[toporaphy of chromosome banding in papio papio].results are given of a study of chromosome banding patterns of papio papio. the 22 chromosomes are described and illustrated and their measurements are given.1976818939
[experimental study of the cerebrovascular effects of sodium nitroprusside in the baboon papio papio. its action on the experimental vasospasm].sodium nitroprusside (snp) has been suggested as hypotensive agent in the surgery of cerebral aneurysms. as a preliminary step to neurosurgery, a study of its cerebro-vascular and eeg action had been carried out in 42 papio-papio baboons. on the unanaesthetized analgesic-free animal, doses below 20 mumg/kg/min. induce only a moderate decrease of mean arterial blood pressure (mabp), a slight rise of intracranial pressure (icp) and a neat fall of cerebro-vascular resistance (cvr) without eeg modif ...1976822367
biogenic amines and the photomyoclonic syndrome in the baboon, papio papio.the role of biogenic amines in the proclivity of the baboon, papio papio, to exhibit an epileptoid response to flashing light was studied. intraventricular injections of epinephrine and norepinephrine reduced or blocked the photomyoclonic syndrome without modifying ongoing behavior. epinephrine was effective at doses of 100 mg and more, and norepinephrine was effective at doses of 250 mg and more. neither intraventricular injections of as much as 1.5 mg of dopamine and 1.0 mg of serotonin nor ch ...1976812981
[evolution of visual evoked responses during various states of vigilance in papio papio (author's transl)].averaged evoked responses (aer) to light flashes were recorded in baboons (papio papio) during wakefulness, slow-wave sleep and rapid eye movement (rem) periods, at the visual cortex, retrocalcarine sulcus, optic tract (ot), lateral geniculate (lg) and pulvinar. waking aers were composed: in the ot, of a negative, low amplitude wave at 13.3 msec (i), a high amplitude wave at 34.8 msec (ii), a negative wave at 72 msec (iii) and a late component at 151 msec; in the lg, a small positive wave (ii) w ...1975172195
proceedings: spontaneous spike and wave with anterior distribution in association with fits induced by photic stimulation in papio papio. report of a case. 197552534
effects of tetrahydrocannabinols on kindled amygdaloid seizures and photogenic seizures in senegalese baboons, papio papio.intraperitoneal injections of delta 8-tetrahydrocannabinol (thc) and delta 9-thc failed to affect myoclonic response to photic stimulation in senegalese baboons (papio papio). however, both isomers of thc exerted dose-related antiepileptic effects upon established kindled convulsions provoked by electrical stimulation of amygdala in the same species. delta 9-thc was more potent than delta 8-thc, in terms of both antiepileptic effects and general toxicity. the antiepileptic effects of the thc iso ...1975810346
[cerebellum and photosensitive epilepsy in papio papio: effects of cerebellar lesions on photosensitivity and visual evoked potentials]. 2004821114
a primate model for testing anticonvulsant drugs.senegalese baboons (papio papio), with a natural syndrome of photosensitive epilepsy, consistently show generalized myoclonic jerks if stimulated stroboscopically at hourly intervals, two to eight hours after the intravenous administration of allylglycine, 200 mg/kg. this provides a model for testing the acute antiepileptic effects of established or new drugs. the relationship between concentration of drug, antiepileptic action, and acute neurological toxic effects can be studied. pnehobarbital ...1975237498
[preliminary study of the ontogenesis of activities of the "pgo" spike type in papio papio]. 2003821113
photically induced epilepsy in papio papio as a model for drug studies.neurophysiological studies employing drugs have been undertaken in the natural syndrome of photically induced epilepsy in the senegalese baboon papio papio. gaba-mediated inhibition, both pre- and posysynaptic, plays an important role in the epileptic manifestations seen in this syndrome synapses can significantly modify photically induced epileptic responses, partly as a result of changes in afferent activity. the level of activity in dopaminergic systems can also modify the epileptic signs. am ...19751170711
[spontaneous spikes-waves of anterior predominance with paroxysmal manifestations induced by intermittent photic stimulation in papio papio. reflections on a particular case]. 2004821109
electroencephalographic effects of fenfluramine and norfenfluramine in the baboon, papio papio. 1975809780
[spike activity recorded at the level of optic tract in a primate, papio papio].spike activity has been recorded, in two young baboons, at the part of the optic tract (o.t.) localized between the chiasma and the lateral geniculate (l.g.) during rem and also slow wave sleep, preceding or not a rem period. these spikes, mono or biphasic, were of 60-200 ms duration and of 30-140 muv amplitude. they occurred generally in bursts (up to 50 spikes); 4 to 10 spikes bursts were the more frequent. these o.t. spikes were assimilated to the l.g. spikes.1975171037
[histochemical study of the facial nerve and of several muscles in papio papio suffering from facial spasm].facial nerve neurectomy were performed in the baboon (papio papio). histochemical investigations showed usual criteria of such lesions. therefore a loose of glycogene within the type i muscular fibers was observed in animals with a former facial spasm.1975129207
cortisol metabolism in female baboons (papio papio). 19744611747
estrogen excretion of the pregnant baboon (papio papio). 19744434917
photosensitive epilepsy in papio papio. possible role of cerebellar lesions on facilitation of seizure discharges. 20094220105
the influence of thyroxine in photosensitive baboons papio papio. 19744130603
[epileptic manifestations induced by stimulation of the ventro-lateral nucleus in the hemi-cerebellectomized papio papio]. 20044421789
[changes in cerebral electrogenesis caused by vincamine in the baboon, papio papio]. 20134219639
[cortical and intracortical study of the frontal potential visually evoked in photosensitive papio papio]. 19734207524
pulmonary arterial pressure and structure in the baboon papio papio. 19734202158
[effects of different lesions of nerves and facial muscles in photosensitive papio papio]. 20044220094
[section of the facial nerves and the periocular muscles in the photosensitive papio papio]. 19734123260
electroretinogram and afferent visual transmission in the epileptic baboon papio papio. effects of drugs influencing monoaminergic systems. 19734352686
[behavioral modification of papio papio by feeding him in its natural environment (author's transl)]. 19734203427
[study of eeg and the organization of various states of vigilance in papio papio less than 4 months old]. 20034377896
chronic epileptogenic foci in the photosensitive baboon, papio papio. 19734120310
various physical parameters which influence photosensitive epilepsy in the papio papio. 19734633713
observation learning of tool use by captive guinea baboons (papio papio). 19734632107
[hypothalamus of papio papio (desm.): stereotaxy, cytology and neurosecretory changes related to light-induced epileptic seizures]. 19734209887
[studies on the anatomy and vascularization of the cerebellum of the baboon (papio papio desm.)]. 19734208992
[cancers induced in baboons (papio papio) by puo2 inhalation]. 19724631981
longitudinal correlative analysis of epileptic baboon, papio papio. 19724631349
[facial spasm and photosensitive epilepsy in papio papio]. 19724203729
behavioural and electrographic effects of l-5-hydroxytryptophan and d, l-parachlorophenyl-alanine on epileptic senegalese baboon (papio papio). 19724116436
the phylogenetic evolution of the corneal stroma. distribution of carbohydrates in the macromolecular complexes of the primate baboon (cynocephalus papio-papio) corneal stroma. 19724349419
[electroretinograms and cortical evoked responses in papio papio]. 19724649979
effects of l-tryptophan, l-3, 4, dihydroxyphenylalanine and tranylcypromine on the electroencephalogram and on photically induced epilepsy in the baboon, papio papio. 19724209277
[effect of p-chlorophenylalanine on sleep in the baboon papio papio]. 19724113280
[study of the influence of various physical parameters in the photosensitive epilepsy of papio papio]. 20044681589
[experimental study of the effect of large doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (lsd 25) on lymphocytic reactivity with phytohemagglutinin and on baboon (papio papio) karyotype]. 19724633116
[thalamic extension of paroxysmal discharges in a photosensitive baboon papio papio]. 20064220073
social organization of the guinea baboon, papio papio. 19724628329
effects of psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine, mescaline and various lysergic acid derivatives on the eeg and on photically induced epilepsy in the baboon (papio papio). 19714111479
[changes in cerebral blood flow in the course of epileptic seizures induced by experimental air embolism in papio papio]. 19715005101
[comparative study in 2 primates. (macacus nemestrinus and papio papio), of hyperoxic epileptic crises and its prevention]. 20134999594
[action of dipropylacetic acid upon photosensitive papio papio]. 19714996709
[modifications of the eeg and the photosensitivity of papio papio under the effect of different derivatives of ergot]. 20135006269
[behavioral and electrographic effects of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (lsd 25) on the photosensitive papio papio]. 19714103501
preliminary studies of the electrical changes following section of the corpus callosum in photosensitive papio papio. 19714103167
changes in visual evoked potentials and in photosensitivity produced by lsd in papio papio. 19714103166
preliminary study of the effect of high pressures in oxygen-helium atmospheres on papio papio. 19714103153
convulsive effects of 4-deoxypyridoxine in photosensitive baboons (papio papio). 19715572301
[study of the effects of alpha-methylparatyrosine in papio papio]. 19714404050
[effect of psilocyne on the behavior, photosensitivity and eeg of papio papio baboons]. 19714263370
[frequent crises and anatomical injuries in photosensible papio papio]. 19704996548
photic and drug-induced epilepsy in the baboon (papio papio): the effects of isoniazid, thiosemicarbazide, pyridoxine and amino-oxyacetic acid. 19704097203
effects of psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine and various lysergic acid derivatives on photically-induced epilepsy in the baboon (papio papio). 19704992165
[cortical responses evoked by light stimulation in papio papio]. 19704195646
[modifications of visual evoked potentials and induced photosensitivity by l.s.d. in papio papio]. 19704995953
[preliminary study of the effect of high pressure in oxygen-helium atmosphere on papio papio]. 19704995951
[effect of reserpine on the photosensitive papio papio: changes in behavior and electroencephalography]. 19705001461
the anticonvulsant effects of phenobarbital, diphenylhydantoin and two benzodiazepines in the baboon, papio papio. 19704986083
effects of atropine and eserine on the electroencephalogram, on behaviour and on light-induced epilepsy in the adolescent baboon (papio papio). 19704192811
photically-induced epilepsy and glucose metabolism in the adolescent baboon (papio papio). 19705511226
[yeasts in the oral cavity of the baboon, papio papio (desm.)]. 19704996017
[nuclear anomalies appearing after phytohemagglutinin stimulation at the level of baboon papio papio lymphocytes submitted to lysergic acid diethylamide (l.s.d.) injection]. 19704985479
[action of lysergic acid diethylamide (l.s.d.) on enzymatic activity of papio papio leukocytes]. 19704985228
[unit activities evoked by luminous stimulation in different cortical regions in papio papio]. 19704995755
the effects of chronic occipital epileptogenic lesions (cobalt-alumina) in papio papio. 19704188882
microphysiology of cortical single neurons in papio papio. 19694187417
isolation of polyribosomes and characteristics of an amino acid-incorporation system from the liver of a primate (papio papio). 19694978605
[effects of chronic occipital epileptogenic lesions (cobalt-aluminum) in the papio papio]. 19694985368
[use of the baboon (papio papio) in surgical and gynecological research]. 19695407688
[unitary recording in the fronto-rolandic cortex of photosensitive papio papio]. 19694988789
histological observations on wallerian degeneration in the spinal cord of the baboon, papio papio. 19694979891
[change in hypothalamic neurosecretion under the influence of epileptiform manifestation induced with photostimulation in the papio papio]. 19694259180
light-induced epilepsy in the baboon, papio papio: cortical and depth recordings. 19684178750
morphology, chronology and topography of the visual evoked potentials in a cercopithecinae: papio papio. 19684182623
[morphologic, chronologic and topographic study of visual evoked potentials in a cercopithecinae: papio papio]. 19684972883
[photosensitive epilepsy in the baboon papio papio: clinical and electroencephalographic (cortex and deep structures) study]. 19685700027
the light sensitive epilepsy of papio papio. topographic study of cortico-subcortical electroencephalographic paroxysmal activity. 19684170249
[cortical recordings by means of microelectrodes in photosensitive papio papio]. 19684980577
[variation under the effect of anoxia, of visual and somesthetic evoked potentials in papio papio]. 19684980572
[spectral analysis of different phases of sleep in papio papio]. 19684980571
[a new animal model in study of the epilepsy: the baboon, papio papio]. 19684973925
preliminary results of an eeg study of the effects of hyperbaric treatment of experimental carotid gas embolism in papio papio. 19674169852
[preliminary results of an eeg study on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of experimental carotid artery gaseous embolism in papio papio]. 19674964990
studies on the epilepsy induced by photic stimulation in papio papio. 19674165608
[comparative study of the action of psilocybine on the evoked potentials of the occipital cortex and of a specific cortical area in a cercopith, papio papio]. 19674234306
evoked potential studies in response to light in the baboon (papio papio). 19674177616
natural infection of the african baboon papio papio with the large-cell form of histoplasma. 196013782724
observations of spinal nerve root transplantation in the male guinea baboon. 195214953143
investigations on the brain weight of the baboon (papio papio desm.). 195214907917
[the motor area of the brain cortex in rhesus; papio strepitus and papio papio]. 195014800367
placentation and angiogenesis in the amnion of a baboon (papio papio). 194620981896
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