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bloodfeeding patterns of sylvatic arbovirus vectors in southeastern senegal.dengue (denv), yellow fever (yfv) and chikungunya (chikv) viruses circulate in sylvatic, enzootic transmission cycles in southeastern senegal, but understanding of the vector-host interactions involved is limited.023423342
placentation and angiogenesis in the amnion of a baboon (papio papio). 194620981896
observations on the susceptibility of sooty mangabeys (cerococebus fuliginosus) and a baboon (papio papio) to poliomyelitis. 194720255498
[the motor area of the brain cortex in rhesus; papio strepitus and papio papio]. 195014800367
observations of spinal nerve root transplantation in the male guinea baboon. 195214953143
investigations on the brain weight of the baboon (papio papio desm.). 195214907917
[presence of anti-a or anti-b agglutinins in serums of monkeys papio papio desm]. 195613302881
natural infection of the african baboon papio papio with the large-cell form of histoplasma. 196013782724
[on the chromosomes of cercopithecidae papio-papio, macaca mulatta, cercopithecus aethiops, erythrocebus patas]. 196414210582
[chromosome study of the monkey, papio papio]. 196414228194
[enumeration of keratinophilic fungi in a population of cynocephalus monkeys (papio papio)]. 19665987836
[action of psilocybine on visual evoked potentials in a cercopithecidae papio papio]. 19664228389
[serologic and microscopic confirmation of treponemosis in guinea baboons]. 19665333741
[observations on a case of microsporum cookei parasitic on a dog-faced baboon (papio papio)]. 19665336380
[nocturnal sleep in the baboon papio papio. observations in its natural environment and electrophysiological data]. 19674961883
[note on the organization of social vigilance in the baboon papio papio in east senegal]. 19674961884
[preliminary results of an eeg study on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of experimental carotid artery gaseous embolism in papio papio]. 19674964990
studies on the epilepsy induced by photic stimulation in papio papio. 19674165608
[comparative study of the action of psilocybine on the evoked potentials of the occipital cortex and of a specific cortical area in a cercopith, papio papio]. 19674234306
preliminary results of an eeg study of the effects of hyperbaric treatment of experimental carotid gas embolism in papio papio. 19674169852
evoked potential studies in response to light in the baboon (papio papio). 19674177616
light-induced epilepsy in the baboon, papio papio: cortical and depth recordings. 19684178750
morphology, chronology and topography of the visual evoked potentials in a cercopithecinae: papio papio. 19684182623
[morphologic, chronologic and topographic study of visual evoked potentials in a cercopithecinae: papio papio]. 19684972883
[photosensitive epilepsy in the baboon papio papio: clinical and electroencephalographic (cortex and deep structures) study]. 19685700027
the light sensitive epilepsy of papio papio. topographic study of cortico-subcortical electroencephalographic paroxysmal activity. 19684170249
[cortical recordings by means of microelectrodes in photosensitive papio papio]. 19684980577
[variation under the effect of anoxia, of visual and somesthetic evoked potentials in papio papio]. 19684980572
[spectral analysis of different phases of sleep in papio papio]. 19684980571
[a new animal model in study of the epilepsy: the baboon, papio papio]. 19684973925
[a study of the light sensitivity of papio papio from eastern senegal]. 19684976139
[evoked potentials in the monkey papio papio: effects of anoxia]. 19684983018
genetic models of epilepsy with special reference to the syndrome of the papio papio. 19694979312
[immunization of papio papio monkeys by subcutaneous or respiratory route by means of hemagglutinating subunits of human grippe virus]. 19694979396
central nervous system effects of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in the baboon (papio papio) and monkey (macacus mulatta). 19694980962
[immunological study of pepsinogens from the gastric mucosa of the monkey papio papio]. 19694985084
[geographic variations of photosensitivity in the baboon papio papio]. 19694985248
[comparison of the effects of eserine and atropine in papio papio]. 19694988786
spectral analysis of eeg inhe monkey papio papio. effects of anoxia. 19694186768
[spectral analysis of the electroencephalogram in the monkey, papio papio. effects of anoxia]. 19694994426
[unitary recording in the fronto-rolandic cortex of photosensitive papio papio]. 19694988789
histological observations on wallerian degeneration in the spinal cord of the baboon, papio papio. 19694979891
[change in hypothalamic neurosecretion under the influence of epileptiform manifestation induced with photostimulation in the papio papio]. 19694259180
microphysiology of cortical single neurons in papio papio. 19694187417
isolation of polyribosomes and characteristics of an amino acid-incorporation system from the liver of a primate (papio papio). 19694978605
[effects of chronic occipital epileptogenic lesions (cobalt-aluminum) in the papio papio]. 19694985368
[use of the baboon (papio papio) in surgical and gynecological research]. 19695407688
[frequent crises and anatomical injuries in photosensible papio papio]. 19704996548
photic and drug-induced epilepsy in the baboon (papio papio): the effects of isoniazid, thiosemicarbazide, pyridoxine and amino-oxyacetic acid. 19704097203
effects of psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine and various lysergic acid derivatives on photically-induced epilepsy in the baboon (papio papio). 19704992165
[cortical responses evoked by light stimulation in papio papio]. 19704195646
[modifications of visual evoked potentials and induced photosensitivity by l.s.d. in papio papio]. 19704995953
[preliminary study of the effect of high pressure in oxygen-helium atmosphere on papio papio]. 19704995951
[effect of reserpine on the photosensitive papio papio: changes in behavior and electroencephalography]. 19705001461
the anticonvulsant effects of phenobarbital, diphenylhydantoin and two benzodiazepines in the baboon, papio papio. 19704986083
effects of atropine and eserine on the electroencephalogram, on behaviour and on light-induced epilepsy in the adolescent baboon (papio papio). 19704192811
photically-induced epilepsy and glucose metabolism in the adolescent baboon (papio papio). 19705511226
[yeasts in the oral cavity of the baboon, papio papio (desm.)]. 19704996017
[nuclear anomalies appearing after phytohemagglutinin stimulation at the level of baboon papio papio lymphocytes submitted to lysergic acid diethylamide (l.s.d.) injection]. 19704985479
[action of lysergic acid diethylamide (l.s.d.) on enzymatic activity of papio papio leukocytes]. 19704985228
[unit activities evoked by luminous stimulation in different cortical regions in papio papio]. 19704995755
the effects of chronic occipital epileptogenic lesions (cobalt-alumina) in papio papio. 19704188882
[plaque induction on papio papio kidney cells by echo viruses]. 19704996216
[antigenic community between swine and monkey pepsinogens. localization of pepsinogens in the gastric mucosa of the monkey papio papio by immunofluorescence]. 19704988946
[intestinal yeast flora of the baboon, papio papio (desm.)]. 19704992800
[method of testing psychotropic substances on the domination behavior of the cynocephalic monkey (papio papio)]. 19704393992
[natural open treponematosis in the papio papio baboon in casamance]. 19714949450
[experimental action of lysergic acid diethylamide (lsd 25) on the leukocytes of the monkey papio papio]. 19714997650
[action of dimercaprol (bal) on the experimental poisoning of the cynocephale monkey (papio papio) with dibutyl lead diacetate (dpd). comparison with toxicity to rats]. 19714261950
convulsive effects of bicuculline in photosensitive baboons (papio papio) and rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta). 19714996239
convulsive effects of 4-deoxypyridoxine and of bicuculline in photosensitive baboons (papio papio) and in rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta). 19715002707
convulsive effects of 4-deoxypyridoxine in photosensitive baboons (papio papio). 19715572301
[study of the effects of alpha-methylparatyrosine in papio papio]. 19714404050
[effect of psilocyne on the behavior, photosensitivity and eeg of papio papio baboons]. 19714263370
effects of psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine, mescaline and various lysergic acid derivatives on the eeg and on photically induced epilepsy in the baboon (papio papio). 19714111479
[changes in cerebral blood flow in the course of epileptic seizures induced by experimental air embolism in papio papio]. 19715005101
[action of dipropylacetic acid upon photosensitive papio papio]. 19714996709
[behavioral and electrographic effects of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (lsd 25) on the photosensitive papio papio]. 19714103501
preliminary studies of the electrical changes following section of the corpus callosum in photosensitive papio papio. 19714103167
changes in visual evoked potentials and in photosensitivity produced by lsd in papio papio. 19714103166
preliminary study of the effect of high pressures in oxygen-helium atmospheres on papio papio. 19714103153
[experimental study of the effect of large doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (lsd 25) on lymphocytic reactivity with phytohemagglutinin and on baboon (papio papio) karyotype]. 19724633116
social organization of the guinea baboon, papio papio. 19724628329
[cancers induced in baboons (papio papio) by puo2 inhalation]. 19724631981
longitudinal correlative analysis of epileptic baboon, papio papio. 19724631349
[facial spasm and photosensitive epilepsy in papio papio]. 19724203729
behavioural and electrographic effects of l-5-hydroxytryptophan and d, l-parachlorophenyl-alanine on epileptic senegalese baboon (papio papio). 19724116436
the phylogenetic evolution of the corneal stroma. distribution of carbohydrates in the macromolecular complexes of the primate baboon (cynocephalus papio-papio) corneal stroma. 19724349419
[electroretinograms and cortical evoked responses in papio papio]. 19724649979
effects of l-tryptophan, l-3, 4, dihydroxyphenylalanine and tranylcypromine on the electroencephalogram and on photically induced epilepsy in the baboon, papio papio. 19724209277
[effect of p-chlorophenylalanine on sleep in the baboon papio papio]. 19724113280
chromosomal characteristics of a lymphoblastoid line from baboon chacma papio-papio: similarity to human lymphoblastoid lines. 19724207529
[anti-reserpine action of certain antidepressive agents on the domination behavior of papio papio monkeys]. 19724629636
[a specific striated muscle antigen of papio papio monkey (author's transl)]. 19734143159
[state of vigilance of adult baboons papio papio as studied by telemetry in an african environment]. 19734374991
[vaccination of the cinocephal monkey papio papio against plague with a yersinia pestis ev strain supernatant]. 19734198381
seizures induced by allylglycine, 3-mercaptopropionic acid and 4-deoxypyridoxine in mice and photosensitive baboons, and different modes of inhibition of cerebral glutamic acid decarboxylase.1. dl-c-allyglycine, 4-deoxypyridoxine hydrochloride and 3-mercaptopropionic acid have been studied with reference to their convulsant effects in mice and in baboons (papio papio) with photosensitive epilepsy, and their action on the cerebral enzyme synthesizing gamma-aminobutyric acid (l-glutamate-1-carboxy-lyase).2. in mice, the ed(50) values for seizures following intraperitoneal injection were allylglycine 1.0 mmol/kg body weight, 4-deoxypyridoxine 1.1 mmol/kg and 3-mercaptopropionic acid 0. ...19734207045
[photosensitive epilepsy in papio papio. a model of photosensitive epilepsy in humans]. 197318847049
[similarities and differences in the sleep of 2 baboons, papio hamadryas and papio papio]. 19734124615
chronic epileptogenic foci in the photosensitive baboon, papio papio. 19734120310
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