helminth parasites of eastern box turtles ( terrapene carolina carolina) from southern indiana, usa.very little is known about parasitic diseases of eastern box turtles (terrapene carolina carolina). the objective of this study was to examine the parasitic fauna of eastern box turtles collected from southern indiana, usa. turtles (n = 40) were salvaged mostly as road kills from southern indiana between may and october 2009. seven species of helminths in total were found parasitizing the gastrointestinal tract, including two digenean trematodes (brachycoelium salamandrae and telorchis robustus) ...201121294936
[brachycoelium salamandrae (frölich, 1789) (trematoda, brachycoeliidae) in salamandra salamandra l]. 19863727585
why are the prevalence and diversity of helminths in the endemic pyrenean brook newt calotriton asper (amphibia, salamandridae) so low?a cornerstone in parasitology is why some species or populations are more parasitized than others. here we examine the influence of host characteristics and habitat on parasite prevalence. we studied the helminths parasitizing the pyrenean brook newt calotriton asper (n= 167), paying special attention to the relationship between parasites and ecological factors such as habitat, sex, ontogeny, body size and age of the host. we detected two species of parasites, megalobatrachonema terdentatum (nem ...201524160745
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