virus using primers targeting the major capsid protein gene of lmbv. the amplification conditions were optimized; the assay was specific for the diagnosis of lmbv, as th ...202032268179
effect of chlorine dioxide and phosphates on the quality of tiger frog (rana tigrina) meat during 4 °c storage.tiger frog (rana tigrina) meat is extremely perishable. this study investigated the antimicrobial efficacy of chlorine dioxide (clo2 ) on frog meat, optimized the formulation of a phosphate-based enhancement solution by response surface methodology (rsm), and determined the quality parameters (i.e., total aerobic counts [tac], ph, drip loss, cooking loss, color measurements, shear force, total volatile basic nitrogen [tvb-n], and thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances [tbars]) of refrigerated f ...202032249422
histamine liberators and melanophores of rana tigrina. 19674382178
studies on the carotid body in the frog rana tigrina daud. 19665990651
roles of extracellular matrix components in tiger frog virus attachment to fathead minnow (pimephales promelas) cells.tiger frog virus (tfv) belongs to the genus ranavirus (family iridoviridae) and causes significant harm in cultured frogs, resulting in substantial losses in ecological and economic field in southern china. attachment is the first step in viral life cycle, which is dependent on the interactions of virions with extracellular matrix (ecm) components. studying this process will help in understanding virus infection and controlling viral diseases. in this study, the roles of primary ecm components i ...202032976972
the combined effects of temperature and aromatase inhibitor on metamorphosis, growth, locomotion, and sex ratio of tiger frog (hoplobatrachus rugulosus) tadpoles.the tiger frog (hoplobatrachus rugulosus) is widely raised by many farms in southern region of china as an economically edible frog. the growth, development, and sexual differentiation of amphibians are influenced by temperature and steroid hormone level. however, the problem of hormone residues is caused by the addition of exogenous hormones in frog breeding, it is worth considering whether non-sterol aromatase inhibitors can be used instead of hormones.202032219039
microbial community structures and important associations between soil nutrients and the responses of specific taxa to rice-frog cultivation.rice-frog cultivation is a traditional farming system in china and has been reintroduced as an agricultural practice in china in recent years. the microbial community in paddy rhizospheric soils has attracted much attention because many microorganisms participate in functional processes in soils. in this study, illumina miseq sequencing-based techniques were used to investigate soil microbial communities and functional gene patterns across samples obtained by conventional rice cultivation (cr) a ...201931440215
tiger frog virus orf104r interacts with cellular vdac2 to inhibit cell apoptosis.ranaviruses belong to the family iridoviridae, and have become a serious threat to both farmed and natural populations of fish and amphibians. previous reports showed that ranaviruses could encode viral bcl-2 family-like proteins (vbcl-2), which play a critical role in the regulation of cell apoptosis. however, the mechanism of ranaviruses vbcl-2 interactions with host protein in mediating apoptosis remains unknown. tiger frog virus (tfv) belonging to the genus ranavirus has been isolated from i ...201931299465
development and characterization of 33 microsatellite loci for the tiger frog hoplobatrachus rugulosus (wiegmann 1834) through transcriptome sequencing.the tiger frog hoplobatrachus rugulosus (wiegmann 1834) is a large robust dicroglossid frog widely distributed in southern china, malaysia, myanmar, vietnam and thailand. the escaped bred tiger frog introduced from thailand hybridized with chinese native population may have affected the genetic diversity of local chinese tiger frogs. however, previous microsatellite loci of this species do not offer enough information to construct the genetic map. here, we reported 33 new microsatellite loci fro ...201830574879
studies on the life cycle of pleurogenoides wayanadensis shinad & prasadan, 2018 (digenea: pleurogenidae) from the western ghats, india.the life cycle of pleurogenoides wayanadensis shinad & prasadan, 2018, infecting the frogs hoplobatrachus tigerinus and euphlyctis cyanophlyctis, is elucidated in this study. all the life cycle stages from egg to egg-producing adults were elucidated under natural conditions and successfully established in the laboratory. the life cycle took about 58 to 65 days for completion. miracidia were released by teasing the eggs with fine needles. sporocysts were found in the freshwater snail, bithynia (d ...202032985400
two new species of pleurogenoides (luhe, 1901) travassos, 1921 (digenea: pleurogenidae) infecting two species of frogs of the western ghats, india.two new species of digenetic trematodes of the genus pleurogenoides infecting the freshwater frogs, euphlyctis cyanophlyctis and hoplobatrachus tigerinus inhabiting the western ghats, india are described and illustrated. pleurogenoides euphlycti n. sp. and p. wayanadensis n. sp. are separated from their congeners on the basis of differences in the morphology and morphometry. the prevalence of infection of p. euphlycti n. sp. in e. cyanophlyctis is 8.99% and in h. tigerinus 12.5% and the intensit ...201829491572
cosmocerca bengalensis sp. nov. (nematoda: cosmocercidae) in hoplobatrachus tigerinus (daudin, 1803) (amphibia, anura, dicroglossidae) from west bengal, india.cosmocerca bengalensis sp. nov. (ascaridida, cosmocercidae) recovered from the rectum of an indian bullfrog, hoplobatrachus tigerinus (daudin, 1803), collected from hetampur town in birbhum district of west bengal, india, is described and illustrated. this species is similar to c. acanthurum, c. banyulensis, c. cruzi, c. japonica, c. kalesari, c. microhylae, c. novaeguineae, c. ornata, c. paraguayensis, c. parva, c. podicipinus and c. travassosi in having 5 pairs of plectanes supporting preanal ...201830367756
what's for dinner? diet and potential trophic impact of an invasive anuran hoplobatrachus tigerinus on the andaman archipelago.amphibian invasions have considerable detrimental impacts on recipient ecosystems. however, reliable risk analysis of invasive amphibians still requires research on more non-native amphibian species. an invasive population of the indian bullfrog, hoplobatrachus tigerinus, is currently spreading on the andaman archipelago and may have significant trophic impacts on native anurans through competition and predation. we carried out diet analyses of the invasive h. tigerinus and native anurans, acros ...201830310745
asian bullfrog (rana tigerina) skin gelatin extracted by ultrasound-assisted process: characteristics and in-vitro cytotoxicity.impact of ultrasound-assisted process (uap) on yield and characteristics of asian bullfrog (rana tigerina) skin gelatin was studied and the in-vitro cytotoxicity of the resulting frog skin gelatin was evaluated using caco-2, raw264.7 and l929 cell lines. different ultrasonication modes (5 min on-time with 25 min off-time (5/25) and 10 min on-time with 50 min off-times (10/50)) were implemented for different total ultrasonication times (10-60 min) during gelatin extraction at 55 °c. uap could eff ...202031954782
the use of fish and herptiles in traditional folk therapies in three districts of chenab riverine area in punjab, botanical taxa, various species of animals are also used in traditional and modern health care systems. present study was intended with the aim to document the traditional uses of herptile and fish species among the local communities in the vicinity of the river chenab, punjab pakistan.202032580733
protein a from orange-spotted grouper nervous necrosis virus triggers type i interferon production in fish nodaviridae consists of two genera: alphanodavirus and betanodavirus, and the latter is classified into four genotypes, including red-spotted grouper nervous necrosis virus, tiger puffer nervous necrosis virus, striped jack nervous necrosis virus, and barfin flounder nervous necrosis virus. type i interferons (ifns) play a central role in the innate immune system and antiviral responses, and the interactions between ifn and nnv have been investigated in this study. we have found that the ...201829733958
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