protein enrichment of apple pomace and use in feed for nile tilapia.the purpose of this paper is to investigate the protein enrichment of apple pomace by gongronella butleri through solid-state cultivation and addition of this material as feed for tilapia fry (oreochromis niloticus). factorial experimental design was used for the assessment of culture conditions to determine the effects of the source of nitrogen, initial moisture, and granulometry on the protein enrichment of apple pomace. during culture, the consumption of reducing sugars and the production of ...200918600303
decomposition of myceliar matrix and extraction of chitosan from gongronella butleri usdb 0201 and absidia coerulea atcc chitosan, 2 g/100g mycelia from gongronella butleri and 6.5 g/100g mycelia from absidia coerulea were isolated by 1m naoh at 45 degrees c for 13 h and 0.35 m acetic acid at 95 degrees c for 5 h. both myceliar matrixes did not break down under these conditions. however, myceliar matrix could be decomposed by treatment with 11 m naoh at 45 degrees c for 13 h and 0.35 m acetic acid at 95 degrees c for 5 h and then extracted the total chitosan, 8-9 g/100g mycelia from both fungi. according to t ...200817996289
microbial hydroxylation and reduction of the diterpene psiadin.microbial bioconversion studies conducted on the diterpene psiadin have revealed that it was metabolized by aspergillus niger (nrrl 2295) to give 2alpha-hydroxydeoxopsiadin, cunninghamella blakesleeana (atcc 8688a) to give 11beta-hydroxypsiadin, and cylindrocephalum aureum (atcc 12720), gongronella butleri (atcc 22822), kloeckera africana (atcc 20111), and kluyveromyces marxianus var. lactis (atcc 2628) to yield 7alpha-hydroxypsiadin. their structures have been established on the basis of spectr ...200111371011
acetyl coa carboxylase inhibitors from the fungus gongronella butleri.four active metabolites that specifically inhibit acetyl coa carboxylase, the late-limiting enzyme in fatty acid biosynthesis, have been isolated from a strain of gongronella butleri mating type (+). their chemical structures were determined to be octyl pentanedioic acid, 9-decenyl-1-pentenedioic acid, decanyl-1-pentenedioic acid, decanyl-2-pentenedioic acid, respectively. these compounds inhibited rat liver acetyl coa carboxylase 50% at a concentration of 30 approximately 55 micrograms/ml.19852862131
inhibition of liver acetyl-coenzyme-a carboxylase by a previous study (a. endo, et al., j. antibiotics 38: 599 approximately 604, 1985), 2-alkyl glutarate and its derivatives isolated from cultures of gongronella butleri were shown to inhibit animal acetyl-coa carboxylase. in the present communication, the inhibition of liver acetyl-coa carboxylase was investigated with several 2-alkyl glutarate and 2-alkyl succinate analogs. their inhibitory potency increased with the chain length of the alkyl moiety, and 2-tetradecanylglutarate was most poten ...19862870047
selection of gongronella butleri strains for enhanced chitosan yield with uv mutagenesis.this paper describes the selection of gongronella butleri strains producing higher chitosan yield using uv mutagenesis. we have devised an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the selection of high chitin deacetylase (cda) yielding strains. mutant strains m+1, m+2 and m+7 could produce twice the extractable chitosan yield and double the cda activity, as compared to the wild type strain.200211911928
complete cdna sequence of chitin deacetylase from gongronella butleri and its phylogenetic analysis revealed clusters corresponding to taxonomic classification of fungi.a cdna library containing a chitin deacetylase (cda) gene from a zygomycete gongronella butleri was constructed and the complete gene was sequenced. the complete gene contains an open reading frame of 1290 nucleotides which encodes a sequence of 430 amino acid residues. the gene sequence consists of nucleotides encoding a polysaccharide deacetylase domain located in the middle, covering 34% of the entire sequence. this domain shares high sequence similarities with cdas of fungi and other deacety ...200216233217
[effect of heavy metal ions on the soil mycobiota in kryvyÄ­ rih region].ecological-taxonomic analysis of mycobiota from heavy metal polluted soils in kryvyi rig town and its residential suburbs are presented in this study the mycobiota consists of45 filamentous species (127 strains) belonging to 28 genera from 3 divisions. among them myrothecium leucotrichum was described as a new species for ukrainian mycobiota while absidia cylindrospora and gongronella butleri as rare species. paecilomyces lilacinus and p. marquandii dominated in the soils near the factory kryvor ...200919938617
regio- and stereoselective fungal oxyfunctionalisation of limonenes.selective transformations of limonene by asco- and basidiomycetes were investigated. on the shake flask scale, penicillium citrinum hydrated r-(+)-limonene to a-terpineol [83% regioselectivity (rs), more than 80 mg l(-1) product yield], and gongronella butleri catalysed the terminal oxidation to yield perillyl alcohol (60% rs, 16 mg l(-1)). on the laboratory bioreactor scale, penicillium digitatum produced a peak concentration of 506 mg a-terpineol l(-1) in the fed-batch mode, equivalent to a th ...200516042348
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