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pollen calendar of the city of salamanca (spain). aeropalynological analysis for 1981-1982 and 1991-1992.we report a study on the contents of airborne pollen in the city of salamanca (spain) aimed at establishing a pollen calendar for the city for the yearly periods of maximum concentrations, relating these with quantifiable atmospheric variables over two two-year periods with an interval of 10 years between them: 1981-82 and 1991-92. the pollen was captured with burkard spore-traps, based on hirst's volumetric method. determinations were made daily and were used to make preparations, previously st ...19989885728
kinetic analysis of the k(+)-selective outward rectifier in arabidopsis mesophyll cells: a comparison with other plant species.this paper gives a kinetic analysis of the k(+)-selective outward-rectifier (ik,out) in the plasma membrane of arabidopsis thaliana mesophyll cells in terms of the hodgkin-huxley formalism. we compared the kinetic characteristics of ik,out in arabidopsis with ik,out channels in three other plant species that were subjected to a similar analysis: tobacco suspension cells, vicia faba guard cells and plantago media root cells. because the activation kinetics of ik,out shows a clear voltage dependen ...200010795316
localization of deposited polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in leaves of plantago.after deposition to foliage, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) may remain on the leaf surface, accumulate in the cuticular wax, or diffuse into the remaining interior of the plant. in a field study, the location of deposited pahs in the leaves of two plantago species was determined. to this aim, leaves of plantago major and plantago media were divided into three fractions. first, the leaves were washed (wash-off fraction), then cuticular wax was extracted (wax fraction). finally, the remai ...200111337876
differential responses of antioxidative enzymes and lipid peroxidation to salt stress in salt-tolerant plantago maritima and salt-sensitive plantago media.the changes in plant growth, relative water content (rwc), stomatal conductance, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system in relation to the tolerance to salt stress were investigated in salt-tolerant plantago maritima and salt-sensitive plantago media. the 60 days old p. maritima and p. media seedlings were subjected to 0, 100 and 200 mm nacl for 7 days. reduction in shoot length was higher in p. media than in p. maritima after exposure to 200 mm nacl, but 100 mm nacl treatment did not show an ...200718251879
communities of endophytic sebacinales associated with roots of herbaceous plants in agricultural and grassland ecosystems are dominated by serendipita herbamans sp. nov.endophytic fungi are known to be commonly associated with herbaceous plants, however, there are few studies focusing on their occurrence and distribution in plant roots from ecosystems with different land uses. to explore the phylogenetic diversity and community structure of sebacinales endophytes from agricultural and grassland habitats under different land uses, we analysed the roots of herbaceous plants using strain isolation, polymerase chain reaction (pcr), transmission electron microscopy ...201424743185
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