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a morphometric and molecular study of anastrepha pickeli lima (diptera: tephritidae).this study investigated the level of morphometric and genetic variability among populations of anastrepha pickeli lima from several localities in brazil, one locality in bolivia and one in paraguay. traditional and geometric morphometric analyses were used, as well as sequencing of a fragment of the cytochrome oxidase gene (coi). six variables were measured from the aculeus for traditional morphometric analysis and 14 landmarks from the right wing were used for geometric analysis, using 10 speci ...201122068945
diversity of anastrepha spp. (diptera: tephritidae) and associated braconid parasitoids from native and exotic hosts in southeastern bahia, brazil.we documented fruit fly-host associations and infestation rates over 5 yr in the state of bahia, brazil, by systematically collecting native and introduced fruits in backyard and commercial orchards, experimental stations, and patches of native vegetation. fruit were collected in multiple sites in the southern and southernmost regions of bahia. a total of 942.22 kg from 27 fruit species in 15 plant families was collected throughout this study. of these, 15 plant species from six families were in ...201022546440
two new species of anastrepha schiner (diptera, tephritidae) closely related to anastrepha pickeli lima.anastrepha entodonta n. sp. and anastrepha hadropickeli n. sp. are described and illustrated. the new species belong to the spatulata group. both species occur sympatrically with anastrepha pickeli lima in the semiarid region of the state of minas gerais, brazil. anastrepha hadropickeli occurs also in the semiarid of the state of rio grande do norte, brazil, where it was misidentified as a. pickeli.201323949712
patterns of inner chorion structure in anastrepha (diptera: tephritidae) eggs.the inner chorion structure of anastrepha eggs from 16 species of various infrageneric taxonomic groups is described by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. the layers of the chorion, the outer egg membrane, are structurally similar. furthermore, an additional trabecular layer (atl) that exists in some species, together with other characteristics, facilitates the recognition of four patterns of chorion structuring: pattern i, in which the atl layer is absent, is found in anastrepha ami ...201727847335
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